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soul dreams

"soul dreams" (2004 Demo)

1. Ascension...
2. ... To the Stars
3. Dreaming a Whole Life
4. Destiny (The Travel)
5. Aurora Borealis
6. Hug the Void
7. Soul Dreams (The Ghost)

1. Ascension...

2. ... To the Stars

Street lamps lights my shadow walking throught the streets
Everything around´s darknees like inside of me
Walking in the middle of the great city lights
You can´t realice (you);wheather, day or the night
I´m feel up cause both are black so I need to find and (to) exit where I can escape

I look to the night
sky just above my head
I unvariably hear a voice saying “go ahead”
Suddenly I spot that It´s my hollow to scape
I´ve got to it now cause I don´t have other way
This is just the moment to “take of my will´shat” and I´ll never be repent

Chorus: To the stars it is my destiny and my end
To the stars I´ll never rest till I get my universe
While I follow then their shine lead my way to safe
I can´t shun my whises cause I´m to the stars.

Under my feet now I stop to feel – The row of the roads here I hid
A powerful force take me up – It´s just the power of my will
Under my feet (I) start to percive – The void of the space and its lights
The nightsky before was pitch black – but now it is full of the stars

Street lamps are eclipsing by the sky´spotlight
I see in the distance the townlights diying away
While the starshine blind my eyes and makes me smile
I´m sure that this is the correct way for my life
Nothing can´t stop me in my travel across Universe to happyness

Here, high, it is the correct point, to begin my true life again
Every movement everyway will anyway be right now...

3. Dreaming a Whole Life

When everybody say Goodnight
I whisper to you “wake up”
When everybody close their eyes
I catch your eyes in my eyes

After a job day, when I´ve been asleep
I see your smile in my dreams
As soon I close my eyes
My life goes on

I´m not crazy or strange
It´s just my life away
Staying with you, It´s all
I need for my life
Night after night (say) bye (to) the moon
I´m a dreaming a whole life...

And now I see my dreams
And I am with you
I don´t want to awake alone

You can be with me
You close your eyes
It´s time to fly at night

4. Destiny (The Travel)

5. Aurora Borealis

Intro: Electrics shocks, magnetics fields, Aurora Borealis

Strange big and small, wide and tight
Shapes, steady movable and changing
Forms it´s (an) indescribable bewitchment being
Lights, multicolored (and) colorless
Shades a surface that is glitntering and
Mate it´s everytime changing capriciusly itself
What I see,is what I feel, when I stay,by you
I percive it in...
Me, (I) make unpredictable movements
Inside just as
I can see when I look to
Sky this feeling is just like a natural freak

Chorus: Dawn Boreal is beating in the nothern sky, In my heart
Round you that you´re my polar star
When I see the sky, my life, the forms are changing forever
Feel is in the air, you are the wind, you are my Aurora

6. Hug the Void

Magic sounds ring from outside
Like a melody announcing
Your come and I look throught the pain
Your white lights

Among darkness
You'll stay frozen
While the fullmoon lights my bed

I´ll never wonder your origin
I´ll never ask to someone for your why
But I everynight will search you spellbound
your glow to me

Chorus: I will resist to believe
That you´re nothing but light
That I´ll never have you
Cause to hug you is to like hug the void

Blue moonrays are my hosts
Like white rainbows wheeling
Around and the streams mighty sound
Is my laughter

In spite of your feel
It is only light
Right to your heart, right to you

Why do you resist to believe
That I´m nothing but light
That you´ll never have
Cause to hug me is to hug the void

7. Soul Dreams (The Ghost)

This is the end, It´s your fear, It´s your poor destiny
Now you´re a ghost, full of dreams, living where you can´t live
Searching the sun, oh the light, where the rainbow is dark
Dark, in your mind, can you see?, oh this is the end.
Run throught your illusions I wait you in them
Why do you believe
when your God left?

Soul Dreams
Rests of your life
Your swim on lakes
of your loneliness
Remember, love in yesterday
Welcome my dear old friend
Welcome to hell

Sit Down in silence, sit down with me
Come with the fire, your feel
I am your guide
I am the dark
Laments of heaven´s gate
We walked in past lifes
Months, years of wish
Why do we look behind?

Chorus 2
Soul Dreams
Rests of our life
The lakes of fire are burning us
Where are you? Why is this my grief?
Welcome my dear old friend
Welcome to my hell

-Part II: Desolation (instrumental)-

-Part III: Enchained-

Time has passed
The weight of the days
I can see your fall, your memories
Now, you don´t wait pity or love
Dead Man! You are who (you) want to be
I am always with you I´m your only friend
Waiting for the moment which I left you again...


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