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From The Land Of The Shining Past

"From The Land Of The Shining Past" (2004 Demo)

1. To The Land Of The Shining Past (To Arkona Pt.I)
2. Utopia
3. All My Sins
4. Moonbeast
5. Where The Wild Winds Blow (To Arkona Pt.II)
6. Echoes Of The First Rain

1. To The Land Of The Shining Past (To Arkona Pt.I)

On the wings of pagan years
Through the woods where nobody has been
There I shall drop down my tears
For the justice which is losted sin

To Arkona new!
To Arkona now!

Oh, Svjatevid lord of our past
Here is your kingdom in dust,rise
Look again on four sides
Come with your brothers and sons
Ride your horse in the black sky
The source is good and lead us in the fight

Svjatevid lord of our trust
Who can tell and who lust
More than words of your light
With anger and dark in your bites
More then the signs of your beauty
More than chosen stars in infidels sky

To the shining city of the ancient winds
To Arkona to eternity now
To belowed land of the ancient seed
To Arkona to eternity now

Try to remember my name on your lips
Try to paint a picture of our flooded screams
Until the wind blows the irritating boundaries of christ
Until the world explode and fade into stars...

2. Utopia

Bountiful wind entered chambers of my lust
Cloaked my thirst with thy frozen light
It spread a cold breath of cosmic labyrinth
To march through cloudly and fogged silence

Baptized by the black requiem of mortality
I smear my wrinkled face over shadowland
The agony of unknown crawls upon my shoulders
Do we seek for immortality?

And I saw myself in the manmade lonelines
Floating through this dark infinity
Possesed by the lack of eternity
Unholy lust I gaved for your enchantment

In this mystic forest I found a three boxes
Purity - the crystaline expirience
Illusion - the coloured spice for the blind
Reality - pain and passion incised in black

As I touched the lissom surface of the worth
A melted light opened wound in my desireful soul
Utopia I found you,join me in this death
Utopia bleed for me as I bleed for you

3. All My Sins

It comes the morning and people under the shadow of cross
It comes the conscience by cold splash of church's weather
Still fresh torture of my weak body that falls
In boundary of mind,in dark of the lost soul
Through the fear,lost stare in future so near

It comes the morning and people thirsty for my blood
A mottled mass,children on celebration of my death
The wound hurts,the wound on heart of nervous brands
And makes me to spend my last hours of path
Through the hate,beautyful of this ceremony

All my sins...are burning in the dark
The prince of sorrow and last has died today

Is needful whole life
To understand the meaning of this
Or to let nothingness to stream
Through every part of my bitterned beign
But may be the happiness I sing
Is only one step longer than road
Than the longest path fulfilled with thorns
Which is a story that deadly wanders anyway

And when the snow is falling on the face of the world
Raw,becoming wind turns my mind on the other side
And leads me into the sea where everything is turned
Tree of life,seasoned and decayed is looking at me
Fallen in spirit,hungry from light that nectars I eat

Spited under blasphemy my eyes are burning
Two worlds against themselves
In this sex,the great hate is borning
Bloody aria with thousand face and the dully minds
Gracious end to eternal damned

Is needful whole life
To understand what this means
Or to let lethargy to rule
In every part of my bloody beign
But may be to sorrow that some sing
Is only one step longer than road
Than the longest bridge decorated with thorns
Which is story that deadly wanders anyway...

Head on tree-stump,cursed words from my screaming lips
Short pain,this agony contains in eternity
I still see them,but I got another shape
And I am granted with duty to watch from the sky
To kill and destroy mortal followers of god!

Ahh,moments so beautyfull...

4. Moonbeast

Meanless pulsating of unity of life and light
Malicious thoughts that are walking as death
I do not accept the sun and peace in mankind
Because I wander as demon under your shades

Creation on roots of the cloud of our lucid mind
Rising as a tempt across the field of life
Enormous and proud - the collection of all man's pain
And I dwell as demon under your shades

Under the shadow of the moonbeast
Under the sounds of vampire in dark

"Mnogo zivotnih staza uticu na nasu dusu
Neke streme ka svetlu,neke ka vecnome paklu
Ja izabrah tamu i simbole nocnih dveri
Ja zadobih senku meseceve zveri"

5. Where The Wild Winds Blow (To Arkona Pt.II)

Has gathered the wolves..
Once again..
On it's southern lands...

The true kingdom of wolf
And it's king on the throne of shadows
Blackened by the wine of destruction
Dressed into weapon to attack

Into the wood...
Apeared by this illusion..
For the blood...
And it's grim taste

In the ancient masquerade that is living
When we are all drunk and poisoned in the night
Everything becomes the forest obssessed by the moon
Thirsty for the holy blood and strong to crush the world

Presentimenting and awaitning the sign
The sign when the weapons will shine
And hard will be the moment's crime
The deadmans around the bloodred ground
And from wind to fire
From the demon to the devil!

Hail to our prematurely star
Hail to our beastconnecting fire
You are shining high into the slavic sky
You are burning eternally in our hearts

Where the wild winds blow
From the demon to the devil!

6. Echoes Of The First Rain


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