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"Symbols" (2005)

1. Rosa
2. Vitriol
3. Earth
4. River
5. Desert
6. Mountain
7. Balance
8. Limits
9. Nin E
10. Island (bonus)

1. Rosa

I thought that I was
On the beginning of a journey
I thought that I understood
The rose in bloom.

Because a Rose is a Rose.
And when I had the secret within the reach
Something inside me became quiet,
I was struck dumb.
„Nothing does not exist“
Sounded in the space

The words were of purple color
And I recollected
That the world was made of fire
There is no need for words
Even though we have read the signs
Even though we deciphered the alphabet
Even though we have revealed the omen
There is no choice but to be silent

„The order that your mind imagines
is like a net, or like a ladder
Built to attain something
But afterwards you must
Throw the ladder away
Because you discover that
Even if it was useful
It was meaningless...
The only things that are useful
Are instruments to be thrown“

2. Vitriol

Build a temple from the white stone
Let it not have neither end nor the beginning
Take a sword to your hands
And in this way look for the entrance
There you will find the snake
And grasping it sacrifice it
And enter

Sun is hidden in a star
East in the west
Artist in a masterpiece
With a contribution of grace
You will be returned and led back
To your native land

You will find yourself
When heaven sun
And Luna descend
Joining the opposites
Worship the gold

3. Earth

She concealed you from herself
When wells opened their arms
And water flooded the world
Firmament trembled
And she was waiting
For the right time to come
You have inherited ties

And when the sky turn red by blood
You will come down to her
There is lust circulating in your veins
Embrace her
She is the Earth
Death is seed for her


4. River

I looked for river
Ancestors who gave birth to us
Man fish, woman bird
Sleeping on the river bed.
I put memories on water
And my lips touched the sky
Water took my name away
And join it with ashes

I looked for river
Ancestors who gave birth to us
Man fish, woman bird
Sleeping on the river bed.
My words will ripple the surface
And bones will move the land.
River bed give birth to life
For there is not the end
that would not be
The beginning

5. Desert

The one who once have learnt how to read Words
Mustn´t think of going back
The one who cast away all the memories
Must forget the return
The one who once have set for a journey
Mustn´t think of going back
The one who once have seen the mystery
Mustn´t think of return

Even if all the creatures bow in front of you
You can´t stop you must continue
Even if you think that you have seen the end
You can´t stop
You must go on

Even if you are called by my embrace
Even if my lips beg you stay
Forget the return

Even if you are called by my embrace
Even if my heart come to dust

I´ll stay in breeze that touch your face
I´ll stay in cloud that gives you shade
I´ll stay in water that brings new life
I ´ll stay in sand of the desert

6. Mountain

When I was looking at the laid sky
I was overcome by Inevitable feeling
That eternity and bird´s feathers
Are two aspects
Of the unseizeable whirl
Passing sentence over everything
That won´t square up

And in this moment I have realized
That every stone seems to be ambiguous in some way
And that it is waiting a lifetime
Hoping that at least a moment
Will show the miracle
That gives lifeless light confidence
To stay in darkness

7. Balance

Alone in the captivity of my thoughts
I search what I may have not lost
Hidden knowledge blown by time
That would give me hope

Loneliness does not give only sadness
Sadness could become a key
The key to lost innocence
The way to find the blown rest
Blind mind led me astray
The scales fell from my eyes
And I search for the cause
Life in memories sidetracks
The dream became a silent movie
The dream that used to live wanted to survive
But I woke up
Morning haze got into my eyes
Numbness at down of a new day

How should I give things their order
How to find the meaning
I would give everything for that grains of sand...
I stand in vacuum waiting
For arrival
Slowly, as slow as the water flows
I look truth in the face

Reverse the faith
Wipe off the hatred
I want to wake up
I do not want to dream any more

The creator hands over
And I add my print
We have life we deserve
We perceive it in the same way
As we think about it
We predetermine its shape

8. Limits

Where are the limits of selfishness
I hope that the man is not only a perverted matter
Is not only a beast
That grabs everything he wants
Instinctively, without thinking.
I hope that we are not loosing
The faith to each other
Obsessed with ourselves
Living without sympathy, drifted apart
We are making cages
Live passes as the clouds on the sky
It is up to you choose the way
The clouds that grow big will fly away, disappear
Once they will part another time they join
But unlike them the man has a choice
To be the one that get at the expense of the rest?

Where is the equality before conscience
Why the man acts in the way
He does not want
The others to act

For the love to himself?
For his comfort?
For own pleasure
Without remorse
To satisfy the ambitions to kill humanity

I stretch out my hands and cry out
As I rise for the seventh time
From the dust
When friend knocked me down

9. Nin E

I have entered the Universe
Its silence goes to all directions
Endlessly far
I am alone at the zero point

My salvation from chaos of the other worlds
Worlds without stars, galaxies and beings
Space where there is nothing only„myself"

My faith is my truth
And then I can savor
Sunshine and the blue sky
Savor the reality of being the man
Of this planet

The journey to the depths of my own knowledge
Wandering among atoms, cells and organs
That make what I call „myself"

I have been wandering in my brain
And I have been watching neurons
With my heart
I have been watching its pulse
With my blood I have perceived its movement

I have realized how much emptiness
There exist in me
How vast are the energies
Of my own body
I have felt deep respect to
What I bear
And I am

10. Island (bonus)


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