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Victim of His Own Fear

"Victim of His Own Fear" (2002 Demo)

1. Smashing the Pride
2. Terminal Stage
3. Agonized Feelings
4. Victim of His Own Fear

1. Smashing the Pride

Violence, constantly abused
by the one who rules
desecrating my mental....integrity
corruption, making live a deal
creating some addiction
for a stupid, rising....hypocrisy
killing, just a way of life
blasted curded mankind
torture, slaughter, genocide
I can't fit your clothes
even if I try
I can't stop the anger
rising from inside...
politicans, dictators
smashing the pride
of a million souls

2. Terminal Stage

Darkness embrace my end
leaving my static body
growing deep inside
tortured by this suffering
I live ?... forgot to live ?
I can't breed... I'm in pain
lost, in the battle field
silence kill my streams
singing hymns of victory
I'm find surrounded by an
assembly known from this
fucking social part
fighting in my own defense
they rule the top
pointing their target
I look behind, someone
watching me
I look behind I can't hear it
I look behind... looking behind
war... hypocrisy... terror... silence...
war... rage... hate... kill...

3. Agonized Feelings

I'm just a living body
surrounded by greedy and miserable souls
can't understand
why I am feeling
this strange way to exist
agony is coming to my life
such a compromise
when you kill my self-esteem
when you destruct my pride
giving you this legacy
I just want to share
this rotting feeling
do you feel agonized
seeing you... cinic... stupid... mind...
rejecting... your lies...
waiting you... die...
human race suck's
living in eternal torment
evil thoughts rising... I'm agonized...

4. Victim of His Own Fear

Human soul transgression
planning acts to decadence
escape from reality affraid of confort...
victim of his own fear
can't control this mortal power
power you'll never command
you're the odd, you're the truth
all the rest is unknown rage, hate,
disgust-suicide human benefit
decadence, chaos, disorder, extermination...


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