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Necromantic Rituals

"Necromantic Rituals" (2003)

1. Intro
2. Worship Of Death
3. Into The Dark
4. Vomit Of The Earth
5. Possessed By The Ancient...
6. Father Of The Doom
7. Vigour
8. Necromantic Rituals
9. Bestial Opera
10. The Poisoned Kiss
11. Last Salutation

1. Intro

2. Worship Of Death

Man, do you really think,
you can withstand the hate in my eyes?
Oh man, do you believe,
that your life will last,
when time has come?
Man, can you surpass the sound
of my voice from the grave?
Are you ready to behold
my cruel mysteries on the other side?

For my name is the fire, that burns your sanity,
the word that evokes your deepest horrors
I am the poison from the cauldron of evil
I am the cold shimmer on the knife's blade
I am the shadow that makes you scream at night
I am the merciless ghost that solves all oppositions

Man, where is your god now,
as my freezing hand clasps for your skin?
Can you remember
my black face from your nightmares?

3. Into The Dark

Enemies of the absurd rules
Prisoners of life's torments
Summoned to celebrate our death
be my fellows tonight

Kneel around the circle
Adore the sign of the pentagram
Praise the eternal unknown
Unite with His essence

We deny their illusions
for death is our birth

Key to the profound knowledge
source of hidden powers
end of fear and hope

Into the dark we wander
into the womb of death
to be one with emptiness

Into the silent kingdom
of our souls' abyss
to face the black

4. Vomit Of The Earth

Judgement, the time is to arrive
Apocalypse, the world requests for
a renewal ... in chaos
The circle now is closed, finally
as from the depth of her abyssic womb
shall rise the vomit of the earth
ascending the grave of a coming past

pronounced by a sonic holocaust
Heir to the throne
of the blind creator
raze this timeworn earth

The circle now is closed, finally
as from the depth of her abyssic womb
shall rise the vomit of the earth
ascending the grave of a coming past

Monarch of the final war
rise to take the throne of the beast

Martyrs of the wicked path
hear the chime of the damned
for the day of wrath has commeth
Now end and beginning are one

5. Possessed By The Ancient...

Afar beyond the reign of life
in a land of endless shadow
where His spirit rules the silence
we dive into obscurity

Led by the sweetest melody,
prepared for our darkest journey
to the lost temples
to a long forgotten past

Following the morbid attraction
Trapped by His sinister call
Our force becomes alive again
Everyone carries the seed

Let it be reborn

Ancient consecration by blood
cleans from the wounds of the living
Servants of the older cults
be purified by this sacred fluid

Walk the blackend path
to get the answers
about the mystified powers
of life and death

6. Father Of The Doom

Lucifer, father of the doom

He is darkness, he is light
He is our shelter from the world of ignorance
He is our sword in the war for freedom

He is death, he is birth
He is hate, he is victory
He is our passion for the absurd dreams
He is our way through a life of emptiness

He is the shine of silver,
he is the gold of spirit

Avenger of the executed
Mason of our fortune
Key of the invisible
Reason of our search

He is scorn, he is justice
He is the flame of the fire of truth
He is the symbol of our eternal resistance

Blind our enemies, light our path
Guide our soul into infinity

We are his glory, he is our triumph

7. Vigour

Within me, the force slowly swells,
poises my heart with fervour, wearing down the walls of reason

the serpent rises it's head

Kundalini, force and fire are ours
No remorse shall soil my self

Union with the coiled beast,

who dwells under my skin,
master of eternally twisted creation,
who floats through my veins

Now arise, ancient worm,
take me away from this coffin

Nothing can be lost, when all is sacrificed
for the glory of such impulse
Seed of the sinful inspiration of man
work aour will upon my flesh

For evil knows no boundaries
no doubt shall chain my actions

8. Necromantic Rituals

A secret place, flamed by one light
the sacrifice lies upon the altar
Silence is torn by a sonorous voice
as the priest begins with the ceremony

I evoke you, father of the gods
I call you, creature of the dark, with the works of darkness
I call you, creature of hate, with the works of hatred
I call you, creature of pain, with the works of pain

After a sleep of thousand years
in the buried city of Sodom
from an everlasting dream of sin
I summon your spirit of wisdom

Open your eyes, to regard a new light

Open your ears, to listen to the master's voice

Knowledge, lost for the masses
resting beneath the dust of ages
kept by the spirit of the graves
for the few who dare to search

9. Bestial Opera

10. The Poisoned Kiss

Body fallen to death, soul free for eternal life

The sharpened sword of this one
is an intoxicating acid for the spirit of men

That timeless sculpture infiltrates everyone

11. Last Salutation

Nothing will last forever
and only memories remain
of a cursed existence
tied to the chains of time.

Tired of the unpromising struggle
for a life of endless sufferings.
Oh glorious defeat, end of all
sickness born with this life.

Rule in silence, beyond the grave.
Our solemn vigil shall forever ...

No longer enslaved by your body
passed to the parallel world
where the past is the future
where absurd forms drown undefinable lights

Farewell to those we miss
until our path may cross again
running the penitent circle
at the pale reflection of a new dawn


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