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Mercury Rising

"Mercury Rising" (2002)

1. Mercury Rising
2. Beneath the Flesh
3. Rectify
4. Whispering Words
5. Crave for More
6. Descending Pain
7. The Shadow Wall
8. For Us Immortals
9. Immortals The Aftermath
10. Last Day of Winter
11. Twist of Fate
12. Black God White Devil

1. Mercury Rising

2. Beneath the Flesh

Stepping closer all the time
It just unravels before my eyes
Pushing, pulling clouds the light
You sipping, makes me lose my mind
Take me anywhere you said
Is just what I can't do
And I've got all this in my grasp
One stroke, touching you

Your hands beneath the flesh
While riding on the stars
Turn white into red
This time will never end

Gliding down the path we chose
Tasting everything inside
One thought possessing all your hopes
Fulfilling them

Your hands beneath the flesh
Turn white into red

Feel the veins start to fill
Forgive me not for imagining

Holding on to just that thought
Creates the bleeding of our souls
Those thoughts possessing all our hopes
A joyful sin

3. Rectify

Back to when I became
An immortal and a renegade
Sought by you troubled souls
For redemption of our cause
When will I persevere
In claiming my own destiny
Time to challenge all the signs

How hard to reach out
How hard to start it all again
Not quite a rematch
Just a new sentence of a tale

Teardrop on a mirror plate
A ripple starts a breaking wave
Will not run behind
It's now that I will crush it down
Couldn't take a break before
To discover what is truly mine
Time to challenge all the signs

Crush it hard

All is right now
For they are my crime

Free-fought of all the chains
That were holding me so bound
To the unlike image of
A creation of my fantasy

4. Whispering Words

Whispering words
A fierce light
So close
So cold

5. Crave for More

Break of dawn
Darkest night
Touch the skin
Don't go too deep
Scars in-between
Close the eyes
If you dare
Try to see
For what goes on
Outside of me

Going down in this so called perfect world
Going down in this fucked up world

Open your eyes
Black detail
Be blind
For what goes on
Inside of me
Cut the cable
Metal string
The right size
Perfect fit
For falling down

Turn around
One more time
I'll hold you once again
Turn around
One more time
I shut my eyes in pain

I crave for more
Once again
A love so full
The burning skin
Means nothing to me
I live your ghost
Tender world
I live your end
Never awake
Never be born again

6. Descending Pain

To attend your funeral would be
The moment I dread the most
One look into that peaceful light
If I only could hear those whispering words

But I can't 'cause I live in this room
Where no sound can penetrate
I will be nothing but a memory
A picture burned into the flesh of your eyes
Of your eyes

Let me take you
To this place I belong

I cannot pretend to be happy
You cannot pretend to be sad
Let me taste your salted tears
Before you leave me here to die once again
Once again

So my spirit can descend
Like a cloud from hell
And let you feel the burning pain you caused

Many times I have hesitated
But it would make me like you
It wouldn't be worth it to hurt you
'Cause your death means nothing to me
Nothing to me

7. The Shadow Wall

This time I'm standing tall not scared of what might come
For I have told you like it is
I raise my head up high to look into your eyes
But you just hold your knife and wait until I turn

Those thorns inside
Will pierce your armoured heart in time
Stop hiding behind
The shadow wall will slowly crumble down

You're holding on to all the things that might be safe
For they are just a strange collection of mistakes
You little baby, stop shaking, face your life
So I can teach you how to dream

Why try to leave this, is it too scary
Are you afraid of what the rest of it might bring
Beware of the void it might dissolve you
Isn't it time to start again

Take this time in your own hands and leave it all behind
Close the void inside your soul
Be fire and be blood

Beware of what the pain might bring
Beware of what sorrow brought
'Cause this is what the time has given you today

8. For Us Immortals

Those all-gods rotting here
Still are looking down on me
Growling from above
Think they still rule the time we're living in
Conquer all the minds at stray
And let the myth just vaporise
Become me and you will see
I am the one above

Try to reach the end of time
You will feel it going down
Faith is running out on them
But I am holding on (for you)

You try to live forever
In the tales of people's dreams
So you'd become immortal
For the roads you walked upon

Is faith running out on you
Who's holding on for me

Are you holding on for me
I am holding on for you

Let's wander through the woods
Stroke the tree of dreams
Don't worry about the puzzle
It will never be made
It will never be

You're running out
I'm holding on
You're running out
Holding on for me

9. Immortals The Aftermath

10. Last Day of Winter

I've been where noone has been before
In a world I can shatter
A place full of blind emotions

I've seen you where noone has seen you before
Hiding from dark metaphors
On the last day of winter

11. Twist of Fate

Shed a tear for you
I'll put a rose on the ground
A thin line follows
The road we walk upon

Drifting on, on the stream we'll be drowning in
So let me go, so this might be what we're searching for
You let me closer, knowing you'll be losing me
Why would I punish you and disappear without a trace

The shores we walk alone
With noone left to bother us
From the wind we are forced to hide, my love
Closer than the night

Can you hear me, am I getting through to you
Are you listening, am I screaming loud enough
Put some space between us, so we can breathe again
Slowly out of sight, opposing to divide

Can you feel a little love, is my pleading ridicule
Show the true side of the coin in my hand
Throw it up, point the barrel at the sky
Let's decide ourselves, for one more time

12. Black God White Devil

This is my hell
And I can't understand
She drives me wild
With my holy truck
She's off here head
Like a fireball
Aggression is going
All night long
And I killed your cat
With my iron fist

Black god white devil
Baby scream or die

This is my hell
And I can't understand
I don't want to write
Your name in my book
You're turning my murder
Into sacred crime
Son, give me the dagger
On that chair
Mother strangles me
I'm running out of air

This is my hell
And I can't understand
Endless you can cut me in pieces
With your teeth and nails
You drink my blood
While licking my scars
I don't know what love
Is all about
And I killed your cat
With my iron fist


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