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Adon Nin Edeleth Ador Dorath

"Adon Nin Edeleth Ador Dorath" (2002)

1. Unique Daemon
2. Arcana Artis
3. Metamorphoses
4. Garden of Earthly Pleasures
5. Circle
6. Adon Nin Edeleth Ador Dorath
7. Hail to Majesty
8. Rule of Nyx
9. Pharmakopeia
10. Misery (Bonus 1998)
11. Outro

1. Unique Daemon

Ubique daemon
Do you really think
I'm what you take me for?

Ego ut dei minister
Praecipio vobis
spiritus immundi
ut recedatis
ab hac creatura dei

But I'm not your pray!

2. Arcana Artis

3. Metamorphoses

Here is a shrine at the end of the earth
It is a heart a hidden cave
It is an anger of metamorphosis

A Snake is born in an oval cave
Embryo of oaths thrust in blood
He started to grow

Till he saturated all prayers
In the rising tide of the Moon
He gave birth to the Last
Without body and breath

He wounded fatally
the body of the shrine
He ended the birth
By consuming himself

4. Garden of Earthly Pleasures

Garden of Earthy Pleasures
When the sun gets drowned in a Lake
When it drinks from the Lake bed
When the vessel is filled
The King will wash his hands

Break the dike
Open its mouth
Drive the Larvae out
Of Poison well
Potions are made

Fish without tail
Queen Rat

5. Circle

Serpent made bed on Crystal Hill
Apparation of Finalty took centuries
When Sinner screamed
Luna had a Laugh and urged the horses
Why should she care about people
Such a beauty has not been seen for ages
Heart was written all over by blook till it went black

Nothing left here
But bare consonance
Of Creator
With forked tongue

6. Adon Nin Edeleth Ador Dorath

Adon Nin Edeleth Ador Dorath
Luhram Amu Amu Dehr
Mo Yen Sinze Ade Ere
Chinsom Verged Adoreth
Tehigland Faleso
Adon Nin Edeleth Ador Dorath
Silemarar Chinson Ver Glend
Silemar Ju Ve Rars
Mi Romar Luss Miruvrowa
Mi Romar Luss Adorath

7. Hail to Majesty

Hail to Majesty
Speak to us in a great movement of the sea
Give us power
Speak to us in a murmur
Give us your wisdom
High majesty who is mirrored in the depths
Deep majesty who rises to the heights
Lead us to immortality

Oh constancy and motion
Day swathed in Night
Darkness veiled in Light

Your breath gives and takes back form of everything
You who fill the lives of the majestic
And awake the shadown of the night
You who fly on the wings of winds
Neverending motion in eternal constancy

Oh you elevated in a changing empire of shadows
Reflections and pictures
Let a shadow become a body Let spirit become soul
Let dream become thought

8. Rule of Nyx

Rule of Nyx
Beautiful Night
Your attire covered the countryside and gave it shadows
Only a few sparkling tears stayed on the sky
You sing a silent song
With bat ´s sream as refrain

Beautiful Night
Silver streams run to the empire
Of wishes an ancient lusts
Where sleeping wait for their time to come
Voices of thousands of wishes are your crown

Beautiful Night
So charming for thousands of years
I am closing my eyes and let
Twilight of feelings
Take me to the times when god in man
Wooed the passions

9. Pharmakopeia

I found a tree under the surface of the earth,
I can hear whisper of its crown everywhere
If I want.
There is a bit of it in every corner of the earth
I see it sometimes when I close my eyes
Not always not for a long time

World full of images disappearing in a moment
World of vision in a space when time makes no sense
Take a bit of the empire Fantastica

Will is a chain we are climbing up
One weak component can cause
Fall into the abbys
The Abbys is a labyrinth
My fate, my power, my poison

Our path is reptile´s sleep
Sleep of Amphibians
Sleep with one eye open
I creep into dreams with hidden alertness
Dreaming without being subordinate
Our path includes will

I feel it when my heart starts to think
Door of knowledge are opening
I hope that it will never blind my eyes
And mind
By opening wide

10. Misery (Bonus 1998)

11. Outro


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