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"Dedication" (2004 Demo)

1. Your Destiny
2. Betrayal
3. Wingriding
4. Why
5. Cruelty of Darkness
6. Lord of the Dark
7. The Knife
8. Dedication
9. Nothing than Blood
10. Breach of Trust
11. Outtakes

1. Your Destiny

Cold and white covers all the room
Just a table in the middle
A carnal thing is right on it
Seems like corpse in a mortuary

Free your mind
Make your body clean
Fly away
To your destiny

The venes become totally dry
The skin gets a white color
Inside you the essence of life
Fails and won’t come back again

Go to light
Not too fast
Go away from mortal life
To your new reality

Run! Run! To your death

You reach the light and go right through
The Angel of death stands next
He guides you to a huge dark room
Crown in front and throne behind

You will feel
Your new level
Eternal bliss
God in hell

2. Betrayal

I can understand
what you are feeling
I have felt it often myself

It was just a word
I said too much
I never wanna do this

The help it turned
Into betray
I didn’t wanna say it

I was a big fool
But how can
I make it good

I have trusted you
I know I’m not deserved
You have betrayed me
I am the guilty

I heard you were crying
A lot for him
Crying the pain out of you

I know the force
goes away
It is going low

I can’t help you know
I’m frightened to injure you
You are strong I know

But it will
Never leave you
It will never die

What have I done to you
In this night
All I made until now
Destroyed in one night
I cried, yes I cried for you
Only for you
You haven’t seen but you know
I am the one

3. Wingriding

My time here is over and gone
How long will it take
My journey it has begone
Where will it end

I’m riding on the wings
(Of) something I don’t know
Where will it go

What can I find
On the other side
Something never seen by men
On the other side

Crossing the river with men like you
What have they done to the world
Something is waiting for me
Behind those walls

4. Why

A long time I lived in darkness
I closed my heart
I’m a fool to make me ill
Only for you
I don’t know if it’s right
It’s the only reason
I played my role a time
Now it’s too hard

Why am I
There is no reason for me
To live in this world
My heart it is empty
I can’t feel you

I can’t feel anything
don’t know
Put the feelings in a cage
down in a cave
I’ve found the cave but still not the key
The search it has just began
Tomorrow I won’t be any more
But who cares

She has broken the light
She has taken the life
She has brought darkness
And has left the pain

Do you find anything
What you can like
I can’t see anything
But why, why
After a time I understand
There is no reason

5. Cruelty of Darkness

The fog gets closer
The end is near
Can you see the field around
Covered with them
Sun was shining all the day
It was green a bright nice green
Turned into red
Never seen again

Darkness around
I can’t see you any more
Black is my heart
Where are you now, I can’t see you
Darkness around

After a year damned in blood
The men are weak and ill
Cruelty, pain and fear in them
All the time
Can you live with that pain down in your heart
So long time they have to do
Fighting to survive every day
Is that what you wanna do

I can’t see a light
No end of the tunnel
There must be one, anywhere
Is death the end of death
I don’t know
Pain in his eyes can you see
I don’t feel it any more
Flying above I can see myself
Dying in blood

6. Lord of the Dark

The way I go
Is near to hell
I see no light
But I know he comes

Run fast and faster
I can’t escape
I see his eyes
Full of dark

He takes my neck
And I feel guilty
‘cause his dark force
Don’t leave my head

Lord of the dark
I feel so guilty
When his dark force
Runs in my soul

When he arrives
I have no chance
He has no mercy
With my poor soul

In his embrace
I have to stay
Next to me
The gate to hell

Behind the door
He tortures me
I feel the pain
With all it’s cruelty

What have I done
Why am I here
The guilt is so painful
Please leave me alone

7. The Knife

He is coming up to you
His face is black
His eyes are full of fire
You can not resist

He will stick a knife
Right between your eyes
To get you
A knife

He will stick a knife
Right between your eyes
To get you
A knife
Between your eyes

He opens your body
Taking out your heart
Out of the venes
The blood runs down
Beating in my hands
Until I stick them there
Like nails right down
Down in your heart

Your eyes will burn
Fire will brake into your head
Blood warm slimy and red
Is running down your face

You will feel that you are free
You will rise of your mortal shape
Do you know the place
Where I live

I’m like a shadow for you
What I left behind me that is just your pill
Is that pain or
Is that death

8. Dedication

I've gone
The room is empty
A piece of paper
Lies on the table

"I like you so
But my time is over
I had to go
But don't be sad!

I have a gift for you
It is my dedication
I hope you like it
This is my dedication

Look to your right
go through the door
In your bed
There is a keepsake

I really hope
That you will keep it
Now live your life
And I can rest in peace

It is a gift for you
It is my dedication
And now enjoy it
This is my dedication“

9. Nothing than Blood

I can feel it every time
It will never leave me
Alone I’m in my heart
Only this feeling

It is running out
Of the warm body
The temperature is going low
It isn’t as warm as before

Nothing at all
Is the feeling down in me
What you have left
Pain is everywhere
Covered with blood

Cover my wound
Where the blood runs out
I can’t live with this pain
Pain around me

Getting bigger now
You aren’t able to do
Too late, it is too late
To get me alive

Buried down in the grave
It is cold around
The blood is brown and dry
Is that real am I dead

Is that real am I dead?

10. Breach of Trust

I'm not able to sleep since yesterday
This conversation was too hard for me
Because You are such a selfish girl and
You just think about yourself

I can't hide it
Don't wanna see you anymore
I don't trust you
Go away

Our common past
You forgot totally
Every memory
Every experience
Weren't in the way
Weren't in the way

I'm not able to think since yesterday
Your words hurt me enormously
Why have you said things like this
That was too much for me

We were so happy until yesterday
But your behaviour destroyed everything
You made a breach of trust
I don't want you back

11. Outtakes


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