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...For And Against Everybody

"...For And Against Everybody" (2007 EP)

1. Heart
2. ...For And Against Everybody
3. Only I Exist
4. The Beginning
5. My Goodwill

1. Heart

All happiness just a blink of an eye
My name�s Pain
Times spent together became only minutes
And life an eternity.
Life is a tragedy, we are the comedy

I was not free and I was winging on my own
Now I�m free and I fell to the ground
There I�m tossing alone

I was winging on my own because I had her in my heart, I had her in my soul
I have her in my heart, and I�m tossing alone

When you cry, you�re close to yourself as your soul starts to stream
And when you have cried enough, tears will fade away
You�ll get closer to someone else, maybe to happiness, or maybe not

She�s died but she had no coffin as only I knew her entity
And now I�m digging her grave endlessly
She's died but i can't do that 'cause what if she is Juliet and she's imitating she's a dead
I would drink your saliva, eat your flesh, bathe in your sweat, cover myself with your body, breathe your breath, look into your eyes and go blind. We will always be blind

I know the world love, I know the feeling love, I know the good love, I know the pain love
I know the hope love, I know the doubt love, I know her love, but it's not enough

2. ...For And Against Everybody

Don�t seat anybody into the electric chair
Seat everybody there
Don�t hate somebody, hate everybody
Don�t love somebody, love everybody, love yourself,
You're the only one who may not leave you alone

Don�t have one lover, have one hundred and one
Have a child from all of your lovers, either one or eleven
Don�t clothe in black, be the colour itself
But you can be white as well falling from the sky in winter

Don�t feel anything, be a frozen rock
Feel everything, be the heart
Don�t be happy, lick your salty teardrops
Be the resident of the paradise, be the happiest
Don�t ever die, you cannot leave yourself

Die now, or why didn�t you die yesterday
Don�t mean it as I say
Or do exactly like that, don�t mean it anyhow or do it anyway
How you should

I won�t stand for, neither against anybody
I�m for and against everybody
To love or hate someone or something
I will be the one to do both

Don't feel anything be a frozen rock, feel everything be the heart
As the feeling squeezes it, lick your salty teardrops
Don�t be a king, be God, don�t be wicked, be a devil himself
Don't mean it as I say or do exactly like that

3. Only I Exist

Everybody around me is only me
You are with me so that I can exist, only I exist
I'm your maker
'Cause if I don't exist you don't exist for me either

Only I exist and a bit of you, but you can never overcome me, my creatures
If I don�t exist you don�t exist for me either

I only love you so that you love me
If you are in trouble I help you only so that it is good for me

I allow you near me so that I can suck your blood easily
It won�t hurt, maybe it will be good but better for me

I�m a prisoner in my own prison
I can�t escape I don�t want to I am the guard as well

I�m everybody I�m you, I�m us I�m they I�m she I�m me
I�m not strong but stronger than you
Thank you that�s what I need otherwise I�ll die

I don�t want to be more wicked than I am and I can�t be better than what I am

4. The Beginning

5. My Goodwill

In my head the ants are swarming, they're transformed to crockraches
They climb out as earwigs and steal my goodwill

My demons are coming
There's no God and there's no Satan
Pentagram is just a star too
A star which would look right on the sky

I let everyone's hands go
I'm falling, I see on the ground smashing
And further I'm falling

Life is strong and I am small
I must go to a smaller world
The gods hide when i come for the answer and for my reward

I'm walking in the world wretched with air overcrowded
But until I'm breathing it, I just have to place in it

Why do I feel? I must kill!
I've had enough of humans, of myself
That feeling is a must, that weakness is more powerful than power

I look in the mirror I see my body
My body sees us
We see each other, hand in hand forever

My demons are coming
There' no God and there's no Satan
Pentagram is just a star too
A star which would look right on the sky


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