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"Herfst" (2003 Demo)

1. Slør Av Sorg
2. The Battle And The Dream
3. The Unknown
4. Everlasting Darkness
5. Possessed
6. Eternal Death

1. Slør Av Sorg

Slør av sorg

På en guffen morgen voknet jeg

Med tomme stirrende øyne

Alt lys er slokket

Jeg ser bare skumringen

Jeg lengter etter de himmelske marker

Og vil føle meg omfavnet av døden

Jeg føler at jeg skal hoppe i evigheten

Hvor de mørke sjeler hersker

Jeg tåler ikke lyset lengre

Jeg tåler ikke lykket.

2. The Battle And The Dream

The battle and the dream .

Caught in my body .

My feet drag me .

Wherever I do not want to go .

I have no choice .

I am split in two .

Body and mind .

My mind is clear .

Wants to find another host not deformed , yet not perfect .

Raise war , raise hell , mind wins .

Body cries , mind flies , body dies .

I swim in agony .

Gone is my golden era .

I collapse in lurid dreams .

The stream of distress has taken me into its arms .

A collage of memories flashes before my eyes .

Sometimes grotesque , sometimes destructive .

I long for an reunification .

Some time near in time .

An embrace of filthy claws starts me out of my sleep .

But there is no reality , reality is gone .

So am I .

There is no more me .

The body dissolved in an ethereal mass .

The minds roams in an unending universe .

I am lost in my dreams and there is no way back .

I think I die .

But I am not certain .

What is dying .

The change from known into unknown .

The change from unknown into known .

There is no colours .

Nothing !

Only fading into solitude .

3. The Unknown

The unknown .

Living in a room of solitude .

Never had a change to socialize .

Always chained by prejudish .

Even we treat them like another worthless .

Rejected before they are known .

Lost in aworld where they are left behind .

Seeking for attention that can not be found .

Thoughs of meaningless and useless are ?

Embedded in their minds .

Exiled to the nothingness by the worthy .

Sentenced to eternal longliness .

Never do they get the change for love .

In this world of civilized day and age , they are considdered nothing more as alower form of life .

Useless for our modern society .

It is time that we open our eyes .

So that we can apreciate them .

Instead of ignoring them .

Cos they sure need uor attentional affection .

So give them an umbrella for the rain .

Give them warmth and for the cold wintery days .

And discover their values .

Listen to what they have to say .

Look at what they have to show you .

Release them out of the nothingness .

Another utopia , for their will always be high and low , warm and cold , sunshine and raindrops

4. Everlasting Darkness

Everlasting darkness .




Is how I feel inside .

Thought’s are raving through my head .

Thoughts of madness .

Thoughts of desperation .

Emotionally shattered .

It is all getting too much for me .

Con not bear to witness .

The cruelty any longer .

Nor the pain that seems to paralyse me .

Oberrun by harsh feelings .

Towards a world .

That has given me nothing .

But everlasting darkness .

The wish to fly away .

Has never been more tempting .

So I fly .

Further and further .

Away from this earth .

Away from reality .

The reality that breaks me down to ashes .

I want to dissappaer forever .

So still I fly .

Further and further .

Until I have found myself .

Finally I have reached a place .

To live my life in solitude .

For in solitude I was born .

And in solitude I will die .

5. Possessed

Possessed ( The force ) .

An unknown force has invaded my mind .

Take control over my thoughts and feelings .

My memories are banned to oblivion .

Only hatred fills my heart .

I see no longer colours , but darkness and grey .

My soul is as black as the night .

And so cold as ice .

I am wandering through the fields of death .

Kissing every grafe . ;

This is where I must end !

And no priest shall exorcise me !

For the force is more powerful than any other force .

In the universe and beyond !

It gives me command of life and death .

And he who confronts me , shall be guided to the fields of death .

The force is my bride to be .

And the dead shall be our offspring .

Those who are , and those who shall be !

And their souls will be as black as the night .

And as cold as ice .

I am standing before the gates of my hell .

I am looking at my kingdom to come .

Where the force is my leader .

My destiny is about to be revealed .

I see nothing but an open grave .

I cry for help .

6. Eternal Death


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