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Force Against Mind

"Force Against Mind" (2003)

1. Beyond The Chaos
2. Rotten Money
3. Misery Screams
4. Thrash Bloods Mine
5. Andralls On Fire (Part II)
6. Desire Of Glorify
7. Cocaine
8. The Shade And The Darkness
9. So Many Gods
10. Back From Nowhere
11. Against Myself (T.C.D.I)

1. Beyond The Chaos

Death became a past way
A dead world has gone away
My eyes can bring the real pain
This fever blocks my way to say

In memory of creation
For all a survival subject
My soul as condemnation
Internal conflict as a crime

I decided to resist
Please man don't spit on me
I can suffer living here
In this fucking misery

Beyond the chaos
The peace for chaos

Fear, pain, scream
Fire, terror, chaos, destruction

2. Rotten Money

Final countdown
Coming near
Greed in world hands
Increases on you

Laws by power
Their dome
Faking as a man
I am this one

Rotten money
The jail test

Poor ideas
Think about these lies
Force against mind

Evident riot
More and more
Corruption fails
Face up, we have the force

3. Misery Screams

How can you see?
You don't agree, reality
How can you dream for a peace
in human minds?
How can you die?
A dead heart, it's fucking time
How can you be in liberty
and keep on alive?

Scenes of misery are put in your eyes
What's the price of burning in rage time?
Lucky is a part of keeping alive
No difference between shit and mankind

Scream, the agony of the end
Save the demise of sick bodies
They don't wanna rest in grave
Unhappy soul salvation

Death increase
My mind decays
No way to escape
Don't be afraid
What a shame!

4. Thrash Bloods Mine

Our tomorrow's day
What are we gonna say?
Learning with mistakes
It can be late

We don't realize
The hard way of life
Revolution's deal
Destruction is real

We see crime
We can't fight

The return to the fury, overtime
The return to the thrash blood's mine

See what you're looking for
Where is brutality?
Peace in a dead world
Win all your enemies

5. Andralls On Fire (Part II)

Echoes you listen and your eyes can see nobody
Angels and devils are telling the sad story
Desperate prayer for staying in purgatory
No matter how was your life of
fucking glory

There's no sight, darkest night
Eyes are blind
Kill the beast, my legs will slack
I kneew down

Andralls - Burning Tower
Andralls - Flames Devour

You rest on a bed
Your mind is not in peace
Sins in discussion
You are feeling sick

Dead souls are laughing and you cannot touch their skin
Eternal suferring hoping for pardon of sins
Questions of living are asked
to be kept alive
The chance was given
Now you can open your eyes

6. Desire Of Glorify

Your life is lost
You could deny the death
The mind scares
You think you are the best

Pray for your soul
Blood purify
The whishing course is always
at your side
Live the immortal life
Deep to glorify

There's not a salvation, false pray
Another hard crucifixon, dead faith
This is the last temptation, awake
Suffering the pressure

Feel ending sigh
Agony is mine
Cremating all ideas you will die
Mist eternity
Faith oppression
Now way to escape from condemnation

7. Cocaine

Children asking for money
Being out of control
Forget the suffering pain
And killing visions they feel everyday

Dispersed on the ground
They can see bodies dying all around
It's turning day into night
And preserving sickness in this end of times

Cocaine, I wanna sniff, I wanna kill
I want the hell, the blood spills
The drug is my only deal

8. The Shade And The Darkness

Who has never felt fear in the life overcoming what's near?
Fight for your dreams
The solution is to face and speed up the evolution

Destroy the scar
Taste of sorrow attacks

Dark pale shade
You can see nothing
Death is calling

Last warning safe exposed
And the guilt can belong to the force
Life, very short
You have never been late to fuck all around

9. So Many Gods

The religion system, technology
The cross nowadays, human apology
Advanced future, mind intelligence
Exploring all the possible discovered
hidden senses

So Many Gods

Dead by crimes, decide
Dead by crimes, don't mind

Stop the evolution, burn me alive
Transforming all the world, the world is a lie
Sickness is coming
Greed in liberty
Miracle salvation for eternal destiny

10. Back From Nowhere

Old spirits have met again
The presage brings the whole will
for winning
Happiness and violence
Side by side
Terrible battles
Another city to destroy

A mission to be done
Now glorification
A long way to run
For another new hurt battle

Reunion, terror flash-back
A lot of critical mass
Waiting for massacre
We're here for "fasthrash"

Back from nowhere
We have never gone out there

Screams and tension
and desire to win
General violence
Helping spirits around

Never think in the end
Think twice when you say
Your mind commands your soul
Don't let your body feel it's alone

11. Against Myself (T.C.D.I)

In the year of a new century and nine months
From the sky will come a great king of terror
The sky will burn at forty-five degrees
Fire approaches the great new city
In the city of God there will be a great thunder

Two brothers torn apart by chaos
While the fortress endures
The great leader will succumb

The third big war will begin when the big city is burning
(Nostradamus 1654)

This desire in order to deny the pain
The will for destruction no more in vain
In the new century, peace season
Not war even with a reason
Mind is weak and force makes death

This land is living on the edge
Against myself war in my head
To organize all this mess
We hope the leader will succumb for stop using the shot gun
The time, only when you want


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