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Black Blood Goetia

"Black Blood Goetia" (2004 Demo)

1. Serenity... Succumb To Thorns'
2. Crown Of Forever

1. Serenity... Succumb To Thorns'

As I watch the shadows Rape the dawn,

White Statues Serenade with tears shed in Desolation.

And as the Crimson sun bleeds Obsidian skies,

I see beyond my hosts a multitude of Raven-Angels.

The unveiling of the Sombre, splendrous star,

Reveals austere Beasts with lips that burn with lamentations.

Shall I evolve unto that starless, sapphire azure?

Wherein my essence is naught but a radiant flame in this naked splendor of thine!

Make me unto a black throne

that stands forever desolate, alone

Upon these cold and barren shores,

of dreams and dulcet slumber.

(Pre - Chorus)

Bleed me, as the Nazarene slain,

and drown my spirit in Ophidian emanations.

Embrace the nameless sun with fervour,

when Agaliarept in Exaltation.

Daughters of silent fortitude,

awaken me beneathe the lithe crimson dawn.

The venomous surge from the Phallus asmodean

To veil Naamah's thorns.


For I shall be,

Forever in thine arms and seduced by dreams,

Forever will I bleed,

When serenity succumbs to thorns.

Lost am I in a night of endless time,

Forever searching for the 'Gate of the Sun' in her vast and ethereal Asana,

Shall I rise on spectral winds forlorn?

To drink deep of lunar essence, spat from the Cunt of the naked Goddess!

In awe of the eloquent astral dawn,

Wherein Naamah enthroned shall subvert the dead and faceless statues.

As succubi coming forth ever unto me,

To embrace my spirit with a veil of sex that scents of darkest winter!!

Burns me as would the majesty of PAN,

As I rise to taste the Godless.

Debase not I, but the mindlessness of man,

and their dreams of a dying rapture.

(repeat: Pre Chorus + Chorus)

And we shall dream,

Of serenity,

I Succumb to the thorns of Iniquity....

2. Crown Of Forever


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