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Storm In Your Brains

"Storm In Your Brains" (2002)

1. Break the Heavens
2. Coffin for Happiness
3. Kill Yourself
4. Angels of Evil
5. Storm in Your Brains
6. Tomorrow Will Never Come
7. My Hero
8. Outcast
9. Black Rain

1. Break the Heavens

Do not throw yourself, push
Fall into the abyss of fear
The night excites,
Your dreams
The dream will pass and you insurgent
Dirty help, you are followed by
The filth, there is no life.

In dark windows - emptiness
It comes back - the night

The evil goes along the street
From the &&& sounds of hell
Break the heavens
Everything you want, that is the award
An unbridled step
Pulls a raincoat of large sufferings
Couldn't do anything anymore
In the emptiness of exitment.

2. Coffin for Happiness

Sword in a breast
Fear and horror
From inside
Corrode your flesh
Worm of doubts
Will drink your blood
Down to the hell the day is rotting
In the throat the metal is heated
You are not like others anymore
Everything you want can change

You don't exist in the world of dreams
Staff of acts in the swollen veins
Only night in your fate
You yourself change the changes.

The heat in orbit means alive
The insults are not forgiven
The nerres are not breaken
With them you destroy the walls of life

3. Kill Yourself

You have killed yourself
What for you have made it?
You regard life in a detouched spirit
But you can't change anything
What a noise in your head
What there was, an instant of death
The howd stretches, there is no help.

Yes, you were born of death
The bull without will - that's your destiny
Do not wait the rest, for ments are coming
Shout and rage forever in hell

You didn't love yourself, you didn't love life
Despised everything, life - is your death.

4. Angels of Evil

We are the soldiers of darkness,
We're the angels of evil,
A shadow under our wings,
The earth will never be worm

In the soul there is anger,
In the decayed wound there's pain
Do not do good to others,
You will be accept you
This is the appeal of the satan
For everyone signed with blood
Catch up what you haven't done,
Black days are not success.

5. Storm in Your Brains

The long way of the road, maker of the evil,
Take away my hearing and nose, blind my eyes.
Not to feel the space, dipping into the night
To freeze in a stuper, waiting for virgin soil.

Rapid passage of a torn string
Attracts me so and makes me drunk
And tornado in brains explodes my skull
And the knife of guillotine I'll drop on my neck.

6. Tomorrow Will Never Come

Lift your eyes to heaven,
You'll see a rainbow,
Smile, it is your last day
The world of shadows is waiting for you
Tomorrow will never come
You can not prevent anybody any more
Your look is sad and you have me

The night goes forces to struggle
The evil presses your threat with claw
The sins will not be released to you
The satan is your father in temple

7. My Hero

They look at you, my hero
They want you
Clench your fists
It's your ticket home

Don't look back, run
Carrying everything before it
It's the chance
not to fall in mud
kill into the rest

The dream will not drawn in clouds
You'll yourself duide your business
You are a hero that's all it,
Clench your fists.

8. Outcast

You are outcast, nobody needs you
A person passing by will not stech you a hand
A scream for help - into the space
The life into the space

You are outcast, you are not need anymore

Everyday driving yourself in the corner
Of you happiness, sweet dreams
You didn't notice the temple,
dirty in mud,
Which the late has written for happiness
Finding yourself at the cemetery of broken fates
You lie down in your tomb humbly.

You are outcast, nobody needs you

Now everything is beside
Everything is not need.

9. Black Rain

I will draw the love on the wall
On the flowers there is no dew,
only drops of tears
The grass is not green, it is all black.
Red and yellow leaf in my hands.

Oh! God! In heavens
Black rain on the body
You are my soul
I love you

I will draw the crowns behind the back
They thirst for the blood of my sufferrings
You want not get it! I'll draw him
He kisses, embraced me.

In the window the daybreak is coming
Sun ray on my pillow
What a terrible dream was in me
Never come to me, come to me again.


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