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Break up to rise again

"Break up to rise again" (1998 Demo)

1. Sadistic Seal Killings
2. ...Break up to rise again...
3. Why, do they love me
4. Been
5. Outro

1. Sadistic Seal Killings

Winterland, icewind

Hot like fire on Pluto

White canyons, diamond mountains

Slippery like ice on the road

The most untouchable places on earth

Only human left scars behind

Civilisation trying for centuries

Never completed

The strong can survive, the weak suffer, suffer

A balanced cocoon, where we break through

Hunt for the future

Only need for the skin, the rest is blown to a red slimy road

Mothers trying to find their children

Feel the pain flowing through their brains

Everytime again and again

That hawk, screams of pleasure and joy

Face, horrible, worser than war

Staring, yellow push, blood drained cells

Nerves, flowing around, smiles disappear

Eyes light up, and the victory vibrations, humanity’s real face

Strikes again, disgusting, so be it

We rule, we rule

Fucking mother earth

Hopefully someday we will become civilised people

And could start again with a blank paper

2. ...Break up to rise again...

People live their lives so different

Not being understood by others , never shall be

Trying to get known to each other

How did they get started

Think they have found a true one ?

Do not believe in mistakes

We are humans , do not ?

We are searching for the equal

A never produced hologram

But some magic never modofied

Feelings and characters , we says is the soul

Something we shall find high in space

Where the heaven is below

Made in the past and destroy the future

We have tried it so much

And always found the cross road where the nature powers rule

There starts the past

Love break up to rise again

Unchanged !

With some new equel , forgotten feelings made new characters

Why do we do that

We will never find that person

We need to find love

3. Why, do they love me

A tear of grief runs down my face

As I watch how your coffin is brought to your grave

And wonder how my love, oh my beautiful love, Had to die this unfair death

The pain of loneliness is tearing me apart, now that your are gone

People keep on saying: < Life goes on >

But I do not want it to go on, not without my love

Because she was my only reason to keep my life going

The birds on the trees will never sound again so beautiful to my ears

Why did this unfair death have take you away from me, why?

I can not go on living in this pain

There is no one to comfort me, or to keep me company

Why are people so cruel, why did not they believe in our love, why?

I might as well end it all, so I can join her

Why did she die, why?

There is no one to share my grief with

That no could care about me

They keep on treating me as if I did a crime

When fell in love with you

But I known that someday they will understand it, and wonder:


A songless heart, a doubtful mind

Is this the life, I have to live!

When everything is so uncertain

No girlfriend, no job, no future

I am a failure of society:< so they say >

I may give the impression, that I do not care about things ( Oh, if they only knew )

But I am just lonely

Recently, I bought a gun, and it is lying next to me

Oh, God, it looks so…

Are people going to miss me

When I am no longer around?

I am going to end it now

My loveless life, no longer worth living

The pain since my love died

I can no longer bear a last look at the picture of my family the question raises:

< Do they love me >?

4. Been

I sit here alone, not knowing what they are saying to me

But I do not care

They have their own life and so do I

They gather around, staring at me, trying to understand

What I am thinking of

Their so called problems makes me realise that my life is not so bad after all

But I am afraid that is just an illusion

Please help to find my happiness

So that I do not have to stay any longer in the cold rain

Years and years, I have walked the path of life, trying to find my happiness

Like fish trying to find his way to the ocean

Forsaken by the one they call god

In a time I needed someone to cling to

Suddenly I was surrounded by thousand golden stars

Flying me to a far-away place in a far-away world

A place where I had no need for things

A place where I was not alone

Finally I have found my


Which I had lost so long ago

But then I opened my eyes and still sitting here alone

I see the same faces still staring at me

Was all this a dream

Or have I really been to this far-away world, been?

5. Outro


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