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On Wings Of Mercury

"On Wings Of Mercury" (2005)

1. Swords
2. Children of Besz
3. The Black God's Icon
4. On Wings of Mercury
5. Slayeress of Kings
6. Interlude
7. Marching Through Babylon's Gates
8. A Storm From the Past
9. Call of the Eastern Tower
10. Where Silence Echoes

1. Swords

Illusions waged a war on me for aeons
but swords I've forged
to cut those traitors' tongues
I travelled forth on furious storms,
on wings of living silver
to find the absolute truth
I looked behind the masks of men
but nothing have I found
to quench the ceaseless thirst
Swords stabbed those enemies of old
and destroyed all their world
in fire ...

2. Children of Besz

Walking ..., wandering ... a solitary path afar from
the world of mortal man
Weary ..., tired ... but yet the unbridled flame yearns
within my blackened heart

A man, cursed and blessed, to witness strangest times
A beast, wrapped in Manannan's cloak, to journey
in ever shifting shape, amongst those blindest eyes
A stranger, never resting, never my name be known

I saw the copper sun set, as a boar
I dived beneath the waves of Lir, as a salmon
I crawled the bloodsoaked earth, as a serpent
I rode winds above Iniskea, as a crane

The world lies in ruins, so let us leave
heading for unknown shores
to find a place where our ancient soul can be
unchained forevermore

Walking ..., wandering ... a solitary path through
the halls of Cythrawl

When night spreads her lapis lazuli wings,
When stars unite with fire's sparks,
in my eyes, occures beneath the dark,
a legacy of million outworn skins

We are of the ever coming one's seed
devouring the flesh of all gods of men
We crossed aeons, as wolves amongst sheep
dreaming of all our misery to end

Weary ..., tired ..., but yet my blood will ever boil

Singing the song of perpetual tidings

3. The Black God's Icon

Scarlet Tum drowns beneath the horizon
my eyes behold the northern sky
by the sign of silence, I bow my head
visualizing the black god's icon

Lying down on the temple's floor
submission to matter's reality
Accepting death, to descend, to seek
the hidden stone of immortality

Osiris, is a black god!
Osiris, is a black god!

I'm putrified, solved and torn by the demons
Initiated, transmutated by the most secret mysteries

Where in obscurity float, the waters of the past
my soul shall be purified, recomposed at last
ascending from this tomb, by the rite of the passage
receiving eternal life, from the light of the second sun

4. On Wings of Mercury

"Let us celebrate the rites of mercury!"

As above, so below - as below, so above

Hail thee, Oh thrice great, thou divine messenger
We call thee, Tahuti
Hail thee, Oh thrice born, evoker of the souls
We call thee, Mercury

First of the Aeons, who bearest the two serpents entwined
Emerald, Ibis-head, who commeth forth from beyond the veil
Wisdom crowned overseer, open the eightfold seal
Thee I invoke, elevate us on flashing wings of fire

"Behold, I am yesterday, today and the brother of the Morrow!"

As above, so below - as below, so above

I am the charioteer of the east, lord of past and future
I company the sun through the darkness of night
I am the keeper of knowledge, flame of universal mind
I descend upon the sea from the sphere of the crown
I am the word made flesh, invisible spark divine
I received the key to immortality in Amenti's dark halls
Hail thee, Oh thrice great, thou ever-laughing one
We call thee, Tahuti
Hail thee, Oh thrice born, voice from the silence
We call thee, Mercury

"And this word I speak unto ye: ..."

