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"Confession" (1996 Demo)

1. E.H. was Right (Life)
2. Love of my Life (Sin)
3. I Confess (Confession)
4. Images (Love)

1. E.H. was Right (Life)

I´m self-awareness, I want to be clear
before everyone, I wañt to be such sort
of man as God wishes
Crowd, crowds, many big crowds
Too full of people´s minds, I´m loosing
my mind, I´m loosing my own, where is
my opinion and and where are you your own!
I´m loosing myself in the rhythm of life
You´re loosing yourself in the crowd of minds
All we are loosing ourself in the void!
No! Is this life? No! This isn´t life!
Please man break your prejudices,
Please man you must be as yourself...

2. Love of my Life (Sin)

I´m your drink, I´m your food, I´m your
beatiful titbit which you
want incessantly
Many people want me, Many, many people need me!
Shut up! You bastard, you want my death.
Shut up! You bastard, you must de dead.
You´re my big misfortune, you´re my big misfortune!
More and more give yourself, more and more you need me
More and more you must have. More and more
I´m your disease you must die
You´re my death I´ll never die
I´m your love, I´m your sin, we´ll be together, I´m your dream
Many, many people want me ´cause, Many, many people
need me! I already want nothing, I want only one, I won´t be
your fun, I promise you your death, I promise you your death.

3. I Confess (Confession)

This is my confession, this is my life, It was
utmost mistake which I allowed, made, Mistake
which is last I´m sick & I´m
going to die soon,
Once I felt pain vast black arrow thrust to my eyes
It cleaved in front of the face & hit both my eyes
I fell down & black arrow exploded to blinding whiteness
White passage, people in white cloak, face of camouflage
everywhere is furious silence & face judgement

4. Images (Love)


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