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The Winter´s Harvest

"The Winter´s Harvest" (1996)

1. Absence of Mercy
2. Insufferable Love
3. Severance
4. Ah Pook the Destroyer
5. Deceiver
6. Obsessed
7. Bringer of Darkness
8. Anti-Life Equation
9. The Winter's Harvest
10. Ipecac Pool

1. Absence of Mercy

As darkness falls around him
He knows that he will soon die.
But he sees them stand before him,
So he rises for one last try.
And he fights them, though he can´t win.
With him they´ll go if he must die.

In this final absence of mercy
He sent them all to Hell.
Now he hears the diabolic
Call of the Demon´s bell.
He gave his life for honor,
But still he died where he fell.

2. Insufferable Love

Through the haze
Of my pain
I think back
To the day.
End the life,
Start the reign.
Turn the love
Into hate.

Light is gone
Life is drained.
Only agony
Doth remain.
A single thought
Posses my brain:
"Destroy the one
Who caused my pain."

Carve her flesh,
As I cry
Tears of joy,
As she dies.
Final stare
From her eyes.
I always knew
Her love was lies.

3. Severance

Jealousy, laced with retribution.
Enemies on all sides.
I can see no end to this confusion.
Apathy in their eyes.

Alone - I must die.
What am I?

Sympathy, my ears will never hear you.
Misery, you are mine.
Love is free. A lie! A pile of bullshit!
On my knees. Fuck this life.

Alone - I must die.
What am I?

"They thought I was insane, because i wanted to die"

4. Ah Pook the Destroyer

For Ah Pook`s Sake
The answer is
Is so simple:
Death needs time for
For what it kills
Kills to grow in
In for Ah Pook
Ah Pook´s sweet sake.

On the white hot plains of Venus
There is a somewhat cooler spot,
Which I have held againts all contestants
For over five hundred thousands years.
Now you think I will be your "errand boy"?

Summoned to this world
By IBM and virus crystals.
God of Pain and Fear,
My name must be paid for.
Give me my name back!

How long could you hold that spot?
You "board members."
About thirty seconds,
With all your guard dogs.
And you thought
To channel my energies?
My name is not yours to use!
Henceforth I think about 30 seconds is gone.

5. Deceiver

By command of Odin
In battle we must die.
But first we´ll stand triumphant,
Until, to Asgard we arise.
And Loki, the Deceiver,
Will drown in his own lies.

Our fight is never ending
Againts the forces of the false.
And although we are outnumbered
Odin´s cause shall not be lost.
With the Allfather´s eye upon us
We cannot be stopped.

6. Obsessed

7. Bringer of Darkness

As I stare into Abyss
Starless sky is all I see.
This must
Now end,
Before I am destroyed.

Where is the pale lady now?
In her world, under the moon.

Bring the dark. Destroy the light.
Pain engraved onto my mind.

That this night would never end.
The snow fall eternally.
The worms
Will feast
On the corpse of the night.

Dawn is now cast upon
The grave of the angel,
The Bringer of Darkness.
I speak your secret name:

8. Anti-Life Equation

9. The Winter's Harvest

Seasons have passed,
I sit and wait
For the end of selfish pain.
I have lost something
I cannot replace
Still, I must leave it behind.
I will return to the battlefield
Where I can peacefully die.

Angels have wept,
Demons have died

In wars fought for love.
I shall burn off all my flesh:
It´s failed me for the last time.
Winter will come,
I´ll still be here,
Mourning the death of a smile.

10. Ipecac Pool


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