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"Respect" (1995)

1. Stop the Silence
2. Change
3. Song I Hate
4. Manifest Yourself
5. Mum
6. F.U.C.K.
7. Don't Be Bad
8. Mr. President
9. Become Another Man
10. Story of My Life

1. Stop the Silence

1.Stop The Silence

hey, suckers!
what's that fuckin' silence in this place?
wake up muthafuck!
i ain't got no time to waste
come on, now!

do what you want to do!
go where you want to go!
say what you want to say!
fuck who you want to fuck!
[who you want to fuck]

i - i love you
i - i hate you
i - i love you
i - i hate you

stop the silence!
silence is death!
stop the silence!
silence is death!
stop the silence!
right now !

don't try to hide
don't try to run
cain & abel
ain't it fun!
don't give up
if you don't make it
once it's time
killers become tv stars

feel the difference:
right & wrong
in a free country
feels so strong
there's no color
just black & white
no one knows
what's on the other side...

huh, you think you're a big dog
if your friend is the president?
so fucking what ?!
i don't give up!
yeah, he said he's a god
huh! huh! huh!
i got a gun and i kill your dog !!!

2. Change


respect people, respect god
respect yourself cause
the son is on the cross
where's your real faith in god
respect! respect! respect!
jesus died for all of us !!!

it's time,it's time, it's time to realize
you gotta change your life
just one step to the light
you gotta change your life
make that fuckin' step to the light !!!

time is near
you don't have to fear
i'm just tryin' to help you
do i make myself clear?!
the begining of the end
in the air
stay! stay! stay!
hear what i wanna say!

3. Song I Hate

3.The Song I Hate

we don't even have to start the fight
cause you're always on the loser side !

nobody loves ya cause the color of your skin
yeah i'm a rebel and that's my only sin
you dare to love, you've got self esteem
feel the difference, you know what i mean...

say the truth - the killed your family
they look at you like you're their enemy
your only hope is to believe in me
i'm not just a national minority!

i always do what i wanna do - do!
politicians what you're gonna do ?!
i always do what i wanna do - do!
politicians what you're gonna do ?!

the white against the black
there's nothing in your head
the rich against the poor
we want power
we want more!

black is black
and white is white
wake up, man!
stop the fight!
we are the same
so free your mind!
a better way
we gotta find

i always do what i wanna do - do!
politicians what you're gonna do ?!
i always do what i wanna do - do!
politicians what you're gonna do ?!

- with my back to the wall -

here i am, your time has passed
i'm ready to give ya
all that i posessed
for all the questions
i got the answer
fuck ya, fuck ya, little monkey spanker

4. Manifest Yourself

4. Manifest Yourself

[check check manifest]

yo, friend, with that stupid smile on your face
you're just another victim of this ugly human race
wake up! and realize - you're a living target
the holy hunt in every second can be started
yeah, it can be started!

checkmate, i'll kick your ass
don't make me do something like that!
checkmate, i'll kick your ass
don't make me do something like that!

manifest yourself !
until they understand
manifest yourself !
come on now!

one of these days
ya fell in disgrace
the violence of the streets
ya have to face -yeah!
do what you want!! - do!
go where you want! - go!
your stepparents said to never come home
yeah, never come home !

at the weekend, there's no happy-end
far away from your own motherfuckin' land
a bad reputation, you're a ??? the nation
you're livin' in a ghetto (?)
you're brother is a killer!

hello, hello, i wanna know
somebody tell me what are you livin' for
why the truth they always hide?
please, mommy, come
and sing me another lullaby,
a mother fuckin' lullaby!...

5. Mum


once upon a time
there was a child
he thought that he could fly
oh, so high...
but sometimes all of us
make mistakes
i really felt the pain
right in my face...

mum, hey, mum!
mum, hey, mum!
mum, hey, mum!
mum, hey, mum!!!

mum, hey, mum!!!
mum, hey, mum!!!
mum, hey, mum!!!
muma can't goin' on!
i can't go on!

all this time i thought
that i lose my mind
answer for my questions will i find?
deep in my soul i've got nothing to hide
why can't we see the light?
tell me - why?

