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Semper Tyranis

"Semper Tyranis" (2004)

1. Holocaust
2. God Has Failed
3. Aeternus Dominion
4. They Wait
5. Unsanitized
6. Global Cremation Suicide
7. Meathook
8. Unholy
9. Cyanide

1. Holocaust

Am I the only one living,
the only one alive.
Don't know what happened,
or how I survived.

The holocaust, devastated
All is lost, de-created

Barren land of wastage,
below a bloodied sky.
Nothing anymore,
paradise declines.

Savaged by deception,
a world that's ripped and torn.
Isolated outcast,
hell has been reborn.

2. God Has Failed

A storm is rising engulfing the earth,
tidal waves, destruction it's curse.
Towering above our habitual land,
crushing down on God's command.

Dawning of a new age has begun,
the end of our world it has come.
No-one will live to tell the tale,
to save our planet God has failed.

The earth is shaking shattered to the core,
the ground is quaking, landscapes distort.
The sky is cracking, acid within rain,
Lightning striking, burning God's name.

Water rising flooding the plains,
mountains crumble, a desolance remains.
The storm has settled, dark eternal night,
Nocturnal chaos, oblivion survives.

3. Aeternus Dominion

You endure life no more,
you lay at rest, closed eyes.
Dark and still, eternal sleep,
life's demise, born to die.

You will,
You will mourn,
You will mourn death,
As you mourn death will,
As you mourn death will kill,
As you mourn death will kill you,
As you mourn death will kill you too.
Kill you too.
Aeturnus Dominion,

4. They Wait

Resistance is futile,
there is no escape.
Hunted like dogs,
as they manipulate.

They Wait

There is no future,
only chosen fate.
There is no mercy,
eternally we hate.

Create your misery,
We are our foe.

5. Unsanitized

Child of sorrow, child of pain.
Darkened secrets hidden away.
Severed souls, tormented life
Years of pain, sacrifice

Spite and sorrow, the mould of hate.
Bashed and beaten, incestual rape.
Loathing affection, destructive intentions
A life of torture, a mind infection

A child of sorrow, the mould of hate
Darkened secrets, incestual rape.
Loathing affection, a tormented life
Years of pain, sacrificed

Betrayed - bearing life's scars
Decayed - Life unsanitized
Bearing the scars.

6. Global Cremation Suicide

I can see the calm before the storm,
rising above the ground.

Predict the aftermath before its born,
we're waiting - we're hell bound.

Smash the world like a battering ram,
destruction all around.

Besiege the only life man has known,
fall - on killing ground.

Global cremation, suicide.

7. Meathook

Carved and bashed, beaten near death.
The intense pain, draws abated breath.
Carved and slashed, ripped to shreds.
Constant torture that never ends.

Flesh of pain
Near death
Chopped to pieces
Hacked to shreds

Meathook (through your soul)

Fire that burns within my flesh.
Tortured life, within tortured death.
Blades control the reapers scythe.
He's coming back, to fuck my life.

The end
Drawing near
Time at hand
The reaper
Closing in

Condemned me

8. Unholy

Religion, a useless mirage of hope.
Misconception, buried in lies.
Ancient litrature of hypocrisy.
Time has come for a new God.

Join our church of a new God.
This our church, Unholy God.

A thousand years twice since past.
Since he died, crucified.
Remnants of the day, blind worship.
A book of lies, a faith of fools

Retrieve your mind, regain your soul
The only light to new found life
Biblical laws of inherited lies
Time has come for a new God

9. Cyanide

Captive in this prison cell
Outcast locked within this hell
Decimation of my life
On death row.

My friend Cyanide,
Inhaled I die.
My friend Cyanide,
Goodbye......I die.

Biding my time until my day,
Insanity, my mind has frayed.
I wait out my condemned life.
On death row.

Preacher preaches my last rights.
The reaper fucks my soul tonight.
Termination of my life.
On death row


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