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Going Towards the Gates of Mystery...

"Going Towards the Gates of Mystery..." (2001 Demo)

1. Oh Pripegal We Invoke Thee...
2. Hark A Heathen Spell
3. The Ruins Talk When Time Is Silent
4. Wisdom Of Volkhves
5. Towards The Gates Of Mystery
6. Thus Speak To Gamayun
7. And The Flames Burn Again
8. A Song For Perun

1. Oh Pripegal We Invoke Thee...

O´ Pripegal We Invoke Thee...
Accept The Sacrificial Victim
Drink Thy Daily Cup Of Blood
Let Down The Veil Of Slavery Sink
Set Our Brothers Free !

O´ Pripegal...

Be In Awe Of Perun
Follow The Living Flame
This Hidden Motion
Or Be Drowned In
Engulfing Waters Of Lada
Where Thou Willst Turn To Stone

2. Hark A Heathen Spell

O´ Pripegal, We Invoke Thee With Raised Hands Towards The Sky !
Accept The Sacrificial Victim, Drink Thy Daily Cup Of Blood
Let Down The Veil Of Slavery Sink
Set Our Brothers Free
Let´s Rejoice, Christ Is Defeated !!!

Sacred City Arkona On The Island Rujana
For Ages Unconquerable Bastion Of Slavs
An Island Surrounded By Sea With Access By Ship
And Wintry Valley Of Frost Ice

There Lived Them, Honor And Valor Ancestors
Fulfilled With Pride To All Of What They Had Made
There Lived Them, Strong And Wise Forefathers
Fulfilled With A Wish For A Peaceful Life

Mightest God Svantovit, Worshiped For Centuries
Thou Hast A Sacred White Horse
Who Thou Ridest /Through/ Thy Domain With

May Thy Horn Of Wine Divine The Black Storm Of Perun
May The Age Of Volkhves Arise...
May The Sword Of Svantovit Protect Us From The Enemies !!!

Mother Earth Mokos Thou Art The Stream Of Life
Let Ziva Please My Lust At Thy Midnighted Altar
Grant Me The Key To Thy Majestic Mysteries
Embrace Me With Dark Powers Enshrined In Hidden Knowledge

Svarog, The Celestial Smith
Thou Hast Created All Laws And Things
Thou Art Our Master
We Praise The Son Of Thine
The Emperor Of Sun
Svarozic-Dazbog, Our Solar Lord
Thou Rulest The Fire
Our Lives … Thy Flame !!!

3. The Ruins Talk When Time Is Silent

Upon Arkona´s Rock Is An Eaglenest
Where From The Strikes Of Waves
Its Spikes Towers On The West
A Brave Eagle Sat Up Above His Rocky Throne
Slavonic Land´s Protector
A Free Son Of The Clouds

O´, Slavonic Eagle, Protect The Nation Of The Slavs
Protect Slavonic Habits And Tongues
Protect Us And Our Mother Lands !!!

Look Out From Morning, Look Out Until Evening
Patrol Until Midnight From The Highest Guard

Where Eastsea Surrounds The Wild Arkonic Rocks
And On The Sheer Cliff The Eagle Dominates
Where In A Deep Valley The Little Vilage Rests
In A Blue Tide Mirroring Again And Again...
This Wonderful Island Is My Rujana
My Most Beloved Dearest Fatherland !!!

Can You See The Country Wherein The Seagull Flies
Wherein Sunbathing On The Beech The Seal Lies
Wherein In The Rocky Cleft The Brave Eagle Thrones ?
Into The Distance He Is Viewing, His Monarchy Extending
Covered By The Manifold Seabird´s Flights
In Hundreds Of Bays Their Voices Can Be Heard
Again And Again...

From The Depths Of The Sea, From Its Deepest Bottom
Sound The Evening Bells Dull And Flat
To Give Us The Renown Of A Charming Ancient Town
In The Tide´s Bosom Drowned
Remained The Ruins Down To Stand
Their Battlements Leave The Golden Sparks
Glittering At The Mirror Surface Again And Again...

...And The Sailor
Who The Magic Shimmer Once Saw
In The Bright Evening´s Red
On This Place He Sails Forever
Even If Around The Cliffs Impend...

