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Arisen From The Dead

"Arisen From The Dead" (2006)

1. >: {{
2. Internecioned Embodiment
3. Failed Existance
4. Unholy War
5. Numb Vissions In Gray
6. Cycle Of The Dybuk Pt. 2
7. Dark Light Into Languid Domain
8. The Crime
9. Commuted Affliction
10. Hidden Powers Of The Earth
11. Souls Deadend By Retrocogntions
12. Into The Abyss
13. Feasting On Their Blasphemy
14. Ashes Remain
15. Absolute Death
16. Dreams Of Blasphemy

1. >: {{


2. Internecioned Embodiment

the winter wind so cold
grim and your home
no such controll
frost bitten body
heated spirits around you erotic
fading back my flesh appears in your haze
spirits surround us look into my eyes you'll see the maze

the years we spent
day by day
taking my soul
now you'll pay


lieing face down
attacked from behind
no sense in crying
severed cranium
watching your life drift away

finally nothing left for you to say

3. Failed Existance

can't get rid of this feel
kill create steal

your life is shit
do you like to suffer

hate in change but to much hate as the cd buffers
cancel delete deceit repeat the intro gets ruffer

cut copy paste
your life is a simple retrace
your mirror shows me meaningless dissgrace
my image distorted by lies

I hated myself for you
I love myself for me

4. Unholy War

war against satan, in god we trust
trusting the corruption to continue
i take my side in hell, none shall defy

evil revenge i seek
suffocating the angel grows weak
her tattered wings carry uncanny promises

crooked disciples, fortanent they worship
taking advantage, there powers from god

our survival not there concern
our last ownings they reap
in this nation fucked by god

5. Numb Vissions In Gray

Illision not to dwell
Far from heaven, humanity, and hell

Not knowing of my making
Creatures dreamt my life for the taking

Only one of my kind
No existance with feelings do I find

Numb visions in gray

I ask no one for I need not
A land of falsery left to rot

So lost for years not knowing the way
My strength now found, words don't matter just the day

No lies I believe, no tears I shed, no pain I feel

Numb visions in grey

6. Cycle Of The Dybuk Pt. 2

is this place more then a dream.
more and more i think my mind is the world.

you tell me my thoughts.
knowing my past but who are you.

every day i talk to the same soul.
your actions show your love of controll.powers of dark nature powers watching you die.

arisen from the dead. axes slaying. heads being blisteringly bashed. blood kernling screams of hate.

fucking explain who this cycle of life far as i've saw it hasn't. lost and suicidal for years only to wake up to this spirit in millions of versions of flesh fucking with my head.

i long to cut open the flesh. smash skulls and dissect brains.i must know the truth. the truth on what's inside those ever changing designs of pigment.

7. Dark Light Into Languid Domain


not allowed
banned from life
my darkness shun
simotainious to light

dark light into languid domain
pathetic exploitation of prerogative

lay in a puddle of your blood.once so highly regarded now a rotting corpse.bodily mutilation insanly example shall be made about specuation.


now i'm allowed
kill as i please
your reign stripped

dark light into languid domain
now your life i maintain

stripped and shackled your blood gone sour
peeling back the dead skin intense pain.your sure to feel.feel my hatered as i waeed eat your your last days mass torture i embrace

8. The Crime

lie awake
once weakened at the stake

come to the end
where you can pretned

that you'll never die
and when you do that some one will cry

i find you know
despite the demise

your eyes are no surprise
another failure of mine

the crime

no more do i want to see.with any amount of strenghth is the fucking key.shut your mouth and fucking bleed. you may be alive but your dead to me.

9. Commuted Affliction

redundant love to hate

the apparation renders to me
after years of desolation
and dolor

this time spent in solitude
full of malaise
Commuted Affliction
to you whore

10. Hidden Powers Of The Earth

thick fog descends
arises to cover the plains
leeching bugs at war
hear their battle cries
shadowing the sounds of death
are the creatures of power

the hands of the gods sworn
allmighty reign so dark
powers of mortals hidden
amongst us all to rome

passing by the night
spirits witness the fight
eternal battle unleash the fires
a creature to live on his own
the spirit to die with the clone
the halls of our minds not shown

the hands of the gods sworn
allmighty reign so dakr
powers of mortals hidden
amongst us all to rome

11. Souls Deadend By Retrocogntions

my retrocognitions
deadens my soul

far to clear
now my poltergeist you'll fear

40 days 40 nights
before you metamorphis
40 days 40 nights
of detested torture

the astral projections show
your souls apocalypse

fucking slut corned with vengeance
chained to the wall revolting stenches

burning your flesh to match
your confligerated soul

no more bondage
your deceit into pain
revival of your soul
a birth of an extreme un-mundane

12. Into The Abyss

into the reserve your place to rest.

some sort of feeling
does anything bring this back

no time to mourn
death consumes your sarrow

sickened to defeat
intermediate relief
your world down and out
further existance is a doubt

13. Feasting On Their Blasphemy

entering my mind
becarefull what you find
dont dig to deep nothing for you to keep

from cell to cell
in my heavinly hell

nothing left because it all remains

they are me
I went to see
I gave the key
in there eyes I see....blasphemy

14. Ashes Remain

15. Absolute Death

showed into a wreck now your leaving

accidental death without reason

my mind played it back am i the reason

our bodies stiffen numb no more grieving

should we have died.alone time ago.when our minds first slowed

life tonight is mind controll
is i'm not sleeping i'll join murders row

sleep or awake
dreams of life
drug into
the dark light

16. Dreams Of Blasphemy


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