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The Birth of Misery

"The Birth of Misery" (2001)

1. Lamiai
2. Tears Of Blood
3. Succubus
4. Mater Mors
5. The Search
6. The Bone Dance
7. Loneliness
8. Stylus Carnibus
9. Nightmare

1. Lamiai

Lamia's love
Stolen from the gods hearts
One day she went down from the abyss
She lost her wings in the storm's affection
And got married to despair

On the cold abyss
On the breasts of dark marrige
Love cried
A weeping that fertilized
The womb darkness

Among the ties of despair
The one who shouldn't be born
Cried out for his life
Through the tears of a child
With a monstrous face
Masked by shame
Through Lamia's belly
Arose the cursed flesh
Of her children

Children of shame
Devour life to you denied
Purify your essence
In the arms of vengence
On the blood bed

Children of Lamia
Claim your part on the banquet
In pain's refinement
Find your delight
Find your relief
In the torment of flesh

2. Tears Of Blood

In a world without soul I live
Where I walk between th darknesss
life which makes me cry
cry tears of blood

Look around me
Naked bodies suffering
Pleading for flesh
And their faces disfigured

In you beds, zombies
Search for flesh
Call me to death
They want to invade my soul

And suddenly the father of darkness appears
Bringing pain and fear
I try to run away but I can't
I'm in your hands

I request the pardon at this valley of tears
I walk for centuries in a search of light
The darkness pursues me
Now I'm the fallen angel

My sad walk in search of life
Of flesh, of blood in this dark world
Where I'll spend my eternity
Crying tears of blood.

3. Succubus

In the erect tower of flesh and nightmares
in the entrails of the libido of lovers
Corroded, lust excruciated her belly filthy
And from her blood created the carnal flower

From the flames of desire,
From the libido of the salamandras
Surfaced the prostitute of pain
The devourer of souls
The Succubus serpent

Succubus you lead from the places of pleasure
To the place of pain
Suffocating beasts between the legs
Blaspheming curses in the whispers

Succubus, the poison from your lips
Excruciates the guts of the lovers,
The cruelty of your thorns make the pure
dreams bleed.

Oh, impure prostitute of avernus
your throne is the sacrificed
Blood in the turpes orgies

Your balance if flash and your kingdom
Is the entrails of lust

Pleasure and pain are your name
Iron and flesh are your essence
oh, Succubus

4. Mater Mors

In silentio
Mortui canti
Cum mortua lingua
Charon arcanum mihi

In terribus
In oculis uultorum
Vidi domum arcani

Cantata a floribus
In speculo lacrimarum
Vidi labella nigra

Dominatrix lethes
Domina urbis doloris
Mater sticis

Charon dixit me
Qui arcanum vitae
Est misterium mortis

Omnia initium, finem
In labellis matris sticis

Charon arcanum mihi
Illacrimauit et
Ergo interii

5. The Search

Dark and gloomy night
I cross secret passages
Wolves thirsty for blood
pursues me

World of illusions wich tortures me
Earth time farther from you
Far from everything
And closer to our souls

Dark and gloomy night
Walking through strange places
Searching for my love
My soul lost

Far from this rotten world
Where everything is purer and farther
I try to find you in the silence of the night

Broken silence
A shout in the dark
A voice whispers about your pain

6. The Bone Dance

In misty gloomy daydreams
Flickers among sighs
In the winding flesh undulation
In the gentle convusion of a lecherous dance
A feminine spectrum actrum

Sinister synchronization
Viper movements
Twisting in desire spirals
Among black robes
A woman's silhoette
Reveals legs, arms and marble breasts
Lecherous hands that slips
Between the caresses and the sores
Feet that don't touch the floor
That walk in a semi-materialism
In the sphere of dreams

In the sphere of dreams..
In dreamlike places
Hung on profane minuetto
In the gloomy macabre
Between the teeth of pain
And the claws of pleasure

In the locks of night
And within madness
Dances magna lady
Dances the night nymph
Winding such as sulphuric
Smoke from corpses
Pale as an air demon
Adn treacheous as a ignis fatuus

A bone retine frames
Honouring the tortured dancer
That in front of my eyes
Takes off the shroud

I cover her
The coldness of her empty orbits
And her leprous flesh

In the bone dance
I find her arms
In ecstasy I lose myself in a kiss

The coldness from the lack of lips,
In the affections of a without flesh skull.

7. Loneliness

In the horizon loneliness waits fot us
I walk through empty and dark streets
Where the sound of wind has the smell of death
The sun is dying, with its life

I'm paying the price for my greed
In a place where pain and fear dominate me
Eternal loneliness, when will it end?

My sick body
Can't carry its sin
In this valley of death
I let the rage of darkness carry me

Wondering alone I can see yours souls
Trying to find an explanation
They don't know what they're doing
But I fell that they cry

Now we're immortal ghosts
Trying to find the way out in our bodies
We're like vampires
In search of eternal life

8. Stylus Carnibus

Nuptias peccati
Stylus algens
In carni somnii cantauit

Voluptia doloris
Saltauit in corpo clamoris

Carmen ferri
Lacrimas amori
Cum spirito
Lucis flebilis laudauit

Nymphae cancri
Ex barathri a caelo
In sphaeris
Somnii vagant
Ad vagores tristes
Ad exspiratione
Carnium mortuarum

Stylus algens
Stylys nigrus
Stylus clamorium lacerauit
Cantum ferri
In carnibus somnii
Et Illacrimauit
In festo doloris
In festo hymni carnibus.

9. Nightmare

Tearful eyes, exhausted, reflecting
Starinf ar the gloomy, empty, cold night
On the eyelids, dismal elthargy
The heart's passin begind to exhaust
The entire life briefly consumes itself
For one dies a little while one sleeps...

Dark shadows, sinister dreams
Heavy gates for putrid nightmares
That my bed of sad thoughts
Thirstily watch over in a
Way that I can't stoop them
Flying fast violating the world's veils
Reality and illusion unite
Themselves in dirty bonds

Distant outcries echo in darkness
Screams of pain scattered in the air
Laments in the wind, night sorrows
Night outcries of excruciating pain
Melodic music misterious melancholy
Femnis funereal songs in the cold night

The laments of the night are motherly weepings
Through the birth of horrors in unmoving buds,
The pale mother of my macabre fears
Excruciates the filthy fertile belly in disenchantments
Bringing nightmares and unknow fears
In the form of fetid, fatal, torn foetus

The darkness baby sins of human lives
Appears the light in buds of nascent degradation
Children like skulls, currupted children
Echoes of the birth of a sick world
Children of the repressed fury. Mrs funereal
Here are the heirs of the depraved human misery


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