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This Violent Decline

"This Violent Decline" (2007)

1. Frozen Skin
2. Violente Decline (Drawn to the Devil)
3. Blackest Moon
4. Sacraments for the Damned
5. Without Reason
6. Monolith #11
7. Ruins of Bones
8. To Haunt You
9. The Harlot
10. Blind Euphoria 2006
11. Second Time Around

1. Frozen Skin

The more the shades start to differ
The more I start to recognise
The dirty colour in front of me
Is the colour of your eyes
Shadows long moving across
The floor beneath my feet
Are steps I'm tracking back to you
And words I cannot see

Frozen skin
Pierced by thorns
From kneeling in front of me
Frozen skin
Ripped from bones
Crushing within

Falsified the stories told
I throw the coin into the air
Polluted by you being here
The incense makes me run
Shoot it down heads or tails
You win again I lose the game
I turn the page I rip it out
You're no longer here

Without me you'll fade away
Leaving nothing but remains
Underneath my sacrifice
Lies a deeper thought

So now I bid my last farewell
The flames will make sure
You will never tell
Another farce another spell
Into concrete into dust
You will vanish now for real
Just an echo that remains
Of a poisoned tale

2. Violente Decline (Drawn to the Devil)

Whispering words of seduction
Make you feel all right

Drawn to the devil deep inside
Makes your world go around
Pay for pleasure pay for love
The maggot inside the dove

What is going on right now
You've got no feeling
Tell your lies they work all right
You've got no soul

Super market attraction
Skin to see don't touch

Drawn to the devil deep inside
Make me see your lies
Revolting propositions
You're the dirt of all mankind

No discount or reduction
You'll pay the full amount
Your voodoo eyes attraction
Urges me on to fight

Drawn into your eyes

End of all corruption
Violently declined

Drawn to the devil deep inside
Serve the ones who pay
Redeem the ones who call themselves
The angels of mankind

3. Blackest Moon

Are you refering to me
Is what the martyr said

Cross the lines remember this
Watch the half moon on the cloth
Take a star into your hands
Mix the visions no sacrifice
It's a face you don't want to see
Flesh and bones touching me
Cross of arms
Disgusted by the view

The voices of the undertone
The rising of the blackest moon

And even when they look at you
You played with words you were told
The people did not interest you
Just the difference they could make
Sacrifice the higher cause
No clue no chance to have a choice
Decided by a lesser god
Pain is what I'm used to

Your sorrow paves the lonely road
Your sorrow engraves your holy soul

4. Sacraments for the Damned

Feeling immobilized
Watching the flowers they'll never die
They're begging to wake you up
I won't let them they have no right
This is the path the only one
Mortals walk without a fight
Since the beginning
The ending is always in sight

I will leave you now
Go on pretending
My time is now
Sacraments for the damned
I will leave you now
Conquer the hurt
Embrace your guide
Sacraments for the damned

Let me hide don't punish me
Let me live inside your dreams
Inside the air
You breathe in day and night
I'll suffer like you do
Go and lead a simple life
Into eternity
Just let me go

A frozen heart an empty space
Recovering the trace
Of lost and found solutions
They are always late

Sacraments for the damned
A gift they should enjoy

Caressing hugging the after party
They suffer the cry deep inside
The laughing the stories the why
Just being scared of how we'll die

Kneeling beside you
Breathing the cold damp air
Waiting for motion
The motion has disappeared

5. Without Reason

Dark evil threat

So time destroys the gift I have
Of conquering your minds
The punishment for keeping inside
The dreams that were my guide

This is no treason without a reason
A darker deeper threat
This is no treason without a reason
A dark deep threat

Appearances small talk a smile
A mask for what was real
Searching for a truthful side
A lost cause denial

Under your command
The fear of treason arises
Under your command
The fear of treason's alive

This current drifts me away from here
No longer feeling the past
My farewell awaits you my friend
A cause lost so near

6. Monolith #11

7. Ruins of Bones

Consequences of actions
A witness to your dreams
We kill the young to feed the old
Forgotten names the sadness

Waking up at dawn
Thinking everything is pure
See the bottle hanging
Almost empty just a drop

Leave the flesh and use the bones
To show off everything you own
Forge the iron while it's hot
Enter slowly be aware of the emptiness

Feelings come and feelings go
Start the struggle
There is still a long way to go

So now I walk the pathway of the demons
Don't know which way I'm going to be sent

Do they know the inside
Of how I've lived
Will they make the choices
Of beginning and end

8. To Haunt You

Move and step aside
Make way for those who try
Bow be dignified
And never look into the eyes

Once you'll try
Never to repeat
The hunt is on
To haunt you

Escape the overwhelming feeling
Show me your affection
Forget your disappointment
Forget about your past

Once you'll look away
Never to deny
The fog burns away
Your shadow starts to visualize

Into these eyes

Now you tried
You blew your chance
The hunt is on
To haunt you

9. The Harlot

And once you go
I will not follow
You own no part of me
I'm free to wander
You're bound to fall
No earth will move for you
You're just a fantasy
Of vivid imagination

Hooked and tied
Strapped and bound
We all feel the same rage

Push not pull
They play the wrong game
Detach your soul
From what is real
Packed with heat
I'll never use it
Fiction not fact
One dead alive

And once I go
You will not follow
I don't own a part of you
I'm free to wander
I'm bound to fall
No earth will move for me
I'm just a fantasy
Of your imagination

10. Blind Euphoria 2006

Is this what you're looking for
This is not what we want

Honestly it slipped my mind
Got sucked into these query eyes
Grabbed with both hands straight in front
Reality is simplified

Deny this blind euphoria
Enjoy your fake utopia

You whisper remember me
When I am lost and found again
Don't hang on to what I said
Your thoughts were yesterday's

Are you so proud of what I've achieved
This surely paved the way for me to grow
Is every sentence an excuse for a thousand more
Is every movement made a justified response

What each of you believes is real
I've never known
And every time I have to choose
The choice is already made

11. Second Time Around

The mirror in front of me
The reason to forget
Is an obstacle I see through
Is the reason why we live
I control what you believe
Are you the only one
The vision fades in fades out

Watching you instead
Now I'll never find
You're too ugly to forget
An answer to let go
Too beautiful to have
Turn the clock back now
The beginning starts the end


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