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Pond of Desperation

"Pond of Desperation" (2005 Demo)

1. Prologue
2. Pond of Desperation
3. Decapitated Mind
4. Waiting for Change

1. Prologue

2. Pond of Desperation

Pond of Desperation

Mourners lament at my departure

Standing in a circle, they start to weep

Their tears assemble, stream to one

Filling the Pond of Desperation

Swallowed by the void, blachened encounter

Try to find myself, among chilling mist

A lullaby guides me through the dark

Reaching the Pond of Desperation

I pass eager through the soil

To become one with the earth

See myself in the blank water

Covered with dirt, kneel down to the shore

Percieve mute cries beyond surface

Desecrate moaning by waves of touch

I neat my face in their tears

Eyes start bleeding, itching pain within

Grief, despair, and agony entered

Clearing the Pond of Desperation

Scream into the dark, sneers resound

Plunged in monumental dismay

Refound myself before insanity

Cursing the Pond of Desperation

Wish to be dead – want to lay down

Bury myself - Swallowing dirt

Asphyxiation - breath their last breath, their tears inside

Second farewell - this once release

3. Decapitated Mind

Decapitated Mind

The Days pass nothing goes on

Dawn of day

Darkened night

Fills the way

Deceased rain dripping of my face

The hate in me comes back

An I`m blind to see

The hate increased

So decide and scream

Your blood lays down to me

The heart in my hands

Sweet aggressions pull me out

Of life and push in decay

Crawling through demise

And the soil of the night

Endless bleeding couldn`t been stopped

So long the prophecy caught my mind

I`ve no face in darkness here

I know your fears will never be answered

How does it feel knowing chaos will never end?

How does it feel knowing

The chaos you caused will never end?

4. Waiting for Change

Waiting for Change

Wide opened window

Chilling wind

Dust assemble in a corners

Neatin my room

Motionless sitting

Leaves are dancing

with their shadows

Sense no dread

In the light of me

Minutes pass

Still holding out

I stay to long

Waiting for change

Keep silent, I don`t want to hear sane noise

Keep motionless, I don`t want be disturbed

But with a stabbed heart you wont do different

Blood flew slowly straight through my room

Uncircle the dancers and stop them

Lay down sorry and bleak in vital liquid

I hold my breath and realize that all is over, now


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