5. Slayeress of Kings

Cycle has come to another end,
Macha's birds chant for regicide

The ancient oath must be fullfilled,
before his spirit's candle grows faint
The blood of kings tonight shall be spilled
before his vigour shows a first stain

Sharpen the blade, crescent of lunar silver,
horns of the minotaur
Rite of the axe, key to her labyrinth,
mingle eternally
Cast down to sleep, all those who reign,
in ruinous decadence
Great ivory queen, shall ride the beast,
once again


"Descend into the void, where threefold mater
thrones in solitude"

*To dance towards the monolith,
Great Mother reaps his divine soul,*
*To dance the spiral outward with
a grain divine for a king reborn*

"Arise again from nothingness, to bear the
primordial fate"

The stones begin to sing their song of vengeance
The horn-crowned scapegoats govern far too long
The peasants sweep clean the battlefields and
The children of night behead all horizons

6. Interlude

7. Marching Through Babylon's Gates

Ia Anu, Ia Antu, Ia Marduk
Ia Ninlil, Ia Enki, Ia Ninki
Ia Nanna, Ia Ningal, Ia Utu
Ia Inanna, Ia Ischkur, Ia Ninhursag

Time has come for Akitu celebration
The equinox of Nisan has arrived ... arrived

Until the twelth day our fate shall be sealed,
By the divine counsel our future will be revealed,
As the Annunaki march again
through Babylon's precious gates

Sombre chants resound from the ziggurat,
the secret of Esagila is sung before dawn,
from the axis mundi of three cosmic domains
whisper the words of the Enuma Elish


*Marduk descends into the mountain, until the barques' arrival*

Within the Apzu's maze, bestead by the wailing goddess
Liberated by force through Nabu, great lord of the written word
After his triumphant return is summoned the assemblation
for fate's first determination, through the unequaled


All Babylon goes exultant,
the sheperd of the stars (is) reborn
to perform the sacred marriage rite,
with the daughter of the moonlight For the microcosmic plains,
He determines fate a second time,
as a challenge for mankind,
after the departure of the Nibiru giants

8. A Storm From the Past

Let the winds arise!

Reemerging from the exile, buried by myriads of sand
banned from his throne, through centuries of ignorance
the ancient fire returns from deserted lands
the violent force strengthens our will again
Great initiator to the secrets of sorcery
Protector of the sun-barque through Ra's nocturnal journey

"Horus purifies and Set strengthens,
and Set purifies and Horus strengthens"

A prophecy of force and fire
from the heart of predynastic times
*Storm is coming*
Encourages our consciousness
to open the third eye
A shimmering cosmic orgasm
illuminates the nightsky
*Storm is coming*
Set our souls ablaze
with the spark of divine light


This is the arrival of the bearer of the white crown
the slayer of Apep casts the old structures down
This is the preparation for the higher current
to rebalance the aeon of Maat

9. Call of the Eastern Tower

I call the heralds guarding the watchtower looming in the east
Geniis of the air, governed by Paralda, obey at my command
I call the raging winds to obtain their unbridled strength
Bringers of dawn, who emanate from the house of the rising sun

Swords, arrows, daggers to pierce the veil
Words, spells, songs to break the seal

Dig a tomb in the skies, for my soul to plunge
and to unfurl in visions so pure
Spinning and whirling, the sylphs, they are stirring
the dust of the aeons once more

Swords, arrows, daggers to pierce the veil
Words, spells, songs to break the seal

Thrust open the doors of narrowed perception
that conceal the awareness path
Chasing and leaping with ghosts, I am sweeping
my mind from shards of stained glass

I breathe in to wake the force of the four winds within
Storms, who roam at the gate of a magickal dawn
I breathe out and play everlasting the mesmerizing pipes
Leading the children of reason into their silent graves

Diving into the blue tattvic circle
the tower points the ascension way
All-pervading there resounds my cry
in solitude, a hunting bird of prey


10. Where Silence Echoes

Where silence echoes ... endlessly

On petals I'm enthroned and a finger seals my lip
Shells hide my kingdom from dead stares of the profane


Here is no place for vultures' sateless cries
for perishable treasure
A lair, so sombre and arcane, for those enstranged
by this world
A darkness deep within that shines in every colour and
speaks in tongues of silver
There dwell the great of all times in eternity like
coined in stone with golden lines

Where history is not just dead words
sealed in ancient books
But breathes pestilence upon the ones
who just forgot
And don't remember those forsaken
giant's sleeping
I still can see their causeways
gleaming through the twilight


Where silence echoes ... thundering


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