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Born Again

"Born Again" (1998)

1. Memories
2. Born Again
3. Welcome & Celebrate
4. Love
5. Freedom
6. Angel
7. Do You Like?
8. The Way, the Truth & the Light
9. Think About
10. Son of God
11. King of Kings

1. Memories

1. Memories

Memories the present days
The things that you never say
Different days and different times
Symbolic faith and criminal lies.

Who's gonna live forever?
Who's gonna die?

Sadic gay, masochistic pain
That wicked game drives you insane
New Age wine flows through your vein
A sick doctor operates your brain!

I know that we've been brought into this world
To share the light and live by the sword
I feel the flame, maybe I'm insane
But I know these words are not insane!

2. Born Again

2. Born Again

Somebody tells you what to do and
Somebody tells you what to say
These shadows from you must die today
If you want to live you've got to pray!

This is the day to come to the Lord, my friend;
And you'll see the promised land...

Born Again
you must be
Born Again

Somebody died for you, my friend
Somebody suffered for you the pain
The blood of the lamb washed your dirt away
For all your sins, Lord Jesus paid!

3. Welcome & Celebrate

3. Welcome & Celebrate

I'm so happy, I feel alright
I'm so glad cause I'm alive
If you've got the fire in your heart,
Come and sit right by my side!

Welcome & Celebrate
our freedom and our real life

Come and join and rejoice with me
Come and dance and sing with me, yeah!
Come together black & white
Red & yellow and other kind!...

4. Love

4. Love

Dead men're walking down the streets
Theiy are buried into their sins!...

There's tragedy in my society
Hey, don't you see?
This is reality
Mind destruction & ecstasy!
Truth distortion, insanity!

You are a slave of your bloody television
Live in a dreamland and illusion
Fake emotions, manipulation
Fanatic leaders and prostitution!

God loves you so much that he gave His Son
Loves you so much, so much!

Inside is nothing, inside is dark
Inside the Devil, deep inside your heart;
So cool, so good, yeah, that's what you say
A sure ticket to hell, oh, this is your way!

The darkness of your soul
Would never go away
If you don't pray and pray and pray all day!
The snake's inside your soul
And would never go away
If you don't ask the Lord to take it away!!!

5. Freedom

5. Freedom

When I ask myself who am I
When I've lost the meaning of my life
When I wish I could stop the time
I'm alone, I feel just like a clown!

Oh, my God, what can I do?
Cause I've seen the darkness of my soul
So blind, I've got a broken heart
I need faith and I need light!

I need freedom in my life
I need freedom in my life
yeah e yeah

Sometime you look and some times you give
The beggar shouts in the middle of the street
Pain and winter on your mind
Searching for things you know you'll never find!

Hey, friend, come take my hand!
Cause I have dreamed about the Golden Land
We've got to hope and we've got to fight
We've got to know what is wrong and what is right!

6. Angel

Angel, Angel, Angel
I see no teardrop in your eye
Angel, Angel, Angel
I hear a cry in Paradise

The messenger came, he said:
"Don't be afraid1"
"The Lord Almighty heard all your prayers"
"I was sent to tell you the truth"
"To tell you where, when and who!"

Hey, hey, the power in Thy name
This is the way, yeah, this is the way!
Hey, hey, the power in Thy name
That's what I say, yeah, that's what I say!

I'm gonna show you a place of peace and joy
Where the sky is blue - God made it for you
There is no death, no cry, no shouts
Believers in, unbelievers out!

7. Do You Like?

Do you like the pain?
Do you like the pain?

Do you like the pain?
Will you go insane?
Do you like to pay?
Do I live in vain?

Do you like the pain?
Is this your sunny day?
Do you like the game?
Or do you pray for rain?

Be a little wicked, baby!
Don't you wanna hate me? - hate me!
Be a little wicked, baby!
Don't you wanna rape me? - rape me !!!

Do you like the pain?
Is this your real name?
Do you like cocaine?
And do you wish the fame?

Do you like the pain?
Maybe you like to rain
Would you like to pray
Before you go away?

Just be a little wicked, baby!

8. The Way, the Truth & the Light

The night has fallen, you're going to sleep
Someone's waiting in your dream
The pictures you see, the promise you hear
Is from the one I cannot bear

The father of lies has no power on you
If your friend is Lord or Jesus Christ
He died for your sins, gave you eternal life
Trust in Him and don't be blind!

No one can save your soul but Jesus
No one but Jesus
No one,
No one!

He said:
"I am The Way"
"The Truth"
"and The Life"
"Nobody come to the Father just through me!"
[John 14:6]

The dawn has broken deep in my heart
The lighthas come and broke the dark
The colors of dark are getting clear in my eyes
I don't want to live again in lies

Cause I was blind, but Jesus opened my eyes
He showed me The Way directly to life
He washed away my sins, my tears
My sorrow, my pain, my tears

9. Think About

The man on the street thinks about his life
He had wings but couldn't fly
He starts to cry, cause he can't see the light
He's like an orphan child inside

The rising sun is shining not for you
Everyday you try to break the shadows through
Living for the moment, riding alone
Redigging the memories, killing the future
Shouting the empriness loud!

Do you ever think about love?
Do you ever think about God?
Don't you know only God, only God
can take you home!
can take you home...

Now you're string but your way is wrong
Who's gonna catch you if you fall?
Sometimes you think that you're the chosen one
But this world is your jail you cannot run [from]

I know one day you will find the peace in your mind
If yo praise the lord, your heart will be so alive!
You will learn to live again, but never alone!
God be with you, brother I care
And I'm gonna pray for your way!

10. Son of God

The signs of the times in the frint of your eyes
War, war, hate & pain, religion full of lies
Satan's chair in the middle of the church
Mammon's game - the money you pay!

Salvation by deeds, salvation by faith
Heaven or hell, beware it betrays!
The love & grace of God is for all of us
Wake up and open the door of your heart
It's Christ!

Believe in the Son Of God!
Victory for eternity!
Believe in the Son Of God!
Victory over the enemy!

Stay clear, my dear, the Lord is, oh so near
If you're a child of God, you don't have to fear
Fill your heart with his Holy Will - yeah!
Be glad, be free, and joy you've gotta feel!

11. King of Kings

King Of Kings
Lord Of Lords
Jesus is Lord

And Glory
And Honour
And Power
Belong the Lord
Our God

Every knee should bow
Of those in heaven
'n of those under the earth
And every tongue
Should confess thath...


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