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Drunk with Power

"Drunk with Power" (2006)

1. Form a Circle
2. Infernal Waves
3. Out on Bail
4. Cradle to the Grave
5. Little Jimmy
6. Fight for the Right (To be a Dick)
7. You Coloured My World With Shit
8. Catch the Bus
9. I'm Dirt
10. Toxic Society
11. Visiting Hours (Instrumental)
12. Ward 13
13. Keeps Going Wrong
14. God Told Me To Do It
15. Drunk With Power

1. Form a Circle

Tooth chip & thrash
Elbow to your face
Get in the pit
If you cannot stand the pace
Violent breed is raging
Punch suckers on the jaw
Losers on the outside
Kick suckers to the floor

Punks & thrashers together as one
A raging whirlwind
Where violence is fun
You'll feel it tomorrow
When you awake
Your skin bruised purple
And your bones all ache

A squadron of psychos
The floor their war-zone
Drunken schitzo the gutter their home
Slams like a madman
Acts like a fool
Break heads, snap bones
Tear down walls

Punks & thrashers moshing as one
A bar-room brawl
Where violence is one

Get in the pit-in the pit!
And form a circle
Get in the pit-in the pit!
Do your shit-in the pit!
Get in the pit!

Total madman dude watch him rage
Slams like a pro,jumps off the stage
Hates Nu-Metal bands
Thinks they suck
Got a look in our eye
That says don't fuck

Stuck in a time-warp since '88
Never gave up always kept faith
Old-school warrior true to a cause
Not a sold-out bitch
Like those Nu-Metal whores

Kids are thrashin' all around
Banging heads to the sound
Going round in circles
To the beat of the band
Moshing like a lunatic
Drinkin' beer until you're sick
Diving off the P.A. never knowing
Where you're gonna land

2. Infernal Waves

Only playing songs
By the bands you know that matter
It's infernal!
It's infernal!
Sonic terrorism
Makes your ear-drums shatter!
It's infernal!
It's infernal!

Play the new-school bands
Who have got a cool new song
And the old-school shit
That's been around so long

Turn the volume up to 10
And listen-listen to the show-show!

Infernal waves-infernal!
Only play it if it's from the heart
Infernal waves-infernal!
Keeping faith or the scene falls apart

3. Out on Bail

I've done my time
I've paid my dues

Know right from wrong
I've no excuse
My cards are marked
Possessions bagged
My name is shit,my leg is tagged

Better watch where I go
Better watch what I do
Better watch,watch what I say
No mistakes!

Got no car, no home, no job
System labels me a slob
Ignore my fines, I pay no tax
But now I'm out-ain't going back

I'm out on bail!

4. Cradle to the Grave

Brain-dead clone,do as you're told
Programmed at birth
"Chosen" fate unfolds
Production line-a processed race
Soul-less fuckin' robot
Expression-less face

Fall in line-follow the herd
Wear the chains of the slaves
Stay in line- believe their words
From the cradle to the grave

Can't you see you're all the same?
An empty space
Where there should be a brain!

Life mapped out
From your first breath
Repeat set patterns until your death
Destroying thought
Crushing your will
Reset your brain all hope is killed

5. Little Jimmy

Jimmy was a boy
His parents didn't love him

Though Jimmy tried real hard
They still placed all above him
He got straight "A's"at school
But that still wasn't enough
And all that Jimmy wanted
To be shown a little love

So Jimmy took a Tech-9
And he took a Smith and Wesson
He rode his bike to school
Just to teach them all a lesson
He went into the school-yard
As usual insults flowed
But Jimmy has a suprise
Now it's time to lock and load!


Years of repressed anger
Unleashed that summer day
When little Jimmy lost it
And he blew his friends away
Jimmy went back home
To see his mum and dad
With a little smile
He gave them all he fuckin' had

Jimmy climbed the stairs
And went into his room
He sat upon his bed
Cos he knew the end was soon
Took out a shot-gun
Put his books upon the shelf
Put the gun into his mouth
Then Jimmy killed himself

6. Fight for the Right (To be a Dick)

Planes straif the hill side
"Top Gun" for our eyes
Designer warfare
Watch the share prices rise

G.I. Joe stays safe in his tank
At the front
Politicians says who dies in the Hunt
Deluded troops of Uncle Sam
Force their beliefs on foreign lands

Toy soldier!-watch him go!
Wind him up!-catch the show!
It's the same in every war
Devastate with shock and awe
Annihilate the weak and poor
A devil in a soldiers uniform

