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The Silver Arm

"The Silver Arm" (2004)

1. Intro/Guardian of the Ancient Deeds
2. Fate of the Kings
3. Dissention Seeds
4. Warp Spasm
5. Mourning Grief
6. The Silver Arm
7. Balor of the Evil Eye
8. The Arrival
9. Armies Assemble
10. Splendor Divine
11. Painless Vengeance
12. End Domain
13. Homeland

1. Intro/Guardian of the Ancient Deeds

I remember well in my time shining eyes in prosperous faces
Was a King through graceful days. Now these years belong to the past
Golden cities became memories lost beneath the depths of ancient seas

Dark prevailed upon the light. Storm of fire and steel provoke rain of blood
Sorcery covered the land. Thrashing our souls with hate from caves of Crom.
Taste the cauldron of my blood. Sky chariots appeared from another world

I hearkened to dark whispers of the ancient craft, to learn the secrets all through the time
I have witnessed what the wisest had never seen, I�ve walked in ways beyond your fantasy
I am Tuan, my name belongs to the myth, Guardian of the Ancient Deeds
Mine is the voice that�s coming to you, penetrates within your dreams
Tribe of my own does no longer exist, Guardian of the Ancient Deeds
Dust in the wind is what they became, whispers in my ears.

I am the great ancient white, the man beyond the myth, Guardian of the Ancient Deeds
They exist in my memories.
Only I remain the same, through the path of the centuries, growing old in different shapes
To bring you the truth that resists

And as the sun appeared on the other side of the hill, the tribe of Tuan was vanished
Alone he walks in the fields of death, blood-covered now stands�

2. Fate of the Kings

King of the Eireann Eochai Mac-Erc why are you fading away?
Soon you will be falling dead
Visions you saw you don�t understand standing again on the edge

You walk through the path of your future calling for you death has been cast
Towards your fate now you are standing
Your reign belongs to the past

Mountains of skulls ravens are rising brothers are turning to dust
Sacred island constantly bleeding creation of your arrogance

You walk through the path of your future calling for you death has been cast
Towards your fate useless you are standing
Your reign belongs to the past

It is the fate of the king to face always the steel
It is the fate of the king found glorious death by his will

Fear of the one standing before you walks in the shadow of death
Into his eyes hatred and anguish standing forever again

3. Dissention Seeds

I will remember the civil war, when brothers� blood run down the plain
Misshaped specters march the sky, winged warriors touched the land from high

The use of witchcraft burned the sky, horror appears in Fir-Bolg�s eyes
Sessair calls the great Crom, a creature beyond ancient times

Carnun sawed the dissention seeds, ever since watched my nation fade

These were the first Dissention seeds, harvest of the beast

And as the battles have begun the plain seem like a bloody veil
A nameless hero falling dead between so many other brave

Carnun sawed the dissention seeds, ever since watched my nation fade

Graves and Pillars now they rise, illusions of a haunted land
They died in vain and endless pain but in our minds they still remain

Grief in the hearts of men sighed, even for Tuatha De Dannan

Carnun sawed the dissention seeds, ever since watched my nation fade

4. Warp Spasm

Battle frenzy my body shakes the Earth , mists of poison spiral around me
As the dawn of battle rages on and on , the stench of death has filled the evening

Fearsome warriors ride in silence

Streng the great champion of Fir-Bolg stood firm as the armies of Nuada
Were slaughtered and butchered to death

I am determined to banish the evil�s domain
Power, fierce and hatred are my only faithful friends

Battle frenzy the Earth my body shakes, restless spirits gather around me
Feel the anguish of that long day never fades
For power and glory the harvest of bloodshed

5. Mourning Grief

Facing the nightmare in me dreams of emptiness
Dark clouds spit fire and ice all across the land

Tide of forgotten times in nameless shape arise as I had fallen into shadow
Gazing these purple skies I travel through the stars fever passed through me like an arrow

While I endure in soaring pain
Shall I condemn the greatest shame?
Shall I reign?

