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"Who's The Enemy" (1982 EP)

1. Carnage
2. Curfew
3. Belief
4. No Gods, No Masters

1. Carnage


Sing to your sisters, your brothers are dead
The army retreated, the soldiers have fled
The carcass of nations lies out on the plain
For many to question but none to explain

Such carnage, destruction

They came in their thousands, to die for belief
In a guardian of freedom, once branded a thief
Led to their slaughter, to fight for their wife
Trapped by a system that demands only life

Such carnage, destruction

The corpses are buried the day may yet come
When man reaps the land with a plough not a gun
The sorrow of millions will be buried with them
That demanded the death not the life of those men

Such carnage, destruction

2. Curfew


Take your chance, uphold your victor
Go with the crowd and suck with them too

We don't believe in you

Have you heard the new sounds
Of battle on the streets
Have you seen the army uniforms
Heard the sound of marching feet

Sitting in your bunker
With your radio on
Follow these instructions
Or take your chances with the bomb

3. Belief


Have you ever watched them as they gather there on Sundays
In grotesque clothes as tokens of esteem
And stoop beneath the musty pulpit, ready to submit
Their bodies and their souls to the machine

Its normal to submit
To feed the holy leach
To sell yourself to slavery
Believe in what they preach

The smell of the church lies like guilt upon their shoulders
Oppressive silence dulls the brain, accept
Kneel in repentance you will accept our doctrine
And share in all the relics we have kept

People must believe in ways to eliminate their freedom
The church is just like bondage of the brain
Its frightening to realise what's happening outside
Obscure the view with Christ on coloured panes

4. No Gods, No Masters

No Gods, No Masters

Your god is your chains
Reject your god reject your system
Do you really want your freedom?


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