4. Wisdom Of Volkhves

From The Oldest Times The Volkhves
Wanted To Resemble The Gods
Therefore They Yearned For
Divine Immortality

Already To Yearn But Means To Live
And To Live Means To Wander
To Wander For Happiness That Is To Suffer
To Wander For Knowing That Is To Search
To Wander For Immortality That Is To Die

I Live To Learn Their Story
Whose Deeds Crown History´s Pages
I Live To Hail That Season
By Gifted Minds Foretold

I Live To Learn Their Story
Who Have Suffered For My Sake
To Emulate Their Glory
And Follow In Their Wake

The Fading Of The Cloud, The Breaking Of A Chain
The Rending Of A Mortal Shroud, We Never Shall Need Again
The Entrance Of The World To Come, It Is Life For Evermore

The Mightier Second Birth, The Unveiling Of The Soul
It Is Freedom From The Chains Of Earth, The Volkhves´ Supreme Goal
A Song Of Ziva´s Lips, The Spring Of Mystic "Yevoye"

5. Towards The Gates Of Mystery

The Path Leading To The Abyss
The Gates Are Still Locked
Who Dares To Enter The Passage
Beyond The Reach Of Common Sences
To Turn Loose The Hidden Powers

So Let´s Step Into The Abyss
The Gates To Our Roots To Open
With A Spiritual Battering Ram
And The Guidance Of Old Rod
Once And For Ever
Prepare To Receive
The Rays Of Light And Truth
In Its Full Effulgence

O´ My Godness I Speak Thy Names
Thou Art No More Forgotten
Come Forth All Ye Nature Powers

Svarog, Mokos, Perun, Lada,
Veles, Chors, Simargl, Dazbog,
Svantovit, Pripegal, Ziva, Triglav,
Rod, Stribog, Pizamar, Prove,
Jarovit, Zela, Porevit, Nyja...

Come Forth All Ye Elemental Spirits
Kovlad, Diva, Rarach, Jaga...

Thou Art No More Demons !!!

6. Thus Speak To Gamayun

Tell Gamayun - Prophetic Bird
Tell About The Shinning Iriy, The World Where Our Gods Dwell
And About The Mighty Svarog - The Forger Of The Universe
Tell About How He Had Lit The Torch Of Life

Tell Gamayun - Prophetic Bird
Tell About The Fate Of Mokoš - Our Mother´s Earth Destiny
And About Our Grandchildren Future
Tell About The Will Of The Divine Rod

Tell Gamayun - Prophetic Bird
Tell About Sväntovit-Perun Who Can Call A Rain Or Thunder
And About Eternal Fire That In The Oak Groves Burns
Tell About The Mystic Flame In The Every Slavic Heart

Tell Gamayun - Prophetic Bird
Tell About Svarožiè-Dažbog, Stribog, Triglav, Simargl, Rod
And About The Keeper Veles Who Makes Certain All Oaths And Treaties
Tell About All Gods And Spirits Of Our Mighty Slavic Lands

/ Gamayun speaks /
"... Of What You Know, Hide Nothing I Will ..."

7. And The Flames Burn Again

Once Upon All Hills The Same Fire Burned

Until He Had Arrived At Lenght
Into Serenity And Peace ...
... To Cloud By Mist And Darkness
The Eternal Flame Of Ours
To Abduct The Light
To Tear Asunder Svarga

The Fate Spoke To Forfather Straight
Only He Could Banish The Demon Into His Dark Jail
...An Ancestor Nathless Broke The Seal, Invited Him
Did Not Spoted The Glint Of Evil
And Released The Demon Into Our Lands

And New Names He Gave To Brothers
And Dispatched Them Into The Battles
And Destroyed The Sacred Groves And Killed The Gods
And Took The Light Away And Gave The Dark

Upon The Hills The Same Fire Faded

He Abused But Was Unmasked
Well Let Our Kindness Flow Forever
The Ligth We Have Conquered Back
Let Him Leave In Serenity And Peace...
Forever !

Upon The Hills The Same Fire Burns Again

8. A Song For Perun

Be Hailed Perun ! Hail The Fire-Haired God !

You, The One Regenerating The Yav', Don't Quit The Wheels Turning !
You, The One Who Led Us On The Legit Paths To Battle And Great Victory.
You Shoot Your Arrows Into Our Enemies
You Give Honour To Warriors !
You Are Rightful, And Merciful And Wise !
Oh Those Who Fell In Battle ! Serve Well In Perun's Army !

We Are The Warriors
Not Variag, Not Greeks At All
But From A Famous Ancestry Of Slavs

We Stood Our Ground
And Battled With Our Enemies,
And When We Fall With Glory,
Then We Will Come To The Dales Of Svarog's Paradise

And Here The Others Will Come
And The Doorkeeper Will Open The Gate To Let Them In...
...Into The Beautiful Iriy

And Sva-Mother Flaps Her Wings From Her Two Sides
Shining With Fiery Light
In Rainbow-Coloured Feathers

Shining Like The Sun-King !

She Goes Through Yasun'
And She Shines By Sevenfold Beauty
Bestowed To Her By The Gods.
And Perun Seeing Her
Strikes A Thunder In The Clear Skies.
And This Is Our Happiness,
And We Must Do All We Can With Strenght
To See How Old Life Separates From The New One

And Mother Slava Flaps Her Wings
And We Stand Under Our Banners
The Banners Of Yasun' !


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