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Accidental Outcomes

"Accidental Outcomes" (2005 Demo)

1. Thee Elizabeth
2. Christian Abortion
3. Trough Fire Walk With Me
4. The Dark Forest´s Whisper
5. Reverence to Northern Darkness
6. Unholy Warpath

1. Thee Elizabeth

Dark mistress, me blessed, funeral nightdress, rip undress.

Black witch heart, I tried, Amor?s love dart, I died,
Hell?s countess, seemed ripe flesh, she started, Satan?s quest.

Her dark lord pay him I would,
Change her to mine for life if I could.
Beauty in prime, through bloods eyes,
Fade to black crime, no fake dies.
Death?s disguise, I tried to hide,
She won my heart, bleed ?till I died.

She crossed the Styx, just for kicks,
Came back from death to resurrect,
The prime evils waken, Elizabeth?s not mistaken,
Teenage blood spilled, to refill,
Her thirst for, free will.

Black mistress, me pressed, bedazzled, then left.

Dark witchcraft, I heart, Thor?s war cry, defy.
Evil countess, was unblessed, half-clad undressed, not stressed.

Thee Elizabeth......
She was pale as the death of Marie Antoinette,
Under thee guillotine.
White as heaven?s milk, dressed in red-black silk,
She walked to Nadir, leaving blood and sin.
Black dawns, red scores, she through heaven?s doors,
Smuggled death roll carnivores.
Angels wept, when heavens left,
All was dead, with Elizabeth.

2. Christian Abortion

The sign of the cross, a symbol of hate,
Believe it all and never loose fate.
Hypocrites rule, over the sheep,
Blinded by light, too simple to see.

Hide behind peace, hide behind mercy,
Then kill for the lord,
?Oh GOD please come help me.?
You won?t succeed, not in this world,
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Say you will banish all evil and hate,
With crucifix and a lord in your fate,
Send thousands of slaves into certain death,
While you stay at bay and take all the wealth.

Give up the fight, abortion is certain,
Hole water and prays, won?t save you from the days,
Of your, suffer, extortion!

The night lords are rising to envour the well,
The slaves and the servants came to spread hell.
Set plague on your souls by the saying of oath,
We cannot bear to see and so we do loathe.
Your blessed smiles will not be lived very long,
The last hit was struck on the execution gong.
Say your last prayer to save you from death,
The power possessed is very much dearth.
The crosses are burning the night wolves do rise,
To feast on the dying when the war drums arise.
Prepare for the end of new times to come,
Shame you won?t live to see new law be done

3. Trough Fire Walk With Me

Through fire walk with me,
follow me everlasting torment,
with me stride darkness,
try the true afterlife.

Don't believe lies,
about paradise and saviour,
there's no compromise,
pain's here,
hell yeah!

Through fire walk with me,
I'll take you to your forefathers,
in hell you'll meet everyone,
who's set foot in this world.
All i can promise is that,
endless torment will await.

I'll give you all, you have known,
in this world.
Torment, hate, anguish, rage,
jealousy, fate, enemies, mates.

Through fire walk with me,
in neverending misery.
Through fire walk with me,
I'll be your nightmare.

4. The Dark Forest´s Whisper

Savage unfold, minions at hold,
When the forest?s spellcraft spreads out like gold.
Demons at bay, the creatures here lay,
Ancient heroes came to have their foreplay.
When day turns to night, it?s and inhuman sight,
To see the dark eyes and their firely light.

Ethereal woods, spread out the tree of mythus,
Never-ending dark in the mists of foliage.
Monsters rise from the past, into the day, of,
Only the strong ones will survive,
In the depths of this night,
Carnage starts when the first screams,

The first screams arise, and turn this dark paradise,
Into castle, Sodom.
Winds say the whisper, last prayer for some,
The live or the dead turn to stone to forget.
Dark forest?s whisper where evil is pure,
No place for mercy and no place for, fools.

The dark forest?s whisper of fame, and our ancestor?s lair,
To come ravish the light, and not leave the fight,
When the war has begun, with the coming of night.

Savage unfold, the minions at hold,
When the forest?s spellcraft spreads out like gold.
Demons at bay, the creatures here lay,
Ancient heroes came to have their foreplay.
When day turns to night, it?s and inhuman sight,
To see the dark eyes and their firely light.
The forest awakens, to see the moonlight,
Witchcraft adawn, until twilight.

Unending woods, hide mythical brutes,
Powerful chants strong and brave they grant.
The conceding sunshine left pure darkness in crime,
With strength, Divine.
The strong ones crept away with the ray of new day,
The carnages end with the first scream,

The first scream Satan, change the barren wasteland,
To garden, Eden.
Winds are gone, only ash remain,
The caries of dead bodies still remain the same.
Dark forest?s whisper reveals abattoir,
Fresh dawn just came, to show a,
New way.

The creatures have gone, so did signs of assail,
The night folk resting mighty in the depths of their lair.
Affluent light, reveals paradise,
The vigilant sight, revealing none alive.

5. Reverence to Northern Darkness

Aeons ago, legends foretold the coming of dark emperors.
From the sombre, misty night, rose the prime evils
and formed Satan?s legions, which came to rule the world for ever more.

Peace, breeds throughout the land, not for long,
The legions are drawing near, the northern kingdom is here.
The land of frost and snow, will burn on the inside,
Demon?s blaze is growing, let the battle begin.
Fear of the banner of Satan?s disguise,
At the mountains of madness.

Now is the time, here is the place, red marks the ground,
Leading the way to pure evil.
The burnt cross a symbol, we ride without fear,
The armed horsemen arrived, dressed in battle gear.
Northern emperors arrived, fear them now,
The might is growing, now we?re invincible,
And on we march, into the end of time,
The kings of dark......
Sitting on our thrones, might in our hands,
Battles to be fought.
This is the end, of peaceful glow,
Now live the lands, of snow.

Hail to the warriors at the ancestors gates,
We shall not give in to the Christian race,
The dark lords are rising from the bowels of hell,
The sunset is coming here come our days.

Peace, extinguished in the land, all is gone,
The legions are at their throng, the horns of war were blown.
This land of barran cold, ironfist and braveness old,
The demons rule alone, by the might of bloodshed,

6. Unholy Warpath

When the earth, is consumed by fire,
And peace, chased out by riders,
That day, the day of judgement,
We chase, chase away the fighters,
Which spread, by blood and might,
Religion, of pity and fright.

We light, your sacred spires in sign,
Of your holy squire, where you,
Preach of peace and mercy, now's,
Our time to plead heresy, come to know your fate,
Of end of days and,
Endless fate.

We pray, for the dark to take, to lead the way,
We wait, for the moment that you take the bait,
We hate, all of those who never give, but take,
We swear, won't stop until your dead and bare.

We, are on to you, 'till dead part us with you,
So, you see our sign, on shattered walls of time,
Now, you'll know our rage, whipped and dog-like caged.


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