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The Vermin Breed

"The Vermin Breed" (2005)

1. Forgotten
2. Maze of Being
3. The Insufferable
4. Unnamed Sorrow
5. The Great Divide
6. Reasonable Doubt
7. Cascade
8. Deny the Dream
9. Downward

1. Forgotten

Things I will not allow

Forced me to reveal
The past you live until you kneel
Gutted for what's been done
To your kin and those around
You were served and smiled and bowed
Take it all deeper down
To the place you call the one
Where the damage is all undone
You think

Am I allowed to say
You are forgotten

Crawled from out of sight
Like a spider's about to hide
Cover your prey in gold
To be killed, loved and crushed
You will tell me what is real
About the world I reveal
And tell me what is wrong
Is this reality going on

I will not allow this stupidity
This madness has gone on too long
I'll devour you from inside
I'll crush you like a bug
For reasons I cannot explain
I've become the unreal
Do you know what is real

2. Maze of Being

Still we wander around and around
For a tombstone in a place of death
Where a child was born, left and bagged at dawn
From a kill at noon to a warrior soul
Still we are in search of thoughts
Grasping seeds that the wind blew on
Covered up by fairy dust
Myths kept buried in the sand

What I'm told is what I see
What I seek is in my soul

The knots untangled, providing me
With the gift of seeing the goal beneath
From the cellar floor to the roof above
I see through the ceiling how life evolves
Unfold your soul right now
Lay beside me, embrace the sky
Suffer no longer, enter what's real
Let the struggle hold you down no more

What I'm told I see
What I seek is in my soul

What I seek I'm told
I've been down

Still we crawl in the maze of being
When the answer's near, just unfold your soul

3. The Insufferable

One last sigh
One forgotten truth
Cross side up
Cross side down

Out of the forest
Out of the fields
The chaos emerges
Into the deep

You came to me with your hands open wide
Begging me for friendship, begging me for love
I turned you down, what was I supposed to do
You had it all, but threw it all away

One sign
One source
One time
One life
Of being wrong
No one believes you

Out of the forest
Out of the leaves
The battle emerges
Into your sleep

Standing there in front of me, your mouth open wide
Wanting to scream, no speech allowed
I cut you off, you bleed me dry
Victory was yours, but I kept it all

Until you sign your name, be gone I said
Source of evil pushed away
Times I wonder what was wrong
Your shameful lie is dead and gone

4. Unnamed Sorrow

Certain angle, certain light
Drifters, strangers, diabolical sight
Creating night, creating dawn
Moaning winds show the road to hell

How I swear that this is true
Had no idea what this all meant
Sat down at the edge of the porch
Never knew you from before

Look for my unnamed sorrow
That fades away
Growing up sad and lonely
All astray

Sun is dark, the moon my life
Sweat keeps running down my spine
Shiver not evoke the right
Vanish into the blinding light

Keep it certain, keep it sane

You give it all away
Never to remain

My unnamed sorrow
You gave it all away

5. The Great Divide

Pick it up, don't be afraid of what you're doing now
Make it all worthwile this time
Centre all the attention that was given to
You alone in a world divine

With a grin on your face and your eyes open wide
And a gun going off in the nick of time
Are you giving up now or is the rope what you seek
Cross the line and dive

I will come to you
Not afraid to die
I will follow you
Into the great divide

Am I not worthy for you

Reverse it all in the mind of the blind
Make it all sound easy this time
Breathe it out with a sense of enjoyment
Swallow down with a sense of pride

Are you too stupid to see

Faster than the speed of light
Leave the others, let them cry
Time is just a joke to you
Leave them all for broke

Never ever enough
Wanting more and more
Pick up the pace
Do it, do it now

Pick it up put your finger where it should have been
The last time when you went for gold
Take a sheet write it down as it would be the past
Pass it on to the ones you love

Pick it up don't be afraid
Pick it up don't let the bullet fly by
Pick it up the end is near

6. Reasonable Doubt

I feel the water burn
Taste of blood and rotting dirt
I heal the wounds that show
Everything I am to you

I share the hurt inside
The change you make from day to night
I sense the overload
Destroy myself to rise again

Fight day and night
Come towards the light
Fight day and night
Join the one inside


I have no fear to share
The gates will slowly disappear
I'll blow it all away
Destroy myself and rise again

The soil beneath is for us to keep

There's no reason for doubt

Pull the ashes down below
Let the water drain the soul
Carry the weight of what you've done
I'll refuse to let you die

The soil

7. Cascade

So be it
If you say so
I surrender
To your serenade

Come closer
You whisper
Come closer
You cry

I reach out to you
I try to grab you
You slip through my fingers
My cascade of tears

Sit down, walk straight
Dark side of the angels
I take your gift

8. Deny the Dream

I worship you, I adore you
I can see you, I've never done this before
I think

Wonder why I tell you these stories
Don't know how they affect you right now
You'll uncover the riddle I sent you
To know my face will uncover the truth

Within these hellish dreams
The shadows will follow you
Those burning, creepy lights
Decide the faith, deny the dream for you

Will my darkest force be unleashed
Will my crime be discovered one day
Will you know that the target was you
Or will I get scared and move

You're leaving me now
You hurt me so bad
The secret is out
The thought lurks inside

I'll find it, be sure
Nine lives no more, nine lives gone

I see the way you look at me
Taste the courses that you eat
Know the clothes you wear at night
Red cut open and obscene

You want me, your needs
You play, with me
It's gone too far
I've put the knife there before

I know why I told you those stories
They have no more effect on you
You've uncovered the riddle I am
And what my face uncovered for you

Decide the faith
Deny me not
What becomes me

9. Downward


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