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Lava Dictatorship

"Lava Dictatorship" (2002 Demo)

1. Ebola To The People
2. Nuclear Warbeast
3. Necro-Guerrilla
4. Atomic Warfare Fetish
5. Flamethrower
6. Project A.I.D.S.
7. Organized Hate
8. Chemical Dissection
9. Skullfucked
10. Toxic Slayer
11. Bodies (Sex Pistols Cover)

1. Ebola To The People

Horror spreading death – virus made to kill
Bodies full of pain – a virus meant to thrill
Dead empty eyes- a virus made to slay
Fear and agony rules – a virus meant to stay

LAVA incorporated
Ebola to the people
LAVA incorporated
Ebola to the people

We have achieved apocalypse – end of the world
Ebola spread to give them death – biological warfare
Misanthropic sadism – mankind is no more

To the fucking people

2. Nuclear Warbeast

Made to kill

Force of steel
Evil mind

Destroy earth with terror
Execute all humans
Murdering with pleasure
Holocaust is bounty

Nuclear Warbeast


Nuclear Warbeast

3. Necro-Guerrilla

Rotten graveyard, possessed – fucking a corpse
Draped in maggots, foul – ready for massive rape
Casket grinded, body falling apart
Never ending sickness – necro-guerrilla

And you will feast beneath the earth
Morbid orgy six feet under

4. Atomic Warfare Fetish

Mosh – kill
Grind – burn
Hate – melt

Lick nuclear dust of corpses
Atomic warfare fetish
Get orgasms through world wars
Atomic warfare fetish

Sado-war must maintain
World in coma
Earth transformed to a massgrave

5. Flamethrower


Hot, glowing metal
No more bodily fluids
Fried cadaver cracks open
This is hell – infernal pain

Burnt flesh
Melted skin
Die in pain
Death from hell

Total meltdown
Weapon of the insane

Fucking flamethrower

6. Project A.I.D.S.

Inject AIDS

War-fuck killing people - murder
Blood infected by malignant sperm of LAVA
Necro-orgasm giving you grim death
Rape with violence is the law - AIDS to mankind

Rental of a slaughter-squad - LAVA
Fiends possessed by molestation inject death-cum
Soldiers of perversion granting slow death
The creation of a new world - AIDS is God

Die ugly

7. Organized Hate

Morbid source
Brain behind
Squad of hatred

Thrashing on
Made to win
Newborn world war


Kill, devastate – dismember
Inhale the gas – suffocate
Pure terror-hell
Pure bonecrush-blast – death to all

Storm of hate
Divine power
Constructing gas-chambers

Dead world
Static syndrome
Organized hate

The force of the LAVA-machine will continue
constructing discipline and hate
Grand reduction of population

8. Chemical Dissection

Hell awaits

Enter the death-cell
Cold concrete and rusted metal
The psychopath’s laboratory which madmen envy

Fuck off

Acid disinfection
Autopsy perfection
Morbid satisfaction
Chemical dissection

Reek of melted skin
Tortured bodies burn
Screams of total pain
Violent toxic domain

Chemical dissection
Trapped in a fucking torture chamber

9. Skullfucked


Thrown into a septic void
Filling up massgraves
Flesh in pain, still alive
You will be skullfucked

Beaten with bones
Whipped with barbwire
Fucked with a skull
Pain makes you puke

Perverted violence
Necrotic orgy
Deathbringing cranium
Moshed into Hell

Suffer in slime
Blood spilling out
You're turning blue
You have been skullfucked

10. Toxic Slayer

Acid, raw, brutal – massmurder
Toxic, death – stench of burnt flesh
Worldwide war – future is no more
Kill, kill, kill – toxic slayer strikes

Mutilated bodies melted by nuclear flames
Supreme morbid robot with an aim to destroy
Brutal killing psycho – death is the only goal
A superior evil – suicide will save you

Toxic slayer

Toxic slaughter starts

Claws of steel and fangs of death, acid blood _ horror rules
Acid slime, toxic gas, napalm flames – hail terror
Hell on Earth , necro-war, rape the world – chaos-war
Armageddon, flesh and dust, nothingness – toxic hell

Life is determinated

11. Bodies (Sex Pistols Cover)

FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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