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The Howling Creature of Night

"The Howling Creature of Night" (1997 Demo)

1. Odio
2. Poetry For Thy Glory
3. My Fields Are Unholy
4. Through A Valley Of Night Souls
5. Where No Light Can Reach
6. Sanguinary Embryo
7. Ridin' Thy Darklands
8. The Infinity Of Luciferian Wings
9. Beyond My Unconscious Deep
10. Quimera

1. Odio

[Classical guitar track]

2. Poetry For Thy Glory

Almighty Lord of Darkness
I invoke thee in this night
Into the most of decadence I get
To show thee my devotion my veins are open wide
My voices rage the purity, screaming for thy guide
I fall asleep in forests, thy creatures make no sound
Again I feel the prophecy in my hands
To fulfill thy desires I'm made
for worshipping thy high powerful name

I enter thy majesty, lord of the disgrace
The sorrow and the pain makes me stronger
To understand thy message through the shadow of thy wings
I salute thee, spill hot blood hailing thy horns.
Thy secrets are unevocable
The gates of thy palace are a grateful death.
Arming off my soul with thy hate and with thy light
Coldest as a hell of ice are thy eyes, I repent to thee

Embrace me, in thy sickness I'm powerful
Light my path with thy hand
Diabolical Hell of night, Knight of hell
Lead my soul towards the dark
A chantic, a poesy made for thy glory
Fill with force our hearts to be brave
Our enemies will feel our wrath in thy name
Followers, recognize the sword given to us

Lord of the Heaven, thy battle is lost
Our legion hath destroyeth thy temple of love
The ones who followed thee now denies thy weak name
Our master and king is our head
Becoming one here earth and hell
Let us revel in his souls of decay and sin
Feasting an orgy whose blood wilt be spilt again
But now in the name of thy reign

Ordering now to bend knees at the pass
Of thy light which blind any eye any mind
Shinning from thy face as a funeral moon
And thy wind he who chants at the woods
We who were made to take up thy throne
I'll wait for thy empire forever I'll be
Destroying the souls of the pale and the son
Will be summoned in thy eternal pain

Forever I'll be waiting even time keeps passing
I know I'm eternal, because I'm part of thy glorious legion
I adore thee, lord of the storm and fear of God
For the eternity of thy evil I'll be chanting thy poetry...

Master of darkness
I'll show thee my devotion
Through my vision pureless
And sins full of corruption

Thy gargoyles come to me
I receive them with open arms
Servants of thee
Lead thy darkness as guards

Their wicked wings designed my fate
With their jaws sucked my faith
From here an Unholiness will be
My path of repent to thee

I'm not worthy of pronouncing thy name
Neither to believe thy secrets will be shown
Let me pass the gates of thy divine hell
Greed, Death and impurity scorn

Satan, Father of us
Show me thy will through thy gargoyles
And all the beasts underneath I will lust
As a slave servant rejoice will preach my voice
Glaciabolous Poetry

3. My Fields Are Unholy

I have ride, these lands are now mine
Surely won by force
No one dares to enter my dominion
A shield of courses and damnation

I've granted the ode of fire power
I'm the head of what's evolved in all evil circle
I'm powerful, almighty
I'm lord of the deeps and altitudes

Even in the light, now I'm invincible
The force of a pagan worshipping
With the rise of my hand in the air
No lord can stand before me

Even in the dark, I'm light to guide my forces
to destroy all rebellion against my honor
With just a sight of my eternal vision
Any life withers away

I'm the one giver of all
So on I will take your life

Now the entire world belongs to me
I've learned the key of omnipotence
The power of a God gathered on a wizard knowledge
I choose the destiny of anything

I'm the one lightning in the night
The one you must dedicate your life

My fields are unholy
this way the land must be
Only one way to die
To die for me!!!

4. Through A Valley Of Night Souls

In a permanent and perfect rising I can see
I bow down and realize the majesty
So full of light place, where the dark is pure
my servants of sin awaken at night

Lords of obscure, teach me the path to your home
Show me the way through this valley of night souls
The eyes do not guide the wise nor the feeling
I gather you

I know I can't be destroyed, my power's so secure
I know the light's my guide and the dark my coat
Rising from a northern forest you ride me to death
Master of the occult let me grant immortality
let me grant immortality

The rise of the unholy legions now approach the time of strong
demanding force from nature and of places unknown
I have the only way, there's no limits, there's no tie
Trap beyond the valley and meet the mighty lord of night
and meet the mighty lord of night

Rise from your quarters
For many times the force to arise is in the night
The night above all time and above all day

5. Where No Light Can Reach

Fascinated by a place with no name
where no life emerges from It's scorched ground
where no wind whispers by
and no light uncovers the unique forms
forms from deep lands of perdition
rivers of red cross as silent as nothingness
it's like they were made of blood of a million deaths
the ghouls pass only to rest forever

There the torment might be infinite
but the will to reach there is impossible
there's no way to evade the creatures made
by the so dense and black day that prevails
everything reached by this force is swallowed
nothing can stop the morbidity of it's wings
something evil and powerful lives there
where the light stops at density

