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Dead Loss

"Dead Loss" (2000)

1. Erase Your Past
2. Self-Inflicted
3. A Sweet Departure
4. Fragments of Time
5. Condemned Heritage
6. Into the Sun
7. Reflection of the Light
8. Lost / Insane
9. The Rapture
10. A Sweet Departure (edit)

1. Erase Your Past

What do you expect to achieve with a life like this
I doubt if there's a girl somewhere
You'll know quite soon what your mistake was
There never had to be a sacrifice

Wipe the smile off your face
Cut the colours out and try a darker shade

Surrender to the powers of dark and pale
Put some tape across your mouth
I think confusion is a forceful tool
And grant forgiveness when you're pleased

Confuse your enemy
Erase your past

The fear's alive

2. Self-Inflicted

I watch myself, I hate the sight
I'm living on the edge at night
I'm getting older days and days
by the minute
The guilt I feel for what I've done
Grows stronger when I look at you
And think about the years we had

Created a world of my own
These walls keeping me inside
Can't crawl out of my own life

Crying eyes, mix of blood
Creating the father and the son
I wish I could turn this around
You are the son of mistakes
I am the one to procreate
Oh why did I lock the gates

My own denial
Wakes me up inside
My own disguise
Hates its own sight

3. A Sweet Departure

Throw it out while the window's shut
Be sure there's nothing you forgot
Leave your differences behind
Care about me one more time

She's not crying
While he is dying

And all I need is just one touch
Or am I again asking too much
On my knees I finally drop
But tired of begging this got to stop

Push away, run away, get away,
turn away, run away
From everything you've got

Don't need your money to be rich
I can only say you're a fucking bitch

And I, I am dying

4. Fragments of Time

I've been left behind, with feelings beyond my control.
It's like I'm condemned to be here alone.
But I have no regrets, I'm just clinging on to memories.
And they are not about future hope.
It's the idea of what might have been.
I feel like I'm in chains…

For I am left behind
With feelings I cannot control
My trust is weakened
I'm condemned to be left alone
Regret is no part of it
Just clinging on to memories
It's not about future hope
But what might have been

Feels like I'm in chains
And you threw out all the keys

Slipping back in time
Introduction to a crowded room
Feels like my mind is going
Through a solitary phase
Now the end is near
It's getting closer by the minute
I can't get away
From the place I've been locked out

It's hard to see views blocked from me
And to leave behind fragments of my life

Fragments of my time I leave behind

5. Condemned Heritage

Please try me soulless world
You'll be getting nowhere
There's no crevice in my armour
To defend mine only

Can't burn it out of me
It will always be you
Can't burn it out of me
It has always been you

Sometimes the way I talk
Is cold and evil
But trying to take control
Is hard and lonely

I'm never going to leave you behind
I'm going to crawl out of it
I'm never going to fall asleep
I'll keep on fighting the demons

6. Into the Sun

Watching you
I'm all remorse and begging for mercy

I don't know
Whether I'd try to reach out for the sun
Or just go to sleep
For in my dreams I hope

7. Reflection of the Light

Who will tell all the tales
Who will shuffle the deck of cards
Who will make us see the things we do not see
Who will swim a thousand oceans
Who will give all the answers
Who will make our uncertainty disappear

You tell the stories once again
'Cause it reminds us of our friends

Just a drop on the carpet
Made a pool in your tales
Your proportions made us addictive to your words
Like a dolphin she could swim, you know
Like a seagull she could fly away
Like a rose smiling at your face

So dear to us
So hard to accept
Lead us with your inspiration

Try to bear the pain we share
And all our needs should disappear

I can feel you living inside of me

Do not deny us the thoughts they left us

If the circle makes us talk
Write their names down on the walk
That we'll follow for the rest of our lives
Show the world that they are still alive
In our needs, our doings and our hearts
Inspire us until we say goodbye

8. Lost / Insane

You've pierced your hooks into my flesh
Tearing me into shreds

Don't you begin again
You're driving me insane
Don't you begin again
I've reached the point where I lose control

The more I try to get away
The more I fit into your play

Don't you make me crawl
Can't survive the fall

I'm your addiction, your nicotine
I'm the spark that makes you burn

Your nicotine

9. The Rapture

10. A Sweet Departure (edit)


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