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Alcoholic Noise Formation

"Alcoholic Noise Formation" (2005 Demo)

1. The Answer
2. Warlord
3. Weapon
4. End

1. The Answer

No existing worlds
Mirage of Distant Sun
No substantial forces of great creation
What are they in a world
Which is closed for us
Witch a key that pierce our imagination
Like an arrow
We're crawling through gardens of reality
And brain like a sun-burnt desert
Straggle to understand…

Aggression and violence
Is a reflection of our soul
And from its deep emanates
The creative power of existence
This is the answer

We're crawling through gardens of reality
To find in its foul nooks
The truth about our suffering
Fighting to understand

2. Warlord

I wander across the lands
I visit the most secret places
I point human being
Without having nose

I pull out my wand
And whole generations
Lie beside my feet

Whoever you are I appear
To put your life
To the bitter end

Whoever you are
I’m taking
Your last breath

You’re afraid of me but do you respect me?
Think of what I am in your eyes
Till the death won’t separate us…

I wander across the world
Seeking torment and violence
The strong kneel in front of me
The weak pray to the end

I with the power given me
Since the first days
Take back what has you been borrowed
By the creator

3. Weapon

The blackest visions
The greatest lies
The worst deeds
The meanest thoughts
Perverse demands
Are desires of the greatest

So stay awake and be ready to face
The worst of the worst
Hold weapon in your hands-
Weapon of the aggressor
The tribe of the father of darkness
Is winning the battle
For souls of the most hatred

They flooded with a stream
The nooks of our lives
They rose the foulness to the essence
Pushed poverty to valleys
Created themselves to draw
The strengths from their mastery.

4. End


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