Under a mourning grief the darkest void
I bear the agony of homeland soil
I bear the agony in painful dreaming
Under a mourning grief I am still alive�

In a delirium a farewell to my grief regaining pride that I once lost
After the raging storm of times I calmly sigh
Shadows still linger in the air

6. The Silver Arm

I hear the chant of three spells war witches ease my pain, the sword of light will lead the way
Eyes cold and cruel I am dreaming far out of space and time, the Mochin� word shaking my mind

I am in trance, three days and nights in secret pain
A great palace on the hill�

Helpless and bathed in starlight I am like a little child, another part of me is dead and gone
The elements assemble a mixture out of sand, the cloak of starlight fades away

Master of healing I praise Dian-Cecht soil of Eireann I grasp once again
I am he of the silver arm

Sword of light shall guide me through the dark, long is my journey to the other world
I return now in painful everlasting, I am he of the silver arm

Men of Eireann speak of Nuada Airged L�amh for days and nights I hung close
I am the son of the Sun he of the silver arm, my name is carved forever

Battle cry echoed across the hills

Spells of three witches Bad�s prayer to Dian-Cecht, Tuan my companion
Shared and awaited my pain

L�amh, L�Aidir, Abu cried to the echoing hills, grateful to the sunrise
Rode the high gold of the clouds

Call, call of Danu, call of Danu, call of Danu hear the calling of�

7. Balor of the Evil Eye

In the dark forest of his mind and soul, I follow the path the greed of the king
Deep and frozen seas, sights of wounded souls , leading him to the land of lord of Seathroll

Oh, cursed land of Fomorians, lay your hands on this king

I�ve seen the Balor smile, I�ve seen the Runes, Fomorians run like dogs thirsty for blood
The Oghams shape in great standing stones, a gory treason a mighty contract
Enslave the tribes of famous Mother Earth

Lugh, God of the Sun, embrace the Tuatha De Dannan, Nuada of the Silver Arm
Will claim his rightful place as king

I am the Balor of the Evil Eye, the great sorcerer a mind of evil
The art of magic handed to me from ancient chronicles of lost Atlantis
I am the one who�ll rape your land, your Godless womb, I�ll saw the black seed

8. The Arrival

Through a great celebration on the crest of the hill, though my coming�s a vision revealed
Facing warriors riding with power across, Aonvarr oh my great white horse

Though a man of science and talents I fear , it will take more than knowledge and spears

Dishonor has lasted long enough�

By the Gods I feel a great desire to kill these savages
By the Gods I will kill them myself no one now will be spared

Deep into the palace seeing all within the crystal ball, he�s your own grandson
And his coming today has been long foretold
Druids and sorcerers of the Fommor gathered all around summoning battalions
Made an army of power invincible
Hoisting their sails went away across the distant shore, there was only one man who
Could stand up against the Fommorians

9. Armies Assemble

10. Splendor Divine

Dazzling battalions move across the white dew three separate smaller squares multiplying
Leaders of three raging groups standing in the center fires gashing out of hills Balor is waiting
Evil and darkness I feel hung in the air pounding in everyone�s heart all creatures hiding
Endless destruction I fear Battle of Moy-Tura suffer the testing of time shadows of worm-god

Help me put an end to this slaughter I cry out to you for the shake of our youth
Sword of light shall I bear to the last of my breath through the eye of the Balor I stare
Sword of light shall I bear to the last of my breath the decision is mine now to take

As I watched I saw the shadow grouching closer crimson light infused his silver arm
And gave him magic strength
All the splendor of his father God of shining glows eternal Balor�s demon God awaited
Him to take his life away

To destroy the demon�s an obscene reality for the demon�s changed it�s shape and living form
Though I know that there�s no hope for me him to defeat may the hearts of my people
Enlightened in their homeland

11. Painless Vengeance

High over plains and mountains with riders by my side, too late now for the summons
Must pay a higher price

The stormy clouds I scatter, draw power from the Sun
A single star now shinning above the clearing sky

Charging into the spiral mist fires of human flesh
It�s too late for the rescue of my friend

In the cold nights of loneliness a lifeless broken shadow saw Nuada in the coils of demon
Rest in piece my hero king I burst in anger meet your equal Balor wizard

So free the land from strangers, so free the land from foe
I circle precious shadow I see so far below

Farewell my friend in honor I will avenge your death
The solar power is with me until the end

12. End Domain

The eye of the myth has opened wide like a path of terror straight to the tower
Vengeance now is all I seek in the circle of this strange machine
Fires rising from below as I gaze in wonder the evil throne of Balor of the evil eye
Signaled to the Druids and to his wife

March on to battle for it�s time to fight spears of lightning aiming high
Blazing comets through the sky wizard fear my great war cry
I shall end your time

With a stroke I take the bastards head evil eye is sealed in death
Loch na Suil a lake of icy streams the remains of end domain

Wasted in this holy war and so many brave have fallen into
Shadow-valley of the dead , hope remains alive instead
Voices linger in the air and a mist of blood has taken over
Ghostly figures in pain for the prophecy came true that day

13. Homeland

{ instrumental }


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