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War, Hate, Blasphemy

"War, Hate, Blasphemy" (2005)

1. Grey
2. Age Of Innocence
3. Eternal
4. XIII. Century
5. On Bloody Pathways
6. Via Dei
7. Answer
8. The Prime
9. Winter (I Die With You)

1. Grey


The tales of my childhood
are slowly fading away,
I dream of a world in black and white
beyond this hell of grey.

The wisdom of a thousand years
we sold for an unknown future,
we're building a ruin for tomorrow
raised on forgotten torture.

In past times we ruled our land,
now we're led by western orders.
United we stood, departed we are
in the Europe without borders.

The bless of the virgin turned to a curse
we lost the grace of god.
Captured in a new alliance
sealed by my elder's blood.

Nobody will remember
memory's fading away,
a dream of a world of black and white
was sold for a hell of grey.

2. Age Of Innocence

Age of Innocence

Everybody's innocent
it's an age of horror,
blood and death is all I see
and a shadow in the mirror.

The wind carries the yellow sand
liars in a circle stand,
they tell me how I have to live
and how many I'll have to give.

There're hundred ways to break a man
the might is theirs, to lie again.
The strong will live, the weak will die
only politics will survive.

I can't see my future
the emptiness is grey,
my present is a torture
to the government we pray.

Lack of comprehension rules
the rich is true, the poor is fool,
I can't see democracy here
promises are all I can hear!

It's the modern way of leading,
taking and forbidding.
You won't get an other chance
it's not an age of innocence.

3. Eternal


I sacrificed my shadow on the altar of pain
Insanity and sadness were dancing in my brain.
I sacrificed my life on the altar of science
The birth of my garden was the birth of this alliance.

Welcome to my world without a ray of light
Stars are not shining in this eternal night.
I realized there's only one way that I can pass
As there's only one way, to reach the final bless.

The evil called my name, I'm his servant for all
When I was ready to die he saved me from the fall.
The force that made me suffer, had left after creation
I'm sentenced to die day by day in the darkest desperation.

I'm betrayed by the only good, the creator of this world
The hope of the grey masses is living in his words.
I know the X factor, that helped me strenghten my faith
My confession is the darkness, the eternal hate.

4. XIII. Century

The XIII. Century

Praise the God, accept the Evil,
pay the price of life as I will,
sing the psalms and pray for me!
You'll be free as only I can be!

The priest am I of the only hope,
the servant of the only pope,
I live like you and others live
give me your gold, but I won't give!

This place is holy you can't hurt me,
your eyes are clear so you can see,
that God protects me from your anger!
Don't speak a word! You shouldn't slander!

Drop your sword or you will burn,
from your mistakes should you learn!
My person's holy, also the place,
I see the fear in your face.

Save your life don't be a fool,
you're nothing more as a thinking tool!
God is your lord, the noble one,
you can leave, the preach is done!

See this temple read the Bible
Wait for the coming arrival
Face to face I lie to you
That's the way I have to do!

5. On Bloody Pathways

On Bloody Pathways

So close and so far away
the day I left my land,
to fight the evil, fight the lies,
led by destiny's hand.

I realized it will never end
eternity marks the days.
A lonely fight for a lonely heart,
I'm walking on bloody pathways.

I became the soulless one,
the same I wanted to kill.
I'm standing alone in the rain
like the cross on the top of this hill.

I gave my heart as a sacrifice
for the hunt for the evil one,
I began a fight never to win
I kill until my time is done.

I'm walking on bloody pathways,
fading away like the shadow of god.
I hunt him for eternity,
to praise him and spill his blood.

6. Via Dei

Via Dei

See the result of your anger
mighty Adonai!
You opened your heart for hate,
and so do I!

Millions died, millions suffer
mighty Adonai!
You're ignoring all the torment,
and so do I!

The worm of hunger's eating the mortal
mighty Adonai!
Your immortal existence makes you fear,
and so do I!

Allah, Krisna, Wodan, Odin
mighty Adonai!
On different names you rule this world,
and so do I!

We're walking on the Via Dei
mighty Adonai!
That's what you are, the almighty power,
and so am I�

7. Answer


I'm not created by any god!
I don't exist to serve this kind!
Of flesh and blood became my body
and an individual human mind.

With own ideas, own problems,
with the only truth and million lies,
not influenced by an only good
or the eternal lord of the flies.

Perfect? Evil? To be or not?
Questions for I don't care!
To try to change my point of view
is what you shouldn't dare!

Nature is the god and nature is the evil,
the unbroken rule of eternity.
Humanity is departed by religion
and only one half knows reality.

I believe in myself and I believe in you,
but your god can't help to live your life.
Religion is a trap, you never will escape from!
Answer my question! Which half?

8. The Prime

The Prime

The gods sent a dream to Emes:
A son will born under the turul's sign
He'll lead the seven tribes to the chosen land
He'll be the father of a kings' unbroken line.

The child rose up, became strong,
A wise and brave young man
More mighty, more wise, more brave
Than kings and noble men.

�lmos saw that the land of his father
Is not the land, where Hungarians shall stay
He turned his head to the west and saw
The heart of Pannonia at the end of his way.

He became the prime by the will of the seven
Once a dream, now the well of reality
His son gave his name to the kin
Of mighty kings of a mighty Hungary.

The new alliance is sealed by blood
A folk's journey is near to the end
Thousands of hooves make the ground shake
Warriors riding on with bow in their hands.

9. Winter (I Die With You)

Winter (I die with you)

Cold mistery of darkness
I praise your freezy breath!
The nature sleeps so white
the wintersleep of death.

The sun's defeated, it's not able to rise,
Amon's lonely child desperatly cries.
Sculptures are guarding my world of the frozen,
it's the dream I'm living in, it's the world I have chosen.

From everlasting pain I have became free,
the lifeless corpse of summer hangs on a lonely tree.
The ancient colors of black and white now rule the world,
I'm standing there alone, without a solemn word.

But I know the end is coming,
there's one thing I can do,
I feel so weak, I feel so lonely,
Winter I die with you!


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