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The Abandonment

"The Abandonment" (1996 Demo)

1. Rest In(tro) Peace (R.I.P)
2. F.T.F.T.D (Face To Face To Death)
3. Believer
4. Purification Of Soul
5. Immortal
6. Skyline From Silence
7. The Abandonment
8. Quo Vadis (...In Sleep)

1. Rest In(tro) Peace (R.I.P)

A Twilight Of Gods
Arrival Of Ghost Of Solitude
Memories Leave Body Into Oblivion
A Crown From Thorns
Like A Sign Of Liberty
Rebirth Will Come To Us
In The Dawn

Stars Dance In The Sky
A Shine Will Cross Cold Tears
Blind Moon Has Covered Up Me Your Face
The Storm Of Delight Is Growing Faint
A Frost Has Settled In The Heart
A Glowing Steam Of Pain Has Broken
A Thin Dike

Master I Please
I'm Giving Destiny To Your Hands
A Candle Of Life Is Crying Like Formerly
Take Off My Handcuffs
Show Me The Way & Break My Bars
I Bring A Myself Victim & Heavy Crucifix

We're Captives Of Time In The Maze
Of The Eternity And Dreams
We Will Wait To Sum Days Of Our Lives
A Fear Will Take Turn To The Silence
And Fast Breath Will Discontinue
Peace'll Be In Our Souls
And Sweet Smile On Our Lips

2. F.T.F.T.D (Face To Face To Death)

You Can Not See Me My Friend
I'm Out From This World Of Evil
You Can Not See Me But Now
I'm Free Like A Dust In Your Hands

You Can Not See Me My Friend
You Can Feel Only Cold Tears
Tears Of Remains Of Losing Life And
I'm Free Like A Fear In Your Heart

Come On Look To Face To Face To Death
Fill Last Wish Stop Pain
And Make Your Dreams

You Can Not See Me My Friend
My Soul Filled Up To Ice Forever
You Can Not See Me But Now
I'm Free Like A Cloud On The Sky

You Can Not See Me My Friend
You Can Feel Shine Of My Starkiss
You Can Not See Me But Now
I'm Free Like A Moonlight Of The Night Queen

I Know Everything About You My Friend
I Know Your Time Is Over I Will Wait For
You Listen To Me Now
And Dream About Neverland
Hello My Friend Here Is My Hand...


3. Believer

Rays Of Hate On The Sky Of The Past
The Flash Of Death In Traces Of Time
Screen Dust In The Hands Of Fear
Blind Pleasure In The Mist Of The Future

Celebrate The Rebirth Of The Ghost Of Solitude
Quite Down Your Cry In Depths Of The Soul
Slowly Die From The Sins Of Neighbours
With The Unknown Of Many Faces Of The Lies

With The Secret Shadows Of The Unknown
With The Dying Soul
With Longings Of Dreams
Lost In The Eternity

Vital Faith - To Love Is To Pray
Brave Ego - For Me To Slay
Mind Power - For My New Day
Nothing To Say - Charge To Pay
You Are My Way

Crystal Curtain
Raises Theatre Of Sorrow
Welcome In The World
Of Silly Shocks Of Dedly Cursed
Look To The Silent Suffering
Of Miserable Mads
And Listen Living Remorses
From A Tomb Of Mutilated

It Is Your Way
And Silent Retribution Of Blameless
Drown Your Life
In Sweet Tears Of Lonely
Future Ideas On The March
Of Death Of The Innocent
Mortal Fear Of The Martyrs -
You Are Believer Forever

4. Purification Of Soul

Come Walk With Me
Through Endless Space
To See What Has Been
And What The Future Sees

Forget The Mortal Fear
When You Fly Through The Time
Feel The Spell Of The Old World
That Has Past

Come Walk With Me
It Is Your Way
Come Walk With Me
It's Our Own Way

I'll Show You Sights
That You Would Not Believe
Experience Pleasure Mind Inviolabled
Step In A Life Thats Yet To Be Born
In A Long - Awaited Life Of Immortality

Close Your Eyes And See What Is Me
Go Of Your Life
When You Leave An Outworn Body
Look To My Face And Take My Hands
Raise The Chalice Embrace For Evermore!

5. Immortal

Starlight's - Getting In My Grave
A Smell Of Night - Agitate Space Blood
Whisper To My Head - And Wake Up My Mind
Send Me Breath Lovekiss - I'll Be Revival

Satisfied - My Eternal Dream
Light My Way - Crystal Curtain's Spilt
Sweet Tones In My Ear -
My Heart Becomes Pound
Your Pleasure My Rebirth -
Celebrate Immortal Life

Sleep - Those Little Slices Of Death
How You Loathe And Hate Them
A Silent Kingdom To Rule Your Days
To See Your Mortal Fear In Your Face

Sleep - The Beginning Of The End
My Return In Your Thoughts
With One's Craving For Retribution
To Reduce You To Madness

Mesage Full Of Love From The Eternal Night
Soars Slowly With Your Screams
Phantom's Comming Back To Life
Like A Figment Of
Infinite One's Brain And Terrible Dreams

I'll Never Forget You Our Memories
Do You Hear My Voice From Beyond
Say Good Bye And Close Your Eyes
Last Meeting After Many Years

Follow Me On My Way To The Darkness
To Account For Past Forever
Remember To Our Shared Vow
I'm Bringing To You Timeless Peace

6. Skyline From Silence

Sink To The Ground
To The Ground Of Solitude
There Are Disappear The Lament
And Pain Of The Past
Start On Victorious Pilgrimage
To The Land Of Lonely
There's Calling You
Sweet Voice Of Crystal Mountain

Stand Up And Suffer
To The Last Drop Of Blood
On The Way In The Vicious Circle
Of Extraneous Faces
Where Lies Heat Up Like
Truth From Innocent Mouth
To Pierce Extinct Heart
With Sorrow And Love

Run Away There Where
Is This Exquisite Voice
Where Time Is Checked Out
And Doesn't Fade Away
Where Souls Are Crying
With Happines In The Land Of Dreams
Where Time Is Checked Out
And Will Not Fade Away

Ride Through The World
Of Your Dreams And Memories
Listen To The Harps
Of Coloured Imaginations
Rest In Peace With Smells
Of The Wildest Beauties
In Whirl Of Passion
Stay Forever With Angels Of Delight

Skyline From Silence
Opens Dark Gate Of Night
To Whisper To Your Ear
- Come To Me Near
Visioner Of Life With Agony
Of Mind For Our Own Way
To See The Sun Never
- Never See A New Day

7. The Abandonment

Beyond The Unknown
I Lost In Myself
Inside My Soul
I Can Only Feel A Big Pain

Disposable Hero
I Pray To Die
And Inside My Heart
There Fade Last Rest Of Love

I Can Change Your Way
So Come On And Go Away
If You Wanna Burn Your Life
Erase Every Names And Dive
War In The Sky
Come On If You Wanna Die
Anybody Knows It's Too Late
But If You Wanna Keep Your Faith...

Tell Me Who's To Blame
Before You Take My Name
So Really Who's To Blame
Your Abandonment

Heavens Turn To Red
Come If You Wanna Clear Your Head
Welcome And Trust To The Lies
Miss Your Smiles Enjoy The Cry
Sweet Lovely Atomic Rays
Look To Your Death To My Face
Suffer To The End
Like A Dust In Your Broken Hands

8. Quo Vadis (...In Sleep)


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