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"Wonder" (1995)

1. Pleading for Heart
2. Wonder
3. Victim of Your Television
4. Witchcraft
5. I Don't Care
6. The Blood and the Mission
7. Ride the Snake (Breaking Down the Doors)
8. Afraid
9. Distress
10. Sense of Hate
11. Seven Hyades

1. Pleading for Heart

Pleading for Heart
And if the stars burned out and fell from the sky,
would you stand up or walk away?

And if the heavens broke down above our heads,
would you stand up or loose your faith?

Would you stand up and feed the hungry?
Would you stand up and free the slaves,
repent the dead, save the world?

2. Wonder

It just took control in the hour of need.
Instability rising to its highest peak.

Breaking down the soul, the brain behind the scheme.
Trying to leave this shit, but the power is much too big.

You make me wonder, day after day,
why I should still wait for you.

Breaking down the, breaking down the soul,
it's got the brain, it's got the brain behind the scheme.

I take it all away. What do you say?

3. Victim of Your Television

Victim of Your Television
"We are live here from the danger zone,
I see a rocket launched, a burning home.
Be sure to tape the dying boy,
he's got a bullet in his head."

I'm sick and tired of hearing it all again.
I'm gonna puke if I see it one more day.
Is this the hard reality,
or just good for the economy ?

You poison the things we see.
You poison history.
Don't want to be,
a victim of your television.

I wonder how it came that far.
There's no life without my VCR.
I've got your pictures,
burned inside my mind.

Cruising around your brain,
you're being used once again.
Don't wanna be
a victim of your television.

I'm trying to leave the mess I'm in.
I struggle but I have to win.
Throw away sensation,
and get rid of the addiction.

4. Witchcraft

Market place, medieval town.
See those people hanging around.
A man comes on the stage, he says :
"No living soul will breathe again,
but I will live forever now,
just follow me and I will tell you,
how it's done and how to make
the potion to awake inside.
Be aware of my witchcraft.

Be aware of the toll you will pay.
Upon your souls I will prey.
Obey me and you'll live forever,
but be aware of the darkness."

So invite the vultures,
the bloodthirsty crow,
to this extraordinary, memorable day,
to see the man hanging from the tree
that he was cutting down.
So listen close and tell your followers,
that they should be aware,
that witches (will be) pursued,
hanged and stabbed and they're eaten alive.

5. I Don't Care

I Don't Care
Comes a little boy right through the door.
It's gonna be another fighting night,
and he knows.
His daddy's drinking once again,
a bottle flies through the air,
one goal.

But I don't care at all.

The bottle crashes on his head,
the child falls on the ground,
oh no.
What the hell is going on,
there's no thinking in his mind,
in his mind.

These are the things, this is my life,
the problems I have lived through.
These are the facts, this is my nightmare,
the dreams that I have lived through,
till today.

The boy stands up,
lucky he's alive,
but never the same.
A revolution starts in his mind,
will he rise or will he fall ?
I know, I know.

6. The Blood and the Mission

The Blood and the Mission
The ice is melting down,
but the dreamer is not around
to tell his children what is wrong,
or what fate they will come upon.

It's breaking down their world,
will it survive another light ?
It's breaking down their world,
will it survive another night ?

The wolf and the hunter, they will decide
between blood and the mission.
The walk beneath the ice of those who are dead,
and the voices of the silent,
a thought to deny.

Fire. Hate. Wolf. Dream. He who has seen.
They're breaking it down.
The fire burns inside.
They're breaking it down.
The hate just grows inside their heads.
They're breaking it down.

7. Ride the Snake (Breaking Down the Doors)

Ride the Snake (Breaking Down the Doors)
Do you ever stop to think,
about the way we people live.
In another place, another time,
they were doing just the same.
We are killing all the things
that Mother Nature gave,
but the soil we walk upon,
will soon be another grave.

Let's break down all the doors.
Ride the snake.

Sitting on the pavement,
arms streched out,
but if you don't care, what the heck,
you put a rope around his neck.
So give the man some money
to live another day.
Maybe he'll get (back) to his family,
and watch his children play.

Red hair, full of dimples,
eyes look weird.
Stop pestering the kid
or you'll be face down on the grid.
Your menacing days are over,
no more quiet nights of sleep.
I'll haunt you in your dreams,
till you crawl back on your knees, yeah.

8. Afraid

Afraid of what you're making now.

It's far too deep, the trench you're in.
You've made your toy for the motherland.
The invention of the century
to make some cheap electricity.
Nuclear power was set to be
a killer thing for the military.
Never thought you'd be forced to sell
your little pet to the government.

And bodies go up, and bodies come down,
and bodies, they fly around.

So now they use your wretched toy
to claim the worlds they do not own.
So the smile : "We're satisfied.
One million dead, some paralized."

And now, we stand in front of the graves,
the graves of the victims.
Having survived is not a blessing,
but a burden they have to carry.
And now, we honour them,
with our sympathy,
but you've killed them, with your fantasy.

9. Distress

See the ruins of the tortured town,
it's licking her old wounds.
Torn between the difference
of the political minds.
Raised a wall of iron,
cut the families in half.
What about the children,
who were playing in the grass.

Soon to go away.
Just walking over to play.

It's a land with a history,
a diamond of its kind.
So throw away the boundaries
and leave the past behind.
The black book of this sorry war
should be closed with a bang.
Not a bang that kills,
but reunites the human skills.

But luckily the tide has turned,
a relief for you and me.
See the flags waving there,
together, peacefully.
Let us not be hasty
in the things we say or do.
(Let's) create a better world,
a better place for generations still to come.

10. Sense of Hate

Sense of Hate
Colour the skin in red,
why the black man becomes a Fed.
Feed the female to the gator
and her bones preserved for later.
Tell the baby he is wrong,
cut his hands off for what he's done.
Put a blind man's dog to sleep,
tell the widow not to weep.

This cuts too deep.

Put a peace sign upon your breast
and make freedom some kind of quest.
Tell the world that they are wrong,
in a poem or a song.
Take a stand and kick some butt,
before the next one takes a cut.
Be aware and not afraid,
there's too much sense of hate.

Wish you were away, colour the skin in red.
Why the black man becomes a Fed, noone knows,
but me, it's called democracy.
And tell the baby, and he is wrong,
and cut his hands off for what he's done.
And put a blind man's dog, his dog to sleep,
and tell the widow not to weep.

11. Seven Hyades

Seven Hyades
The war has been fought, the battle is lost.
Nemesis has passed and solitude, ever present,
stalks the remains of the shattered earth.

And only seven Hyades witness,
as we flee our planet Mother.
In fear and despair, leaving our hopes,
and we abandon our dreams,
as we head for a journey, a journey to eternity.


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