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"Demo" (2005 Demo)

1. Last Hour Of Life
2. Journey Into The Night
3. Forest Of The Ghosts
4. Sám v Tme
5. Bloody Moon (Instrumental)
6. All Is Buried
7. People OF Dead Living
8. Burning Angel (Arch Enemy Cover)

1. Last Hour Of Life

2. Journey Into The Night

I'm walking away, away into night

Walking away with the moon’s light

Walking alone and don’t know why

Just want to escape this awful life

Walking far, from all people, from all lights

Far to the night, far to escape, far to resist

And there is she, Mistress of dark, the queen of the night

Only she can heal me...

When I kiss her lips

My hearth stops beating

She takes me now

My soul is leaving

To the place where dreams are dying

And dying is a dream

Here I’m falling on my knees

Lying down

On dirty ground

With eyes full of tears

Deep in the woods

You are trying to find me, cursed man

Only in night

You can find the right path

Show me again

Together heaven and hell

Hand in hand

We will run free one day

Dirty and alone

I stayed forever more

Please forgive me my love

I couldn’t save your soul

I’m sorry, I’m so sad

And it’s not for my death

It is too long as I left

I couldn’t find way back

3. Forest Of The Ghosts

The ancient Templars lived here alone

The chapel in the forest was their home

They were mighty and glorious were their lives

So the aristocracy wanted them to die

Down in the forest of the ghosts

I can hear the ringing of the swords

Fading screams of fallen warriors

Sounds of cutting meat and braking bones

The battle was long and no one survived

Died by the sword, others eaten by wolves

The ground was bloody and filled by corpses

The stench of death cursed the forest

Even now they rise from their graves

To fight their battle once again

When the ghosts in the chapel ring the bells

They are awakening the evil right from hell

War, war, war, war

4. Sám v Tme

Dnes odo mòa odišlo

Všetko šťastie

Všetka nádej

Všetko svetlo

Odišla si Ty

A všetko okolo sa zrazu premenilo

Steny v mojej izbe zhnili a zarástli

Krvavou hrdzou

Všetky predmety pokryla špina

a prach

Ke?som vyšiel von

Slnko u?nesvietilo

Ulice boli zaplnen?

Èiernou hustou hmlou

Nikto tu u?nie je

Iba bizarn?a zvrátene

Zmrzaèen?formy života

Túžiace po krvi

Vstúpil som do temného sveta

Cez magick?zrkadlo

Noèn?mory vtedy ožili

A každ?noc sa vracali

Som sám, sám v tme

Démoni ma na svojej ceste stretávaj?

A starobylou reèou šepkaj?

Niet cesty späť si sám v tme

Poèu?známe slov?

A smiech šialencov to Tvoj hlas

v ozvene spomienok

Podala si mi ruku

A brána sa nezavrela

Nestal som sa príšerou celkom

Pretože si ma milovala

Ke?som bol s Tebou

Noèn?mory prestali

Ke?som Ťa stratil

Temn?svet sa vrátil

A u?niet cesty späť

Zrkadlo je rozbit?


Z ktorej sa u?nepreberiem

S?to u?roky, èo žijem v temnom svete

Sám, v nekoneènej tme, neviem èo sa v skutoènosti deje

Moja myse?opustila telo a nechala ho druhým

Možno ešte dúfaj? že sa raz vrátim

V tej hroznej zime zamrzla moja duša

Myslel som, že zomriem ale stále som tu

Dala si mi svetlo, aj ke?teraz hasne

Staèí na môj život zamrznut?v ¾ade

5. Bloody Moon (Instrumental)

(instrumental song)

6. All Is Buried

Go and bury everything

All your memories

All your thoughts

Bury your dearest things

To one black pit

Leave it all

And don¡¯t look back

With no remorse

When something in your life

Had broken and can¡¯t be healed

You don¡¯t care successes you reached

For all these years

Want to erase it all

Not a memory to remain of you

In this world

Going to darkness

All is buried, all is buried

All is buried now

You are going away

But I have to stay

Alone in the dark

That¡¯s my name

All is buried, all is buried

All is buried now

You are going away

But I have to stay

Alone in the dark

In my grave

You loved me much

As a part of your life

How can I tell you

That soon I have to die

Don¡¯t want to hurt you

Don¡¯t want you to cry

If only you could

Forget me at this time

Bury me as your

Inviolable treasure

Bury me as a key

To your pleasure

Bury me in your heart

Drown me in your blood

And don¡¯t remember me anymore

Bury it all

7. People OF Dead Living

People Of Dead Living

Live in the underground

Whispers of wind in the night

It is their cries

What if burying bodies

Is not the right option?

What if graves

Sometimes open?

What if the life can exist

Together with death?

What will these beings do

Outside the coffin?

Some souls are leaving

Some may not

They stay alone in the dark

Forever more

Years of darkness

Torture these souls

And evil slowly

Takes them by it¡¯s claws

The sun is slowly

Fading away

Whispers are stronger

Day by day

Angels are crying

For their pain

They cannot help them

Already insane

Lost souls

Unleash them all

Dead bodies

Wake up to life

Invading zombies

Leaving their graves

Returning home

With lust and hunger

For flesh and blood...

People of dead living

Finally alive

And it is the end

Of this world

8. Burning Angel (Arch Enemy Cover)


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