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Inner Trauma

"Inner Trauma" (2005)

1. Unexpected
2. Fear Is My Ally
3. Down the Jokers
4. Hidden Enemies
5. The Age of Rage
6. Awake and Dead
7. Developed Underground
8. Unconscious Choice
9. Non-Shooting War
10. Subhuman Worms
11. Heads or Tails?
12. Mercy Mass
13. Panic Syndrome

1. Unexpected

2. Fear Is My Ally

You can´t hesitate
Not able to know
Life emergency
Forever calamity
Deathbed image
is empty on your mind
Fear leads the world
Stopping crowd´s spite

Scaring people means
Limits of time
From the inner trauma
The will to feel high
Getting along with
Advices of ghosts
Adrenaline in vein
All my prayers were sold
Fear is my ally

(Welcome to the haunted)
Anywhere I go, a stain is in my brain
I was made to keep my mouth sewed
I learnt to forget the contesting speech
although I know the things I have to skip

Poverty domination, religion control
There´s no medicine
Please, scream for me
Day after day, panic overhead
Comma is my shelter
Future is my past

Fear is my ally

3. Down the Jokers

The human instinct says to kill innocents
In the middle of hell
Everybody remains
Shoot against the wall
Non-expression power
From world´s tv
Come up faking cowards
Down the jokers
Fun is mike a mess
When involves misconception
Masters of politics
were born through deceptions
Through the lying fact
my eyes get blind
Revenge, destruction, fucking suicide
Money moves the world
The unfair competition
I´m searching - It´s disgusting
War downtown
Kill the ancient lying at all
Trust in a worth future
Calm down the cursed culture
Shocked crowd - Manipulation
Distorted visions of hunger in this land
Revolt myself to take jokers away
Don´t feed my hope
Forget conditions
Rebellion will come
It´s up to the people

4. Hidden Enemies

I am coming fast to face up, kill !
Reviving confusion on past days
In front of my eyes, time stands still
Envy, you will lose the human race
Cells are dead and your brain
needs a morgue
Try to innovate, damage and enslave
All your traps are premeditated
Even the worst, it wont be enough
A tied straitjacket, rush!
In vain, the hate in vain, invades,,,
Remind the last time I stopped your rage
Trembling legs, I´ll defeat you again
This is the proof I bother you
Stabbing when I turn back
makes you a fool

5. The Age of Rage

Earth is rotten - inside its own beliefs
Imprisoned - rules control, bullshit
Brainwashing - no more euphoria
Obsolete Life - panic and phobia
The age of rage
Smell of red - ideas left
Still surviving - comes infected
Hostage - future´s guessing
Haggard - the fire´s blessing
Follow all kind of hate in you
Massacre from now
I´m an outlaw
Don´t try to scream
They can´t hear you
See that image again,
So I say fuck you
We will do the invasion
for the lrod of desperation
Surrounded by ignorance
Missing a chance

6. Awake and Dead

Black clouds are confusing closed eyes
Tell me about your day of tomorrow
A pillow of stone, fire on bed
Inside twilight, true nightwares
And you woke up dead
Reality is bad
Going to nowhere
Wake up from your terrible imagination
Blow against the flames
that give you scars
Like a puppet on an evil scythe
Crawl to hell´s gate
Don´t change your mind
Falling into an abyss
Disgrace reminds of premotition
Victim of the night, demolition
Answers were given, no return
Sorrow, excuses, it doesn´t work
Invaded by infectors in your blood
to kill you slowly
Enigma of an old cursed prophecy
to be discovered
Eternal punishment
To the slavery I give my hands

7. Developed Underground

Rests of chemical trash - boiling shit
Leading population to insanity
Gutter exceeds all capacity
Wasting food - my reality
Piles of dead bodies below my steps
Pure disgrace, evil comes fast
What can I do, what can I see
I just wanna breathe
Society decays
Where are the opportunities?
Everlasting rain - apocalypse
Heavy traffic, crash - no surgery
Assault, education - disparity
The developed underground is rich
Dirty black light, scream of silent night
Corruption faces,
No more patience

8. Unconscious Choice

Why? I can feel someone is
following me
Why? I can see the thin line
of panic and sanity
Out of my head, I wake up in desperation
From outside, certain death is a destination
There are shadows in my soul
Madness I cannot control
My body like time-bomb
A ll my forces fucking strong
Look at my face, mess the war,
Make your choice
Let me see, your free hands, the agony
My decision even right is crucified
My only world is a night to satisfy
Why? Everytime I need to kill I wanna die?
Inside the room, four walls
the only friends of mine

9. Non-Shooting War

Countries government speak
about the arsenal
Taking fear and provoking the start
of a new big war
Eliminating rates of charges
and leader marks
Dicussion forces showing
the conditions to decide
Fighting words - toleration
Fatal words - negotiation
Non-shooting war
Curiosity, invisible bombs of cruelty
Technology towards your head, look up
your eyes I cannot see
guns are under masks, attack
Increasing economy, kill or not
It doesn´t matter
I´m sacerd by this shit
Every moment the aim
selects a great alarm
The army is waiting for permission
to depart
The legend of pressing buttom
to destroy´em all
Silly demagogy
A bitter taste in my mouth
Cold memories...

10. Subhuman Worms

War against the power domination
My country is a future salvation
Patriarchs don´t bleed anymore
See what we could offer to all
Total respect - Protectionism
T he trading market
We don´t live in a jungle
This world´s doesn´t means hollocaust
If you want my name is worm
If you need I say fuck off
Chaos, a civil war
No timeline anymore
Promise, action done
Solution, dollars burn
Rise up the flag, united nation
Bastards, forever abomination
Illusions, believing in equality
Elimination oif humaity

11. Heads or Tails?

Atomic bomb, dynamite,
men on the moon
Science for health,
science for every mood
Terror comunication
Nobel prizes are my mutilation
Chemical gun in the air and inside letters
Show me the cure to cancer
Challenge never ended
Show me the cure to cancer
Challenge has to be ended
What´s your choice? What´s your chance?
Like a Russian roulete
d isturbing overseas
Risk of scientific creation
UNO agreement violation

12. Mercy Mass

13. Panic Syndrome

walls coming to crush you
Innovation, fear
tendencies to disappear
height, many floors, the hallucination
Psychology, I need your dedication
Shiver, crowd, changes, outside
Depression, the blood starts to flow
Panic syndrome never know
Remove a nail from my soul
I cant´s stand this pain again
My only game got a checkmate
Skeleton warms up
and bones start to break
You faint and fall
Evoke spirits to conquer the new level
Forget the law


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