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Rites of the Black Mass

"Rites of the Black Mass" (1992)

1. Intro #1
2. To Thee We Confess
3. Intro #2
4. Thou Art Lord
5. Intro #3
6. Ave Satanas
7. Intro #4
8. Summoning tThe Master
9. Intro #5
10. One With Darkness
11. Intro #6
12. Prayer Of Hell
13. Intro #7
14. Unholy Praises
15. Intro #8
16. Cursed Nazarene
17. Intro #9
18. The Enochian Key
19. Intro #10
20. Let Us Depart

1. Intro #1

In nomine magni dei nostri satanas luciferi, introibo ad altare
dei nostri. Ad dei nostri, satanas luciferi, qui laetificat
juventutem meam. Qui regit terram.

2. To Thee We Confess

Before the mighty prince of darkness
In the presence of the lords of hell
I do confess to my past error,
Despising the ways and path of god.

Proclaiming that satan rules the earth,
Making a covenant to honor his name.
Unholy power fulfills my desires.
Triumph follows from my chosen will.

Remove the likes of the imposter,
He who would deny us pleasures of thy realm.
Make us worthy to the infernal kingdom,
Now and for all eternity!

Gratia tibi, dei nostri, satanas luciferi.

3. Intro #2

From the south I invoke the blessings of satan.
From the east I invoke the blessings of lucifer.
From the north I invoke the blessings of belial.
From the west I invoke the blessings of leviathan.

4. Thou Art Lord

Glory to thee almighty satan
Highest and ineffable king of hell
Bring forth joy from the infernal realm
To the disciples of the black flame

We praise thee, we bless thee, we adore thee
We give thee thanks for thy glory

Hear us oh prince of darkness
Lord of the abyss of hell
Thou art the true god of the earth
Filling the earth with its needed pleasure

Thou art lord, thou alone, oh mighty satan
Thou art ruler of earth
Satanas, thou art lord

We pray to thee, unholy master
To grant us all the things we ask
For thou hast the power from beyond
And through you, blessing are received

Thou art lord, thou alone, oh mighty satan
Thou art ruler of earth

5. Intro #3

Dominus inferus vobiscum
Et cum spiritu tuo.
Incensum istud ascendat ad te, domine inferus, et inferi gloria.
Hosanna in profundis!
Behold the chalice ecstasy! Within is the elixir of life eternal.
This we drink and seal our bond with thee oh lord of the abyss.

6. Ave Satanas

Hail satan, full of might,
Our allegiance is with thee.
Cursed are they, the god adorers,
And cursed are the worshippers of the nazarene.

Ave satanas, ave satanas

Unholy satan, bringer of enlightment,
Lend us thy power, now and throughout our lives.
Endless glory shall be given.
Lord of hell, show us thy way.

Ave satanas, ave satanas

Jesus christ, we deny thy name.

7. Intro #4

I summon forth the sentinel of the pit to embrace this sanctuary!
Shatter the bounds of time and dimension as we ignite the black
flame of satan. Behold the gate is open!
Zodacare od zodameranu! Shemhamforash!
Oh companion of the night, look favorably on our sacrifices

8. Summoning tThe Master

Satan I summon thee from your infernal place,
You who have been said to have fallen from grace.
Hear our call as we cry our in blasphemy.
Come forth from the void and reveal yourself to me.

Evil lord hear our cries
Prince of hell we ask you to rise

Lucifer, I summon thee, oh bearer of light.
Cast thy shadow over the earth on this blackened night.
Take flight on leathern wings and show us desire.
Come forth oh evil one from the searing lake of fire.

Rise now from the flame
We pronounce your unholy name

Belial and leviathan I also summon thee,
Master of the shadowed woods and of the briney sea.
Come forth as we now say all the sacred words
We your faithful children now walt to be heard.

Hail satan, crucifier
Flesh and blood, hell's desire

9. Intro #5

We the children of the night wish to be a part of the dark forever.
We praise the ways of the left-hand path, hail satan!

