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Black Dominions

"Black Dominions" (2003 EP)

1. Land of the Evil Queen
2. Black Crowns Dominions
3. In the Inqusition Mind of the New Era
4. Sick Tyranny

1. Land of the Evil Queen

Vanity and blasphemy
Cover this land
The melancholic moon
Give us her protection
And our queen
Rules the evil in his world

We are the executioners
In the land of the evil queen
And other rules never reign
We come from the obscurity
And will destroy the light
In the name of the Queen, Lilith

The death waits in the fog
And we wait in her kingdom
Good spirits...
Choose your destiny and die

Obscures desires to the flesh
Begin in her mind
Blood of Christian children
Awaits in the shadows
They will die by vampiric hands
They will die this night

The black symphony will be heard
And the nocturnal dance
Will be play
By the infernal horde

"Die in the name of Lilith" – is the war scream
Land of the evil queen
Mercy to the angelical lights...

The white kingdom must die
Only the Queen of Darkness
Must rule with the true
Freedom to the darkness
By our hands…

2. Black Crowns Dominions

Black dominions by the legion of ghastly souls
Inside a dark crown cover of virgins' howlings
Without control of a "Big God" – where all bestial wishes can be true

Blasphemer wizards live here
Where every soul is tortured
For the preparation to represent our dark kingdom
Where the sun doesn't exist

Own ravens lair this crown of desolation and death
Whishing necrophilia is the sinnest virgins
And then diving together again
The slaves of pain suffer in your scars

Black witch ladies transporting wicked things
For each Christian soul hungry of "God" (Hahahaha!)
Diabolical melodies born here
Created in bloody passions
On dark measures of pain
For satisfy own misanthropes wishes.

Majestic castles of hate growing here
Spirits fade to the dark side of thinks
Filthy collides of lost ghosts
Anti-celestial bloody demons
Cold averns for witchcraft prophesies
Close these dominions of the black crown

I'm who beneath in the night,
I'm who moan in the snow,
I'm who never has seen the light
I'm who arise from the deepest.

Our cars are the car of the death,
Our wings are the wings of faith,
Our breathes are the breath of the north,
Our preys are the cold and death.

3. In the Inqusition Mind of the New Era

I desire have on my hands
The guns that give me the power
For kill of a one time
To all distort the evil
That blame us a false sin
In the moment of our born

Your sacrifice is the only way
For to get the freedom

Many persons infected and slaves
For chains
In the inquisition minds of a new era!

Your souls will be liberated
From the sick flesh
Your spirits will be
Punish and burn
For a eternity
In the flames of Pokol

The celestial lights from heaven
Is the highest symbol of repression on the world?
The peace no exist
Only is a wall that covers the reality

4. Sick Tyranny

Symbol of mercy and forgiveness
For the weak and stupids
The slaved cheap humanity… must die

Sick tyranny
Consolation of fails humans
That worships your middling word
In our minds
Never can entry
The blinder light of your words

Twisted and deform bodies
By the hands of faith
Give in your lives
By false answers
Under the veil of a "White Altar"

The only way to wipe out the Christianity
Is that weak and fails

Just this will obtain us
Liberate our evolution
Just this will obtain us
Touch the perfection.

Repression words
Like sin and sacrament
Will be exterminate
Joined with they
That proclaims it

Die sick tyranny!


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