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"Marionette" (2006)

1. Desert
2. Ignorance
3. Surprends - Moi
4. Come Back from Heaven
5. N.D.E.
6. Revolution der Marionette
7. Lost
8. Chosen One

1. Desert

Shout Out
Strange Vibrations
I'm In a Big Desert
In the Middle of the Crowd

2. Ignorance

There is a flood of sensations
Acting inside of me
Some bloody dark tentations
Are trying to invite me

My body is weak, everything feels empty
Where is my place
I don't wanna be a number of this crazy
Endless reace

I hear a sweet attractive sound
It pushes me down to the underground
There where my questions have no sense
And every rush takes its end

I need a deep real harmony
Between me and the world I see
I can't accept the ignorance
To live here I need a chance

I'm searching for a look of communication
A sign of a smile
But nobody wants to be my salvation
Everyone runs after time

Only considering their own little person
Too busy to share
Sure that is the best version
Of self care

3. Surprends - Moi

Si tu ressens une vraie foi en nous
Dépose toute image loin d'ici
Si tu veux qu'on vive nos rêves les plus fous
Oublie les limites que tu subis
Laisse-toi pousser des ailes
Sens le vent sur ta peau

Éloignons-nous des règles imposées
Tout est plus clair vu d'en haut
Accepte-toi, fais tes propres choix
Sans y apposer un sceau
Vie-moi, ne nous lie pas
À des couleurs défraîchies

Surprends-moi, ne nous cerne pas
Nos envies c'est aujourd'hui
Ne juge pas je serai tout à toi
Relevons nos propres défis

Ayons le courage pour affronter
Nos doutes les plus profonds
N'essayons pas de nous conformer
À la facilité
Poussons plus loin chaque fois
Quand on pense que l'on est arrivé

4. Come Back from Heaven

À force de parler
Tu t'étouffes avec tes mots
À force de proclamer
Tes paroles sonnent faux

Too much time to wait that your mind
Becomes open to your soul
Too many words to talk about things
That you will never do at all

Tu as pris trop l'habitude
Que tout le monde t'écoute
Le confort t'endort
Et te fait perdre ta route
Tes certitudes affirmées
Ne te créent plus aucun doute
L'aisance de la routine te domine et t'envoûte

Come back from heaven

À force de comprendre tu patauges dans le noir
De croire savoir
T'empêche de voir

Too many silences are necessary
To be broken up in parts
Too many vices with high prices
That you are hiding in your cards

5. N.D.E.

I've never felt so sad
Since the day you've left my life
I remember my hard fight
To keep you close to my side

I hate the rythm of the bells
That claimed the end of our story
I fear the breathing of the hell
I hope you never have to feel it

Day after day wait and wait
I try to find another way
Deal with the evil to pay the rate
To meet you in the land of pray

To be asured that you're ok
To cancel my last regret
Want you to know that anyway
I never will forget

Never forget...

6. Revolution der Marionette

Es fehlt etwas, schwebt in der Raum
Bin gefangen im eigenen Saum
Würd' gerne tief in Schlaf versinken
Und einfach nur Luftschlösser bau'n
Dreh' mich im Kreis herum
Schrei' doch bleib stumm

Versuch weiter gerade zu steh'n

Dis-moi ce que tu sens, je le vivrai
Tel que tu le veux
Tes désirs me rendent complètement ivre
Je ferai tout si je le peux

Tu tires sur mes fils pour que je rentre
Dans le corps de ton idéal
Tu dis tu le fais pour défendre
Ma prédestination natale

You say you know what is good for me
My body and my soul are like yours
You say I only could really free
If I follow your open doors

But I'm tired to move like tou want me to move
To think what you think
I cut the wire to rising higher to see
(My own personality)
My ears are open for a complete new melody
(I wanna dance to the rythm of my phantasy)
I wanna feel what is real, what is good for me

I don't need anymore your confusion
I'm not yours, here's my revolution

7. Lost

Tears roll over your face
You wanna hide but you can't
You want to save your grace
Wanna be stronger but you aren't
Stop right now
Let yourself go

Shadows are in your eyes
Where has your light gone
You loose all your ties
And I can see the fight
Of your heart
What kind of part
May I have
In this sadness

I feel you're far away from me
It seems like you slip
Right through my hands
Miss your laughter miss your skin
Please don't exclude me
From your pain
If you go away now
I know you never will
Come back to me, rise
Rise and realise

You are like a growing flower
Even if you sometimes
Feel like weeds
Show all your bright colors
Trust and follow
Your own feet
Wherever they will take you
Don't be afraid
Just stay true
Stay you you you

8. Chosen One

Can you mingle me with the dawn
What is over the clouds
Let me perceive your sign
Guide me through my thoughts

Wanna glitter between your stars
Let sound your voice
Fill me up with your mystic warmth
Wanna feel your force

Can you deliver me
Of my darkest doubts
Seduce my hand and my mind
Wanna be fog

Give me your reason of
My presence here
Show me what is under the veil
Let me see clear

Charm me, squeeze me
There is no harm in me
I follow your instructions
Cause I'm sure you're the chosen one
Only you can save us
Give me all your favours
Show me the real direction
And bring me straight to the sun

I'll put all my faith in your hands
It is easier
Than to reflect myself
On my own stand

No more importance has
My own desire
Cause only you can win the fight
Against the fire

Who never wanted to unburden all
His responsibilities to a higher spirit
But is it solution to accpet this fusion
To cancel your reason to be
And so your own individuality


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