10. One With Darkness

Hear us, oh infernal master.
Grant that we may be of the chosen few.
Knowledge and power are yours to bestow.
Through you all will come to pass.

Renouncing paradise of the weak and the lowly,
We place our trust in thee,
God of flesh and deep desires.
Make us one with darkness.

Magick shall be our key, prayers said unto thee.
Unholy shall be our way, never shall we betray.

11. Intro #6

Followers of satan, all rise and give the sign of the horns.
We now pay homage to the lord and the master. Let us pray.

12. Prayer Of Hell

Our father, who art in hell,
Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
On earth as it is in hell.

We take this night our rightful due
And trespass not on path of pain.

Lead us into temptation and
Deliver us from false piety.

For thine is the kingdom,
Of power and glory forever.

We shall praise your unholy name.
Satan shall emerge again!


13. Intro #7

Oh lord of darkness, we entreat you, that you receive and accept this
sacrifice, which we offer you. For we bear your mark and wish for you
to fulfill our desires and destroy our enemies

14. Unholy Praises

Oh lord of darkness we entreat you
Accept the sacrifice on this unholy night
By your mark you make us prosper
Under thy protection all is done

In unholy fellowship we praise and honor thee
Lucifer, beelzebub, belial,
Leviathan, asmodeus, and abbadon

We call upon the mighty names
Of asgaroth, nergal and behemoth
And the nameless forms of hell
Strengthen us in mind, body and will

15. Intro #8

Behold the crucifix! It is a symbol of lies. I cast it down into the
ritual fire and mock all it stands for. Impotent god of heaven,
you put the realm of hatred in our hearts

16. Cursed Nazarene

Oh lasting foulness of betlehem,
Hear the words of which we speak.
Denying all your holy standards,
In our veins flows blasphemy.

Drive the nails deeper into thy hands.
Press the thorns upon thy brow.
Bring blood from the wounds of thy side.
Cursed nazarene! Do nothing king!

Oh infernal majesty, condemn him to the pit evermore,
to suffer in perpetual anguish. Bring thy wrath upon
him oh price of darkness and rend him full asunder
that he may know the extent of thy anger. Call forth
thy legions that they may witness what we do in thy
name. Send forth thy messengers to proclaim this deep
and send the christian minions staggering to their
doom. Smite him anew, oh lord of light, that his
angels may tremble in fear. Send crashing down the
walls of heaven so that the murders of our
ancestors may be avenged.

Vanish away thou fool of fools
Abhorred pretender of majesty.
Into the void you shall perish,
For thou wert, nor shall ever, be.

17. Intro #9

Now it is time to read the fifth key aloud, and reveal the powers
of magick. Oh hear the words.

18. The Enochian Key

Sapahe zodimii du-i-be, od noasa to qu-a-nis, adarocahe
Dorepehal caosagi od faonutas peripesol ta-be-liore..
Caasareme a-me-ipezodi na-zodaretahe afa od dalugare
Zodizodope zodelida caosa ji tol-toregi; od zod-cahisa
Esiasacahe el ta-vi-vau od lao-d tahilada das hubare
Pe-o-al soba coremefa cahisa ta ela vaulasa od
Quo-co casabe. eca niisa od darebesa quo-a-asa;
Fetahe-ar-ezodi od beliora; ia-ial eda-nasa cicalesa;
Bagile ge-lad i-el!

19. Intro #10

Ego vos benedicto in nomine magni dei nostri satanas.
Diabolos vobiscum.
Et cum spiritu tou.

20. Let Us Depart

The gate is closed yet the flame burns from within.
Vessels for satan's power made up of lust and sin.
Open the mysteries of your creation.
Make us partakers of undefiled wisdom.

Forget ye not what was and is to be.
Hidden powers of hell open your eyes to see.
Flesh without sin, world without end.
Unholy blessings we now ask you to send.

We the spawn of evil give you endless glory.
An abomination of power is soon to be.

We now clear the air with the silver bell.
Answer our wishes from this ancient spell.
Let us depart, the mass is now done.


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