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Summoned By Astral Fires

"Summoned By Astral Fires" (2000)

1. Centuries Of Enslavement
2. A Dream Of Dancing Shadows
3. Dark Visions By Candlelight
4. Hortus Animae
5. Like Ravens In The Nightsky
6. In The Spell Of Midnight's Grace
7. Storm Of Pagan Fire
8. Summoned By Astral Fires

1. Centuries Of Enslavement

As Father Death came to me
And took my mortal Frame
My Flesh forever adorns the Graveyard
And slowly fades away
But my Soul will return
My Spells hunt through the Night
Master of Witchcraft I am called
Cruelty is my Sin

When Father Moon will gather
Upon with Mother Sun

And great Light rises up so clear
For the last Time
A Veil of Darkness' falling
And Spirits I summon
The unseen Poet I am called
In Fire I'll be born
I call my Soul to free my Bones
Out of eternal Fire
Enslavement has begun
No longer captured in my mortal Grave
My Soul returned and kissed my Bones
Reincarnation at the Portals of Fire
My Coffin is filled with immortal Blood
Flesh and Soul became one again
Stormclouds above the Cemetary
Hungry the Demons wait for my Return
And I spread my Wings and fly upon

The Beat of my Heart
Like Thunder in the Night
I live again

No longer captured in my mortal Grave
My Soul returned and kissed my Bones
Reincarnation at the Portals of Fire
My Coffin is filled with immortal Blood
Flesh and Soul became one again
Stormclouds above the Cemetary
Hungry the Demons wait for my Return
And I spread my Wings and fly upon
I feel the Arrival of my blackened Kingdom
The eternal Darkness, when will it arise?
This Waiting for Silence
Take me away from here..
Nightside embrace me and hold me so close!
I will not forsake you, my Time has come
I shall arise now and enslave the Earth
And rule the Humans
As they did with me

Fire shall arise and prepare for my Arrival
When I walk the Earth - immortal as their God
My wings will lay down and spread eternal Pain
Mankind be prepared - Enslavement has begun

2. A Dream Of Dancing Shadows

As the Nightside called for my Name
From the Land of Snow and Ice
For the Spirits are dancing with me
At the Path to the Unlight
I will never again see the Light
That has once cursed my mortal Soul
Great black Goddess I'm searching
For you to fulfil your Soul with mine
I have heard your Call in the Night
As I was standing about to fall
I have felt your Hand touching me
As I was falling so silently
Like a drunken Angel I fly
And my Eyes are burning bright
Towards the Land of Snow and Ice
Where all dead Angels lie

For this Night I've waited long
When I take your golden Crown
The Dust will take my flesh away
But I remain in Clouds of Dust
Towards the Unlight I will rise
Where only Dust and Darkness lies
Where my Soul will reign in Blood
And the Demons praise my Soul

I'm falling into a Shade of Grey
That carries my dying Soul away
Silently the Wind embraces me
And kisses me in Shades of Grey
Frozen Rivers all around
And the Forest grasps for me again

She kissed my Neck
And sipped my Blood
Touched me tenderly as I felt
Immortal I remain with her
No Light shall ever reach my Eye
The Night became a Part of me
Secret Voices call for me
Whispering Shadows carry me
Night's Embrace will make me free

Im dunklen Samt der Nacht
Wenn alles fort schl¤ft und ruht
Durch Begierde vom Schlaf erwacht
Zu suchen nach frischem Blut
Dein Kærper blač im Mondschein gl¤nzt
Mein Sein gepr¤gt von Dunkelheit
Dein Blut ist fìr mich wie Wein
Z¤rtlich der Kuč zur Ewigkeit

The Shine of the Moon
So clear and bright
The Snow on my Hands
The Frost in my Heart
This never ending Flame in me
Like a Dagger that carves in my Flesh
A Symphony composed by the Wind
How sweet does it sound
What am I now

A Dream of endless Silence
Of Life that will fall down to Dust
A Dream of endless Darkness
A Dream where I kiss the Unlight
A Dream of dancing Shadows
Of Shadows that carry my Soul
A Dream of endless Frost
Of Frost that will grasp for my Soul

I hear the Shadows scream
Calling for my Soul
They will ride with me
On the Wings of Damnation
Together with my Goddess
We're restless in the Woods
Screaming with the Shadows
Who are fading all away
And as the Sun arose
Above the snow-covered Hills
I was staring at my Queen
I will kiss her the last Time
To Dust we will fall
Together we are now
Ashes to Ashes
And Dust to Dust

