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Rape of the Bastard Nazarene

"Rape of the Bastard Nazarene" (1999)

1. Hell
2. Nadja
3. The Goat
4. Marguerite and Gretchen
5. Sephiroth Rising
6. Zuleika
7. Conjuration
8. Il Giardino Di Monte Oliveto Maggiore
9. Justine

1. Hell

Melting into the crowd, the basaclica
the bells of rome proclaming
in the mid-day heat

"Hosanna! Holy Father! Benedictus!"
the face of a man who never considered an angel...

sint mihi dei acherontis propitii, valeat
numen triplex jehovae
may the gods of acheron look with favour upon me
away with the spirit of the three fold Jehovah

a sleep like the ages
a sleep like death
like gog and magog
blood flowing like dreams

black stole and black chasuble. black cope
angelic perfection
perfect pope murder

Hell. God. Devil. Amen. Hey.

a sleep like the ages
a sleep like death
like gog and magog
blood flowing like dreams

Hell. God. Devil. Amen. Hey.

hereupon, I defy God and his Christ
the angels of heaven
rejecting all that lives in gods name

death is meaningless, pain is endless
satanic succubus

profane, deranged
we descend into the catacombs...

2. Nadja

Cold eyes full of steppes and wolves and snow
Dead eyes lifeless sight poison of god
Kether chokmah binah
The nightmare pulse exposed my ego
dissipating the great abyss
absolves my sybaritic mind
I feel the unclean adoring me
I sense the collapse of reason within me
nothingness emptiness unbecoming unbeing
the disunion of the reflection decomposition
Manifest mephistopheles
shadow face in the image of god
in the body of christ
midnight angelus
who is the damned?
who is the saved?
depart thou cursed faceless one
dark allure different voices but the same song
the succubae sing for me
kether chokmah binah...

3. The Goat

4. Marguerite and Gretchen

and it is the thrash of limbs, in my bed
that keeps me from sleep, if I could sleep
it is the musky scent of their sex
bodies intertwined, that beckon me
with identical smiles, they said nothing
but unsistely kisses
in the torchlight, in the halflight
I listen to them come

"oh, Marguerite, we'll have to submit to his will..."
" we'll have to submit..."

beckoning me, seducing me
hand in hand, body on body
moist to the touch
the sweat soaked back that writhes in my hands
the bottomless eyes, cold grey eyes
that stare as I come

and the rasping, ragged breaths and
the entanglement of limbs
trace the bead of perspiration
that hypnotises, mesmerises
I inhale the sweetness of
the innocence that I destroy
my shadow rises and falls
to the dance of the torchlight

pleasure - delight - domination - damnation

5. Sephiroth Rising

6. Zuleika

Murder engineer death and evil
mentor tormentor spiritual rapist
divine predator
beguiling Zuleika
i must take her in hand
the leptosome nymphet demands discipline
capricious and lissome macromastic and dark
the taste of her cunt almost makes me feel pure
be unto me
resplendent sin
appease this disease
insatiable satan
olam ha nekudoth
insatiable master satan
blood of christ
blood of christ
many realities unfold betwixt a rich fruit of locusts
shade and substance twists
i could almost believe in allah
for your sake
be unto me
devil be unto me...

7. Conjuration

Lucifer,Ouyar,Chameron,Aliseon,Mandousin,Premy Oriet,Neydrus.Esmony,Eparinesot,Estiot,Dumusson,Danochar,Casmiel,Hayras,Fabeleronthon,Sordinon,Peatham,Come,Lucifer....

8. Il Giardino Di Monte Oliveto Maggiore

Washing the incense and blood from my eyes
the absurdities from my mind
bells pealing aspersions
i fell asleep thinking of angels
my name shall be reviled unto the end of the world
to the last generations of sons
of women
prefigure and merge
heralding a haven of hope
and helen was screaming amidst chaos
and candles blinded by blood
we behold the sophia
the magus
he kneels to kiss the abbots ring
a scream of silence pours forth from her red lips
her arms outstretched into a crucifix
with aspect of woman and man shedding hair and gown adoring the perfect sophia
prostrate before the icon
twisted sabellicus worships the deviant spurious seraph
sophistry treachery obscene architect of dark artifice
shivering and dancing in the breeze
the mirrors catch the sun
i fell asleep thinking of angels..

9. Justine

Beauty is a virgins pinch
beauty is blasphemy
beauty is a sick rose
beauty is truth
lips always cool
thin hard tongue
beauty is the beginning of terror
beauty is a circle
she likes me to stand
she likes me to stand while she sucks me
I searched all over the abbey
Justine now gone
her soul free to be distinct
in my mind as i see you
disencumber skin of darkness
bleeding into the structure
essence of unholy form
to kill the persona
to suppress the lies of mind
the opinion is distortion
in perfection of void
destroy false self


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