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When Memory Dies...

"When Memory Dies..." (2004)

1. The Door - Intro
2. Dayoudie
3. Another Wasted Paradise
4. When Memory Dies...
5. The Bliss
6. This Agonizing Soul
7. Enlightenment
8. Perpetual Demise
9. Evil, and nothing good to say
10. Pathate

1. The Door - Intro

2. Dayoudie

There will be retribution
That will come out from deep within
There is just no solution
To justify your sins
Without the words you speak
Your eyes are telling story that you deny
Soon you will choke in your lie
Behind of your insanity
And all your loud silence
Lies a spark of clean humanity
To hunt you until the dayoudie
Don't try to hold your breath
Cause sooner or lather the air will come inside
You will be facing death
In victory you'll die
same story is with truth
You hide it, but it will be brought to light again
Lies affirming the sin

3. Another Wasted Paradise

Insanity dwell within this hell
Putridity burning life
Without any shame
Others are to blame
Greed is now united to make us die
In another wasted paradise
Future is here bringing us fear
Minds becoming blind
Never to stop
Until last drop of blood
Collapse the only praise
In another wasted paradise
Seems like heaven turned us back
And collided with hell
For everything that we have done
For all what we had become

4. When Memory Dies...

I am away from all oblivious matters
With all remembrances that are feeding my life
Just go away, with all your disgusting patterns
Of immortality that are just burning the sense…
Of something that can't be undone
The past that still lives inside
Hidden within the mind
Directing our future with hands made of hope
Hope is all around us
And all we need to do is to give her embrace
Never to stop, thinking of days behind us
Never trying to hide the true face…
But still we wonder: till when
With every breath
With every step we take
Awaiting for immortality to come
But do we know
That our existence is becoming a lie
From the moment of truth
When memory dies...

5. The Bliss

Before the anger comes
To embrace my being
And before the inner part of me
Just disappear
When sanity collapse
And lead me into hate
There is one moment of truth
To direct the fate
That bliss is calling my name
To show me the way
Where should i walk
This bliss is calling my name
When there is no escape
But to follow wrath
Senses disappeared
And then i am on the path
Beyond serenity
Of anger and hate
There comes that moment of truth again
Once more again

6. This Agonizing Soul

I fed of power
That is running trough my mind and veins
Which cannot deny all the sorrow and all the pain
Can you save me
Can you save me from myself
When memory turns all my love into hate
Than i don't really care
If the end of our time is came near
Because of the pain that i feel
An everlasting pain
So forever i will stay in control
Of this agonizing soul
Veil of sorrow with delight had embraced
One life that was about to be erased
This soul have no solution
Destroyed by evolution
That is making human being blind
Repulsive kind

7. Enlightenment

In this world of vanity
Prejudice and fragile smiles
Evergreen insanity
Is forcing us to (mentally) die
Suffering is destiny
Of millions, of millions
Now all purity is gone
So if you await enlightenment
It will become just a waste of time
If you await enlightenment
Than your mind is blind
In this world of vanity
Prejudice and fragile smiles
Suffering is destiny
For all
All of us

8. Perpetual Demise

Now i am calling nature
Asking her for forgiveness
For all the sins that i have done
And to ask her question why
Truth always hurts
And innocents are paying the price
Who is the one to judge
Who will live and who will die
Why freedom is sin why it hurts
Is perpetual demise
Becoming our only truth
Where did all beauty gone
And where are all those that i love
Is story of father - son
And from you forlorn
Now wherever the dark is near
It reminds me to an long time dormant fear
Because it have a stench of truth
Repulsive images of raped youth
Now i am calling nature
Asking her for forgiveness
For all the sins that i have done
Forgive me i am your son

9. Evil, and nothing good to say

Before your love now i chose hate
Before embrace, to die fate
And perennial silence
You ever-changing form of life
Behind million faces now you hide
All you do is built upon a lie
Your end now is near
Soon and you will taste fear
My revenge is close
I hear it call my name
In this repulsive prose
My hate remains the same
My eyes had never seen
That much hypocrisy
And perennial violence
How far will this go
It is useless to pray
All is evil, with nothing good to say

10. Pathate

I can't deny all the hatred that i feel
When i look in your eyes
I cannot lie
Because some wounds will never heal
The hate is now my praise
That i got from you
But it will never tear me apart
This hate is now my guide
Throughout this hollow times
It is now my path
My precious wrath
You give me fear
And you tried to break my mind
You devastated truth
You give me tears
So i could cry out my eyes
You bastards are made out of lies
You'll never tear me apart


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