3. Dark Visions By Candlelight

The Shade of an whispering Spirit
Came crying to my Bed
Its cold dead Lips have cursed me
And brought me endless Pain
My Flesh is getting colder
Years passed in just one Night
Restlessly I'm wandering
As a Phantom preparing for my Death

Blood is Life

Dark Visions - so clear in Candlelight
My Dreams hunt me again this Night
Empty Eyes, so cold like frozen Stars
My Body's touched
By your Immortal Kiss
Desires make me fly to you
Oh, Darkness, my velvet Destiny
Hold me close
Your Embrace makes me strong

I kissed her Neck and she grasped for me
Her Face so pale as she looked at me
Her Blood in me, she's a Part of me
A Dance in Shades and she embraced me
How sweet she was while I sipped her Blood
How loud she cried as she fell down to Dust

In the Bright Shine of the Moonlight I fly
Above the Ocean that will capture her Soul

Towards the Place where her Destiny lies
Where her Body will remain

4. Hortus Animae

5. Like Ravens In The Nightsky

In eternal Silence we are drawn
Buried in Stone
Dust on my Hands
One hundred Years
In the pale Shine of a dying Sun
I fly beneath the Clouds
Like Ravens through midnight Skies
My Shade is like a Veil
That sips Life from this Earth
Into the Abyss I fall
My Soul will hunt through the Night
As a Phantom I arise
Blackwinged like a Demon I fly

Beyond the Gates of mystical Paths
Where the Bringers
Of the forthcoming Chaos gather
Under a Moon that buries all Life
Beneath a Veil of velvet Light

When Shadows dance
To Night's Symphonies
And the Graves are trembling once again
When the Grim of haunted Souls
Grasps for a dying Age
And Winds are summoned
By some ancient Gods
When Blood of Mankind flows
Above the Sins of Man
And Demons rise in bloodred Nights
To hunt the puny rest
And I, the Demon,
Wait for the day of Wrath
Preparing for the End
Armageddon comes to pass

I fly above the Graveyard
And hear her cry for me
Her dying Soul will grasp
The last Time for me
I remember the Day
When they buried her in Stone

Her Eyes still not closed
She's waiting for me
Dust on her Hands, Blood in her face
Tears in her Eyes
Visions that I will never forget
As I saw her Body lying old and grey
I felt the Hate arise
That was tearing up my Soul
All I have loved died in my Hand
I walk the Path alone
That leads me to the End
When the Sunshine fades away
And all remains is Dust
Then I, the Demon,
Come to rule this Earth

Like Ravens through this Midnightsky
We spread our Wings to fly again

Above the Ruins of a martyred World
Where Shadows wake the Dead to rise
And the Smell of Blood fulfils the air
The Angles weep upon their Clouds
Till the Sun will fall and burn their Wings
And total Chaos will remain
So my Throne may rise - forever!
Silently the Demon gets stronger, Emotions die
Power that commands the Darkness and you
Oh I, I feel I get stronger, I will become God
I will fly blackwinged
As a Demon for the last Time
Like Ravens through the Nightskies
I spread my Wings to fly once again
Through Stormclouds and Darkness
Towards my Throne
Which still gleams through the Night

Like Demons through Nightskies
I spread my wings to fly once again
Through Fire and Darkness
My Wings keep strong and I feel

I am GOD!

6. In The Spell Of Midnight's Grace

I hear the Call of the ancient Forest
A thousand Whispers embrace my Mind

I am the ancient One
Called from the Unlight
Cursed by the Might
Of the ancient Forest
His call, so clear and near
Burns in my Heart so bright
Burns like an endless Flame
In darkest Night
I see the Moon arise
Feel how he looks at me
Oh, how sweet does this Silence taste

I have fallen in the Spell of this endless Night
I fell asleep and I'll never awake again
Shadows are dancing above my closed Eyes
As I am buried in a Cloud of Dust
My Body fades away but I still remain
Endless Darkness
Only Moonlight's Shine

And I walk upon the Shadows
Beyond forgotten Woods I dance
My Eyes are like a Mirror
I'm searching for the Stars
Alone I stand on the Path to Eternity
Only the Moon shows me the Way

Slowly I walk the Stairs
Of the Moonlight
And the Raven flies with me again
Spirits dance on Shadows
As I grasp for frozen Stars
I have fallen
In the Spell of the Moonlight
Its Shine embraces me again
Blinded by this Light
I'm falling carefully
Down into a Mirror
In another World

I will fly again above the frozen River
My Blood has fallen deep
Into this endless Field of Snow
My Heart is frozen
As I'm caught in a Dream
Endless Memories are flying beside me
I will die in this Dream

See me cry at the Gate
I am lost in this Dream
And my Wings turned to dust
Never ending Pain I feel
See my Tears fall like Rain
Creating a River which carries my Pain
Where are the Shadows
Which once carried me?
Where is the Stair To the Moonlight
I have walked?

