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"Sentenced" (1995)

1. Sentenced
2. Snapshot
3. Forgotten
4. Guilt
5. Sleepless
6. Victims
7. Scarred
8. Shelter
9. Pain

1. Sentenced


[music & lyrics by jos]

born out of love
in a world of hatred
no future a birth
death always to close

falling of rain
memories fade away
a new start of life
in decay of death

only way out
is too far away
my entire race
lives his last day

a source of hope
in a world gone mad
peace at last
after millions are dead

back into hell; certain of death
after all the horrors; i've now found peace
i create my own destiny; in my last breath
i'm free at last

2. Snapshot


[music & lyrics by richard]

i'm riding the lies
sweet forest of lies
my own few lines
between my eyes

i feel the rage; i touch my lips
taste the blood drawn from my wrists
it tastes so good; i dance the walls of fire
my fears are satisfied through darkness and desire

3. Forgotten


[music & lyrics by richard]

"i am clean forgotten
as a dead man out of mind
i am become like a broken vessel

for i have heard
the blasphemy of the multitude
ans fear is on every side
while they conspire against me"

drowning in a sea
a sea of twisted shapes
escaping from reality
not knowing how to behave

i find myself in the last fase
prepare for neverending days
beyond consious life
i feel myself die

i left my innosense behind
i heard the distant cries
i know your cause, your task
so please take down that mask

4. Guilt


[music & lyrics by jos]

guilt is growing in my head
building on a painful past
distorting all i think and see
my mask is your reality

innosense on it's own
among the tempting forces
i'd so much like to fit in
but i'm a victim of society


our depreciated world
one big chicken house
filled with selfishness
is growing worse
hypnotized, then wide awake
i had to shift the blame to me
then sliding into
a sickening pit of beastial pleasure

performed my fear and fantasy
forgot about reality
acted compulsive, non-intentionally
bear the truth deep in me


unstoppable, on the first impulse
desperate, the only way to forget
immediate, relief, social isolation
bitterness, the price of control


now living with the burden
in my callous brain
reliving this certain crime each day
my punishment is here to stay


5. Sleepless


[music: jos, lyrics: michel]

staring blind; there'sonly
bothered by too many thoughts
thoughts of this scattered
filled with only bitterness

the more i try to ease my mind
the more sorrow i feel
the more i try to find the
the less it seems to care

walking through a land of memories
a world that's now irrelevant
tomorow's comming much to close
still i've got no peace of mind

getting angry at myself
because of my self-compassion
as if there are no other problems
than the life of luxury i live

reality is fading away
finally my mind is slipping blanc
already sk's turning grey
arival of another day

6. Victims


[music: jos, lyrics: corinne]

you are so changed since i met you
vague moments seem to come more
why do you use it; throwing your life
tearing your friends and family with

first on party's, now you can't miss
your daily dose
an egoist or just a stupid bastard
don't you see there's more to live for
you seem to be content, but are you ?

why ? are you thinking only about yourself
how ! can you live like this; you only have yourself
when ! will you realize, when will you realize
victims ! why can't you see

sometimes i wonder why people use drugs
started as a game now there's nothing left for you
it isn't cool; it doesn't solve problems
you just create other ones you don't see

your body and emotions are like a shrinking nut
surrounded by a haze of unreality
creating your own perfect chaos
neverending ignorance

7. Scarred


[Music & Lyrics by Jos]

Voices inside
Keep on twisting my thoughts
things that are rationally right
sre crooked to me
but i make it work my way
the thoughts inside
are painfully and cruel
but they are a fuel so strong
that it makes my life go wrong

i seek their pain
to ease my mind
it makes pain in my head
seem less bright
and brings me closer to delight
i feel my past
getting control over me
when will i be freed
from this misery
when my mind let me be
it seems that no
body understands
the pain that's in my head
it's only eased by death
it's the only way to live
it seems that no
body understands
that chaos in my life
it's hurting me so much
i want to hurt somebody else

a memory of burning flesh
is the deepest thought for me
the shadows keep hurting me
it's blackening all of this

8. Shelter


[music: jos, lyrics: michel]

misery's pouring down
impossible to ignore
everywhere he goes
his head gets filled with more

never mind direction
the clouds will always haunt
like a knive above his head
killing without a sound
always on the run
knowing he can't hide
unable to reach his shelter
'cause his shelter lies inside
doomed to walk the earth
with this burden on his mind
trying to erase the scars
no shelter he will find

9. Pain


[music & lyrics by Richard]

portraits; all over this wall
murdered morals taking my fall
velvet footsteps caressing the floor
listen carefully; i want to be shure

the pig is laughing; moments of doubt
addicted to hatred; forcing the pain

all these portraits remind me of the
water is burning; forcing away

slip into
the sin of living
has been forgiven
i ask for war
(but) i'm getting more
i don't understand

i suck the barrel
i lick the bullet
it removes my mind
to a faraway place
where there's still space
for my kind
the pig is laughing; moments of doubt
addicted to hatred; forcing the pain


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