Corporation play-thing
Acting out their role
Destruction is the game with money as their goal

Business man stays safe
In his house far away
Action man hero
Repeats what he says
Gods hypocrites they take their fill
Metal angels swoop to kill

Fight for the right (to be a dick)

Pictures that we see
Never show the true story
Choreographed battles
And a fake march to glory

Edit out the death
Rate the slaughter P.G.
1000's lie dead they don't
Want us to see
Fight for a God they never seen
Spread the words of the obscene


7. You Coloured My World With Shit

Been dragged to hell
And beyond for so long
Believed what you said
I was wrong
Left for the vultures
Been dragged through the dirt
Words stab like nails
Left wounds that still hurt

Scars show
But you don't understand
Blood flows
Drawn by my own hand

You coloured my world with shit
Our world with shit again
You coloured our world
With your bullshit

A witness to my own funeral pyre
Mind war rages, never cease-fire
Amongst the wreckage
I'm baptised in flames
Drowning in crimson
Existence of pain

8. Catch the Bus

Friends have all gone
And your parents don't care
Sit in your room
Busy going nowhere
They don't understand
The sorrow you feel
Say "it's all in your head"
But you know it's so real

Pressure is building
My heads gonna pop
Think I'll take a journey
With only one stop

We're gonna - catch the bus!
It's never gain,always loss
We're gonna – catch the bus!
One way ticket
You can't catch us!

Relatives gather
One cold winters day
Wish they had realized
But what could they say?
Decision was made
Such a long time ago
Actions, not words-is your
"Told them so"

9. I'm Dirt

How comes you land
On your feet every time?
Why is your sky
Always bluer than mine?
I choose to push
You know I should pull
My glass half-empty
Yours half-full

Call me human garbage
Think their words really hurt?
Label me as shit
They say my name is…dirt!

How comes you're happy
While I'm feeling like shit?
Rain fell like piss
It's me it would hit!
Catch 22-can't help how I feel
My life or death?
Huh!both don't appeal

Dirt!-king of the sewer
I'm dirt!-lord of the filth
I'm dirt!-dirt!-human debris

I'll live with the rats
In the home that I've made
My pre-fab slum where no rent is paid
Born in the gutter that's where I'll stay-fuck what they say!

You're so popular
Always making new friends
I'm so despised
My relationships end
Not of your world
I don't seem to fit
Cos what I touch, man;
Turns to shit

10. Toxic Society

There's a company close to my home
They mess with my genes
And chromosomes
They alter the D.N.A. of my food
Put shit in the water
To change my mood

Sodium fluoride and P.C.P's
Chemical cocktail of C.F.C's
Modern day Frankensteins
Stealing our brains
Pour toxic chemicals down our drains

We live in a toxic society
Poisoned people - toxic society
We live in a toxic society
Deadly world – toxic society

Hang power cables
Over your house
Treat you like a laboratory mouse
Radiate me through the phone
Frys my mind & makes me a clone

11. Visiting Hours (Instrumental)

12. Ward 13

Your head's full of shit
That they don't wanna know
And your body's in a place
Where you didn't wanna go
You're tied-up, strapped-down
Staring at the wall
And the therapy don't work
That just made a bigger fool

I don't wanna live - live
This way!
I don't wanna feel - feel
This pain!

Taken all their pills
& you've been to all their groups
And you've sat, sat up and begged
& you've jumped through
All their hoops
Done what you're asked
Like a puppet being jerked
You feel a fuckin' failure
Cos none of this has worked

I don't wanna feel - feel
This fear!
I don't wanna live - live
With hate!

Ward 13!

On ward 13 you're never
Gonna leave
You say you're getting better
But they never will believe
Electric shock treatment
Fucks your mind
And leaves you numb
Your family is no help
Visiting hour never comes

13. Keeps Going Wrong

14. God Told Me To Do It

Voices repeat-psychotic echo
Raging on – pray for release
Soul touched; burning
Marked with shit
Repetition…never comes peace

Broken remnants-shattered mind
Madness reigns to cure all ill's
Impulse driven – corrupted view
Single-minded…thou shalt kill

God told me to!!!
God told me …so God help you!

Inner-sanctum, walls torn down
Broken mirror…I hate myself
Thoughts controlled
Black heart pounds
Instinct rules; resistance?…dead!

Do it!

15. Drunk With Power


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