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Beauty Witchcraft

"Beauty Witchcraft" (2005 Demo)

1. Aeon`s Dragon
2. Beauty Witchcraft
3. Fallen Angel
4. The Ring

1. Aeon`s Dragon

Still here since the enchanters died
When the rain of stars fell down
All the creatures became ashes,
Only the man and my spirit survived
Oh, survived

Born over flames and gold
Blessed with fire wings,
Owner of the sky am I?
As guardian of the sea

Reached the glory many times
Before you had a place on earth,
I will have your filthy lives
I´ll spread the justice with my breath


Waiting the moment to come
(Feeding myself with pride)
Change must be in you mind
(It must be in you mind)
Waiting the moment to come
(Or nothing will stay away)
Nothing will stay away


But there is something you should know
Before you leave or die
Even with the gods at your side
my anger will suffice


2. Beauty Witchcraft

The old legends always make stars shine
cause within it seems that they hide truths
even though the tales are just some old fantasies
love makes you believe they're real.

Once upon a time in far and lonely lands
an evil witch existed
no brave knight could defeat her
and the spirit of death still remains in the air.


At daylight demons surround her
she will not wait for evil to arise
but when stars become candles
the most precious maiden shall be born again

No curse is worse than this
but hope is the last thing that dies
there's one way that this witchcraft could be undone
the secret is inside_her heart

The lord of the night has decided
your salvation will be your wickness
a child of light is inside your womb
and the seed of the king is your harvest.



Finally the day has come
was easy to turn on the passion
the king fell on his knees by desire
the joy of freedom is trapped in a damned knife

She felt strengthless, her hands have opened
she brokedown in tears and misery
her mind was crushed by her heart
a lost heart damned with "the neverlove curse"

3. Fallen Angel

When the sun sleeps and the shadows domain
I taste the glory that you bring to my dreams,

Fill my emptiness with illusions and peace,
The ways of truth are more easy to see.


Fallen angel, fallen angel
You'll fight my demons and my wicked thoughts
Fallen angel, Fallen angel
Watch for my being, take care of my soul


Since those first days you've been ruling this land
You'll learn to live between darkness and clouds.
When the sun sleeps and the shadows domain
you will protect me and bring peace with your self.

[CORO] X 2

4. The Ring


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