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"Choronzon" (2003)

1. Praise the Name of Satan
2. Prince of the North
3. Leviathan
4. Enraptured by Evil
5. Choronzon
6. Valley of the Crucified
7. Bathykolpian Avatar
8. Upon Coriaceous Wings
9. Scapegoat
10. Son of the Morning
11. Becoming the Adversary
12. Goddess Flesh

1. Praise the Name of Satan


Extract from Concealment
A Plethora of Cacodaemons
Emerge to defile me
debase me

I dare not resist
but celebrate the pain

Drops of blood fall in time
With the beating of your heart
Foetid breath whispers


Lacerate the soul
dissect the ego
Naked I confront

The sheer cliff face of insanity
On which i gain no purchase
Attempt to climb
And make no progress
I Am a blasphemy to Christ

Am I Jesus? Am I messiah?

Stone statue speaks
The winter of life too cold

Twisted debaser
As the winds from the
Furthest reaches of Belial
Stir winter clouds across the moon
I hear the words of the master
For you and Satan

2. Prince of the North

3. Leviathan

Sunrise is hours away
Precious seconds of life drift away
Unnoticed yet perfect
Slowly disappearing


Truth is my weapon
Your anger not enough
I wish to be alone
with my god
Moving through black waters

I wish to be alone
with my god

have I found the answer?

The currents ebb and flow
Rising to the surface
From untold depth
have I found the answer?

The currents ebb and flow

The fragile human condition
and cold necessity of death
Solitary and noble
Clarity breifly

your breathing
is my breathing
your blood
is my blood

I wish to be alone with my god
I am always part of you
Secret one
Precious one
Dying a death so tender
Dont fear thy exorcist
Drift away

the currents ebb and flow

4. Enraptured by Evil

Beast of revelation
Tool of desecration
Take flight on leather wings
It is he that wields the black flame
Tell your king
that we come for him
I curse the cross and trinity
As the beasts have allowed me
To personify their goat lord god
The honour is mine

Coming for your son
To drink his fucking blood
And humilate the corpse

Black messiah
I dedicate blood to Beezlebuth
Lord of rebirth and evil
you must open the way inside
For Satan

Sacrifice to the princes
of the watchtowers
Who opens the way

Speaking the secret name of god
Who dissipates the barrier
between shadows that dance
In the candlelight
Whispering tongues unheard of
With language like warm rain
Without compunction

In the heat of lust

Coming for your son
To drink his fucking blood
And humilate the corpse

5. Choronzon

6. Valley of the Crucified

Slowly drowning in sand
Dust and death greet you
In the valley of the crucified
Survey the slaughter
of a hundred score
Crucified Christians

Eroded bones of victims past
human detritus scattered
skulls crack underfoot
Aged blood stained and brown
The dead and the near dead
The unburiable stench of decay
Soft grey mouldy flesh
Dangles from withered bones
Forsaken sounds from parched throats

Cracked arched spines succumb
to sand scoured days
Cadavers that fester
Like rotted fruit on the vine
This is not hell
This is a place like any other

The sins of god and the sins of man
Their cunting holy trinity
Slowly forgotten in sand
The lesser law abideth as the key
Vessel of holy pain
Hear me dark ones of the pit

7. Bathykolpian Avatar

As the heaven shatter
carries on the breeze
On the edge of the great abyss
In the pause occupying the space
That seperates lightning and rainfall
Not unlike the echo of murder
That travels on the wind
Satanus summon the sleepwalker
The silence in a world that screams
Celebrate me
For I am your new christ
There can be no heaven without hell
There can be no truth without pain
The divinity mirrors
reflect her slender frame

The awakening avatar
with alabaster skin
Life with perfect shape
White and smooth
Eesome sleepwalker
You bestow such pain and madness
The like of which I can barely conceive
As sharp as a spear
From the pit of my soul
To the horns of the master
Crucify me
if you dare
Sagacious prophet
To be with you here is to be alive
I want to hear the words from your lips
Before i dispatch my devotion
into your eager mouth
She steals my breath and I fall
Beyond death
Devils await me

8. Upon Coriaceous Wings

9. Scapegoat

Rancid lord of pestilence
Belial supreme ravager
Devour those bereft of sight
To see the way of Satan
Foulness of Bethlehem
My prodigious appetite
For perversion and sin
Revel in the carnal joy
Celebrate female pleasure
In the name of Asmodeus

She will dance for my delight
Take flight on wings of lust
Entranced by slender limbs
and heavy breasts
Desire is absolute
honour my Baphomet
and sigils unholy
For they remind you of me
When I am gone away
Like the last month of winter
That hides to cheat death
The sweetest pleasures beckon
you must elevate the self
listen to inner voices
Despicable choices
There are those content
Just to play with the bodies of the dead
The flesh is the life
to you and i
Ave Satanus
Regie Satanus

Eastern angel
I must learn to breathe without you
As I descend alone
To the bottomless bit

10. Son of the Morning

Bear witness to my testimony
The things that I have done
The prayers of a thousand priests
Could not save my soul
Like the son of the morning
Boasting a multitude of sins
Struck down from the mountain of god
Whispering to me
through cracks in the wall
Cracks in my sanity
You only know that which I choose to show
I stand at the edge of the precipice
Wondering whether to step
There is no path of rightousness
There is only Satan
Strange angel
Why do you come here?
How art thou fallen from heaven
To the uttermost parts of the pit
The cherubim and seraphim of Lucifer

Indulge in rites of profanity
Sink to the depths of depravity
Defilement and penetration
In the sanctum of the monarch
Saliva on soft thighs
Outstretched wings
Semen across lips
Hooves steeped in blood
The adversary father of death
Craves adoration

11. Becoming the Adversary

And the dark lord shall wipe all tears from her eyes
For he said unto me
"It is done"
I am Alpha and Omega
the beginning and the end
I will give freely unto him
That is athirst of the fountain of the water of life

Le Messe Noir
to sleep without waking
From the dream of brief life
To become as one with the
harbinger of truth and balance
Purity and sensuality
In the palace of perversity
to call the names of
the gods of the abyss

Without fear
To be one with the father
Offered thrice to Baphomet
spirit of unholy progress
I am compelled to obey the beast inside
And the faces in the scrying glass
Gazing back
the guardian of the pit
the sentinel of the abyss
And the nameless
They wait, great wings furled
Eager to be summoned
Invisible we stalk the night
Only through divine angles
Impossible angles
are we seen among you
Revered devils of enlightenment
Deathless ones
I will become as one with them
I will look into your eyes

12. Goddess Flesh

The night is cold
your body warm
Tonight we crave
Beauty without end
In mind
In body
You take me inside
So deep
Slow burn
Slow heat
Every time I move inside you
I understand you


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