Take me from light, take me beyond
force of darkness and cold
winter of north, winter of south
moon of the black circle
Curse of the souls, evoking the night
unholy spirit of light
bringer of wisdom and pleasures of times
I ask you all your might

The only land, the only path
to discover life
Ritual under a cover of black
to get where no light can reach

6. Sanguinary Embryo

Powerful Angel of light
Device of torment and pain
Denier of all pleasures
Blower of all disgrace

Embryo of mighty brightness
Blinder in all your ways
Alastor prince of blazes
Your shine'll be seen someday

You empty all the darkness in your light and shining horror
Thou Lord of all disgraces, knight of hell, I evoke you Sir
Blind my eyes with your shine and flashing greatness
Thou art engendered in non common place but sure to rise

Driver of the lightning, cutter for the obscure
Breaker of the silence, Aloud
Quick as a spark, make the beasts fall on their knees
For seeing the so high bright
Your powers so mighty and strong I ask your favor
Let me die with the pain in my eyes
There are pains which scar so much more
But allow the weak to continue living this torment

I know you must be rising among us
But the moment I really don't know
We'll never recognize nor realize a majestic force
Unless it unleashes its capacity
For dominating each creature on this limited world
Never spoken, never written
You might have the light of my obscurity

Blind your enemies
Diffuse everyone of them
Let any drop of blood be free from their veins
I open myself
The embryo rises with the blood of demons.

7. Ridin' Thy Darklands

Rise, Follow me, The journey awaits for us
We don't care for our lives, we die for thee

Rise, We are not afraid, Our journey awaits
Arise from your quarters, master of magick

Give me your knowledge, you have the power
I embrace myself with thy name

Darkness approaches me, there's nothing that I can see or say
The pain and the fear in my mortal soul with the power of horror
Holding my sword and my armor so tight, I can't die without leading it down
My mind getting black as I see the beasts arising from ground

The sky turns red and the rivers get black, I'm riding thy darklands again
Disturb all the creatures and blind them all, the victory is ours
Is yours with your mighty and forbidden knowledge, master of lost reigns
I'm your servant, my heart gets black, once and again...

Master of light, darker pure, dungeon of souls
Take me now, lead me to your domain, rise with me
The shadow of your presence covers me
My veins explode, the feeling of being immortal


Abrahkkan domini, profundis inhabitte
Enslaver - Dominant oblivion

I deserve to be by your side, obscured by your whim
I have passed thy darklands in the name of offering majesty...

8. The Infinity Of Luciferian Wings

Light of my Lord, please surround me
get me into the presence of Evil
Vampires and Gargoyles creatures with wings
Worship your Master, worship him!
Incubus rising from the flame of Satan
This fire must burn again
The winds from thy wings are cold
The wind cold as ice as your breath

Lord Baphomet, Lord Leviathan
Lord Belial, Lord Sathanas
Immerse the glory, grant me his orb
Lord Lucifer, Emperor of Skies

Women pregnant from the Goat Lord Demon
more servants for thy glory
How I ride thee through the spaces
How am I worthy to be
I'll do write your wings infinity
Let me profane what's not for you
We who were created to serve thee
I'll do write the infinity of thy wings

Lord Adramelekch, Lord Alastis
Lord Astarte, Lord Sathanas
Immerse the glory, grant me his orb
Lord Lucifer, Emperor of Skies

Master Lucifer Beholder and guardian
Dragon Lord Fallen angel
Father of lights Air's reptile
Thy secrets won't be shown
As there's pain in our eyes

The infinity of thy wings
Faustian for your desire
The infinity of thy wings
involve this world

9. Beyond My Unconscious Deep

Unholiness, I am the one
A descent into darkness
To gather all wise on me
My presence will poison
I'll be armored with hate inside
No life itself limit, is offered now to me
A. Life Ethereal, a shadow opens inside
A. It's there always. Beyond my unconscious deep

Oh, I feel a darkforce inside my inner self
your teaches are not easy to learn and
I know there's no turning back for becoming the master of the night side
My time has come to raise a fist for hail

I know with this on my own I'll rule this world
Resurrection of my evil side oppresses my chest inside out
I have realized I'm chosen to become powerful servant
Because I feel your seed of hate on me

It ist beyond my unconscious deep

Alastor spawned his fury and lowered his lightning fist
Above the entire weak humanity
He, who destroyed all their gods
of pale and illness
Now becomes the master of all reigns;
lust, pain, fear and fright rule everywhere because his presence
inhabits every part of our hearts, of humanity, every time...

With the power gathered on me
I evoke the Nordic winds
to create the most beautiful gray in the day
And most cold in the night.

I sing the ninth chant for thy glory
Casting the spell of sickness
I've gone through my unconscious
And I've found your mist
here inside of me

I've carried the most glorious
And I'm the one gone beyond
the gate you offered for my eternity
All Wizard's Lord

(Inspired from Dead, Mayhem. RIP)

10. Quimera

[Classical guitar track]


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