[you must go on, son]
[and there's one way:]
[believe in god]

6. F.U.C.K.

6. F.U.C.K.

if you see the light
come on, stay with us!
everybody lies
watch out!, watch out!
they tried to use me
and then abuse me
cause i don't wanna be
the one they wanna see

F.U.C.K. - the other gangs
F.U.C.K. - the other gangs
F.U.C.K. - the other gangs
fuck, fuck, fuck - the other bands

they don't wanna know what is right
they don't know what is wrong
laughing and making fun
they never get enough
nothing left to say
victim is your name
boy, you gotta pray
fuck this unfair game!

7. Don't Be Bad

7. Don't Be Bad

that motherfuckin' business
ain't no money, ain't no money
no way out
you can't trust in yourself
you carry out
wipe the cocaine out your eyes
nobody gives a shit for your life!

accepting a deal witthout making too much fame
there are some things you never can change
your left hand is pushing a white package
while your right is trembling
holding a 45!

$100 for your head
you got a shotgun in your back
$100 for your head
yo, brother, don't be bad !

finger on the trigger
body found in the river
just another open case
until the cops find the killer
fear on the tip of the lips
in the streets,
easy to kill but you might be easy killed

you really don't know
where leads the game you play
you can buy your protection
yeah, that's what you think
you'll get disillusioned
by the barefaced truth
you gotta know, you gotta know
there'll be too late for you!!!

8. Mr. President

8. Mr. President
last night by chance we shot the president
it doesn't matter - we've got another one
today we have a new and a fuckin' goverment
now look! what have you done ?!

last night the people were on the streets
wanted a promise or any hope
today we've fallen into real misery
wake up! it's not a joke!

mr. president! mr. president! mr. president!
you're shiny but you ain't got a friend

lies - i cannot trust in their lies
they are the exploiters of our lives
whatever you're trying to do
their invisible hands're capturing you!

tonight we' ll shoot the new president
and i will be the "mr. president"
you'll never see the real democracy
what will be? - an anarchy!

[mr. president]
[i kill you!]

[forgive me, father]
[for i have sinned]

9. Become Another Man

9. Become Another Man

i was filled up with anger
wonderin' why i must be cracked
so much dirt you pushed me in
i cannot gettin' higher

rise the shotgun, hand on the bomb
like my old movie idol
when the whole world turns into red
don't ask for being normal!

become another man! - another man
become another man
not an ordinary man!

cruel childhood lived in misery
then running after a dream
for your problems
just you are to blame
causing pain - your favourite game
save me, father, wash away the dirt
i need a promise, a word, a voice
no one knows the truth but one
you'd better make your choice!

10. Story of My Life

10. Story Of My Life

well, i'm here, that's me - look at me
or you are too blind too see?
i love you more than you love yourself
you'd better praise the god
to guide you and protect

nothing is yours and nothing is mine
my country, my place, my mind
we are here to learn, to hate, to cry
to love, to die then fly

story of my life
story of my life

m i s e r y

story of my life
story of my life
story of my life

happiness on your face - it's just a mask
you never get enough of money, drugs & sex
i am the only one with empty hands
i can't trust anymore and i can't stand

there's a step between pleasure and pain
i feel the message right in my veins
i can make you cry and i can make you laugh
you're my man so tell me what you want !?


Andy Ghost - vocals
K. Nimrod - guitar, backing vocals
F.G. - guitar, backing vocals
Teo - bass, backing vocals
Levi - drums, backing vocals

Recorded & mixed at Taurus Studios, Cluj - Napoca, 7-19 September 1995.
Sound engineers: Jimmy El Lako, Sandy Deac

Music & lyrics: Altar.



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