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"Arise!" (1985)

1. The Moor
2. Axeman
3. Fear of God
4. Largactyl
5. Drink and Be Merry
6. Spoils of Victory
7. Arise!
8. Slave
9. The Darkest Hour

1. The Moor

The Moor

2. Axeman


Lock up your children the axeman is coming
Lock up your children the axeman is coming
Lock up your children the axeman is running
Lock up your children he's here!

He's coming SLAUGHTER!

Is he from the army or the S.A.S.?
Rejected and shunned, left out on his own
The skills he acquired are put to the test
The tearing of flesh and the pulping of bone!

He's coming SLAUGHTER!

It's late and it's dark but one walks the streets
An axe in his hand, no glint in his eye
This mindless machine, he butcher, you meat!
Calm and collected, but twisted inside!

He is here! SLAUGHTER!

3. Fear of God

Fear of God

You say that you hear voices, I premsume that is correct?
And you say that all the bad boys end their wicked days in hell?
Well if it wasn't for the collar that you wear around your neck
You'd be seeing life quite differently, inside a padded cell!

The fear of God

Am I to understand you, when you say I'll be forgiven?
I give you all my money, well that's blackmail don't you see?
And the ones who give the most are guarenteed a place in heaven
Where they can watch the burning souls below and rub their hands with glee!

The fear of God

Your priorities Are wrong
Your faith Is blind
Crush the weak Uphold the strong
Burn the brains Of mankind

The money spent on churches could appease the starving poor
To justify injustice you must misinterpret Christ!
You lock your wealth away at night behind a bolted door.
The fear of god? You hypocrite! Open up your eyes!

4. Largactyl


You're standing on a hill, looking down at the city
Thinking 'bout your life and your bottle of pills
They released you from the hospital, you're cured!
So this is how freedom feels?

Largactyl Relax (it's only paranoia)

Feel a little numb? Feel a little tired?
Your brainís asleep and your bodyís retired
Youíve learned to fit in. OBEY!
Youíre just a shadow of what you used to be

Largactyl Relax (it's only paranoia)

A comfortable life? A car and a wife?
Itís only a dream but itís fuckiní obscene
Youíve learned to fit in, a vegetable!
Senility! At 21 theyíll be coming for you

5. Drink and Be Merry

Drink and be Merry

Drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die
Itís better to laugh than it is to cry
My cup runneth over with blood and not wine
The last was the flood, itís fire this time

I took a walk on the beach, no sand dunes just oil
Dead gulls and dead fish were trod underfoot
The sky was tinted with yellow and black
And the air smelt like Dachau today

The fields were littered with the dying and dead
Nothing grows here but decay!
The village bell tolls, a priest vomits blood
Another lifeís wasted away

Down in the square, the party goes on
The doomed sit down to their last feast
They gorge themselves on the recently deceased
The heat of the day, the foul smell of decay
As they waitÖ. For the inferno to be

So drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die
Itís better to laugh than it is to cry
Live for lifeís sake, donít let life pass you by
Thereís more worth living for than meets the eye

So drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die!

6. Spoils of Victory

Spoils of Victory

Look to the north, look to the east, look to the west and south
On all horizons storm clouds loom and roll across the sky
The river bursts its banks and vomits soil into the mouth
As thunder breaks the silence, a young child cries!

Between the night and the days first light the leaders made a pact
To raise the rotting corpse of war and set the wheels in motion
The stage a heaving battlefield would support the final act
While the authors hide in sattelites or forts beneath the ocean

And in this play Weíre cast as fools
To blindly play By othersí rules

Now the dust has settled and the stench completely clear
Then return the victors to claim their wretched crown
But from the fleshheaps of the slain, there comes no cheer
Their game is over, the chips are down

You arrived like a breath from the angel of death
Famine, disease and a life on your knees, guaranteed
When you put them in power

7. Arise!


Well weíve all heard the sermon seen
The preachers or worshipped the stage
Heard the new manifesto? Itís all questions no solutions at all
Well, youíre out on your own now, always have been
Just look at your friends
Break the surface to daylight
Strength will flow through our unity.

There is a traitor in our midst
And when we rise we will be betrayed
They are the wolves in sheepís clothing
Take the place at the back of the fold
All this talk about freedom
Will be tainted with blood (itís your life)
Put this cross on your back child
Tread the long weary trail to the top of the hill


Thereís some hard times coming down
Thereís the smell of revolution on the wind
Well, weíre grinding down our axes
Telling tales round the bonfire at night
We will set out with a fire in our hearts
When this darkness gives way to the dawn
In the light weíre united as one
For the kingdom of heaven must be taken by storm!


8. Slave


Earth to ashes, buildings to dust
A radioactive burning crust
The meek shall inherit all that is left
Inherit the Earth, a living death

From the cradle to the grave
You made yourself the systemís slave

Acid rain, rocks on fire!
Poison clouds, gods a liar
Thereís nothing left, for the meek
The past is gone the future is bleak

From the cradle to the grave
You made yourself the systemís slave

Evil systems, government control
Are to blame for our downfall
Thereís no umbrella against the rain
Destroy the power, break your chain!

9. The Darkest Hour

The darkest hour

My friend the time has come for us to say goodbye
So with these parting words I bid you farewell
It seems the life we led was just a shameful lie
What does the future hold? Well only time will tell

Iím not scared of dying and I donít really care
If itís peace you find in dying well then let my time be near
If itís peace you find in dying when dying time is here
Bundle up my coffin, Ďcos itís cold down there

And when Iím dead
And when Iím gone
There will be one child born
And a world will carry on

Some say our fate is sealed and help to tie the knot
Some say that this may be the lull before the storm
But thereís one piece of nature everyoneís forgot
And thatís, ďThe darkest hour is always before the dawn!Ē

When the candle burns low
When thereís no more to say
Dig me a hole
Where my body might lay


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