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The Place Of Worship

"The Place Of Worship" (2005)

1. Dirty Worms
2. God Don’t Forgive
3. They’re Beside
4. Atheism For Dead
5. Act Of God
6. The Beast In My Soul
7. Centuries To Kill
8. Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover)
9. In Darkness

1. Dirty Worms

Black slime has covered the planet
The parasite on it
He guzzles and destroys
And it's name is the Man

He plagues on the Earth
A thorn in flesh dirty worms
They don't have laws
The people the fucked mob

they have no allies only foes
They despise power of nature
Hold sacred only the dead god
The specimen of hypocrisy and lie
Greedy bastards - defective race
Ideas are poor, desires are stupid
Miserable people, the mankind soon will
Gobble up itself from the inside

2. God Don’t Forgive

Deep in darkness exists the place
Reserved for men by lord
No time, no motion, no hope
No death only eternal pain

God why do you hate us
We must suffer but why
At the face of heavens basher
Loving father - who are you in reality?

No reason in death
In waiting for mass cremations
God don't forgive
It is written on the walls of hell
I see the angels
I feel their inspiration to kill

3. They’re Beside

When the piece of shit was crucified
On the fucking cross
They were close and saw as
Nazarene passed away
Each was the slave of the awe and
Dismay and foolishnesses
What is left for them to do
Christ got that wanted

Blazing fear in reality blade
The face of god
Nazarene you must save them
Nazarene you must save me
All ways lead to death across
His bloody pain
Soon they'll see another world by pervaded heavy pain
Their name is the Christian their craft is their lie
TOT attacks this useless world
To burn their temple of god
In the name of darkness
Spill the Christian blood
Channel of infections this is their moral of herd
Jesus sermonize blessed are fear of death
Negotiations meaningless they all are let to be killed
Terrifically see as two thirds of mankind die
Stay beside me
All will be destroyed
Shit of Christ

4. Atheism For Dead

Father you stand in the ancient gates
ready to make great flight
Hell is in the roaring abyss
Somewhere behind it
There's a new world
Soon it will belong only to you
Falling to rise is to be written
Blessed in blasphemy
For the truth is in it
Bible will burn in the hands of traitors
Behind the limit of self-preservation
Hear revelations accept
The creator or die
But for someone it's too late
Regretting that the man was born
Look at the dead man at the world extinct
Conscious essence of your savior
Vomit on atheism
At the gates of being
Of eternal suffering

5. Act Of God

Thursty murder is befitted to god
The creator of universe has the right to kill all
Trample the mankind as worms
Oh I feel this spiritual need

Soe people see loving father in him
Non suspecting what lives in hell
Someone can say I believe only in myself
I cannot say who o them is worse

The act of god they will die
Crushed damned unforgiven

We are created for carnage
Paradise blooms when we die
If he has killed his only son
Why do you think he loves you?

6. The Beast In My Soul

The careless herd
Prepare to death
Evil was settled in my soul
The beast was settled
He requires the blood
And pain and suffering

I am a stinger infernal hive
The destroyer of life
The wave of the dark ocean
The creed justice promised by devotion

Curse you in your weaknesses
My hate shocks cattle
Destroying everything on its way
Filling heaven with the ash of the battle

My evil is my place in this world
Weak must be destroyed
Contagious die in disgrace
Slave will serve

7. Centuries To Kill

The book of god bleeding on the world of holy truth
Look you die for him religion's enemy
Dusk of age enthroned traitir on the ross
Crown of thorns damned killing human race

Universe will rise in violence
Then we'll see the ancient one
In the eye of the seventh day
On the rock of eternal sea

Kill again demon of light
Kill again Satan

8. Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover)

Everything here is so cold
Everything here is so dark
I remember it as from a dream
In the corner of this time

Diabolic shapes float by
Out from the dark
I remember it was here I died
By following the freezing moon..

It's night again
Night you beautiful
I please my hunger
On living humans
Night of hunger
Follow it's call
Follow the freezing moon..

Darkness is growing
Eternity opens
The cemetery lights up again
As in ancient times
Fallen souls die behind my steps
By following the freezing moon..

9. In Darkness

Spirits of death listen to me
Lavish light of black angels upon me
Slay my fears and doubts
I want to be free
In darkness

Forces of fire destroy the light
Fill me with power of flame
Fill the sky with fire ashes
Embers of the former grandeur
In darkness

The demons of hell
Let me touch the eternity
Knowledge of truth - detriment of god
Master Lucifer you will never fall
Open secrets of nine gates to us
Our souls are yours
We are ready to follow you
In darkness


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