I am falling to vanish
In the darkness I love
And the Grace of Night
Sends for me out again
Look, the Mirror shines bright,
I can see it with my Eyes
Oh, great Goddess,
Your own Words
Turned to Lies

In the Spell of Midnight's Grace
My Soul's embraced
By Moonlight's Shine
In the Spell of Midnight's Grace
My Soul's embraced
By Demon's Cries

See the Stormwind rising higher
See the Mirror in my Eyes
See the Dance of cursed Shadows
See me die in my own Dream

Wake me up from endless Suffer
I'm in the Spell of Midnight's Grace

7. Storm Of Pagan Fire

Fire burns bright
Through dark and cold Nights
Stormwinds arise, the Sun slowly dies
Pagan Winds blow, the Fire burns bright
Stormwinds above, Storm in my Heart

In the darkest of the Night
I can feel the Demons cry
In black Corners of my Soul
I can feel the Fire burn
In my Dreams I've seen the King
And the fallen Angel cry
In my Dreams I've seen me lough
As I stand above them all

Let the evil Spirit fly
Break the Walls that capture me
Free my Soul so it can rise
Lead me through the endless Ice

The Wolves carry my Name
Through their Midnight-Howling
And this silent whispering Voice
Calls for me from far away

And my Soul shall fly
Together with the Flames
The Thorns will tear my Flesh
As the Forest sips my Blood
And the Sun will never shine
When we are gathered in Moonlight
I will cry in Moonlight's Shine
As I become a Part of Night

Let me fly above the Seals of Sorrow
Through the seven Gates
I fly like once in my Dreams
I've dreamed of burning Wings
And Thunderstorms above
I've dreamed of my last Way
And my eternal Sleep
I'm old

Ancient Memories lie
Beyond the seven Gates
A Breeze of Frost will blow
Beyond the Path of Ninib's Gate
The Seal will gleam in Hate
As it burns into my Flesh
As I fall into endless Pain
I can hear pagan Winds blow
I see Spirits fly as I sleep in Thorns
I hear Spirits call as I close my Eyes
Oh, Lord Ninib, God of Darkness,
Hear my Screams and feel my Pain
Let my Soul fly to sleep in your Land of Shades

8. Summoned By Astral Fires

I've walked alone for Centuries
Beneath the Moon
Alone so cold out in the Dark
I've searched so long for you
Whose Blood's the same as I've inside
You are my Breed
Listen to this ancient Tale
Of Fathers long ago
As Clouds of endless Suffer
Buried the Moon beneath
On glorious Fields of frozen Lands
He's lying still
In the pale Face
Of a dying King a Legend's told
Of Tears which ran so bloodred
Out of empty Eyes
In the Time of Unlight
Before Life and Time had begun
When the Moon arose
And gave birth to me in darkest Night

Upon the Shades a Whisper
Cries out an ancient Tale
Of cruel Beings
In the Woods of Loneliness
It foretells a hundred Murders
That lead through ancient Times
Of mysterious Deaths of thousands
Of Humans in darkest Nights
The Ground has sipped all their Blood
And grasps for dying Mortals
Who are reaching for the Stars
And cry loudly as they die ..
Lycanthrope has begun

Dust and Fog has lead them
Through eternal Night
Golden Stars will shine up high
Through Midnight's Face

Out of the Forest so clear
Hear the dreadful Screams
Like immortal Hunger
Of ancient Beasts

Fear spreads its Wings
And falls onto the Humans
When the Moon, their Father,
Shows them the Way
Dark Impulses inside their Veins
Lead them onward to kill again and again

Into the Forest
Where the Wolf awakes at Night
And the greatest Beast of all
Starts its Hunt for human Flesh
I'm the great Father
The Wolf, the ancient Blood
Whose Bite is the gift
Of a painful endless Life

As the Moon shone high upon
Showing me the Way
Towards the mortal Bodies
Of those I love by Day
The Greed for Flesh of Humans
Makes me hunt this Night
Silently I may crawl nearer to my Victims
So I arise my Claws and tear their Flesh away
And mutilated Faces begin to stare at me
Their Eyes are as cold as mine
Staring at the Sky
Where the Moon, my Father,
Is waiting for their Souls

Blood is flowing out of the Veins
Of impaled Bodies lying in Shades
And every Night when I awake
Oh, weak Humans, prepare to die - DIE


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